Saturday, 13 June 2009

9th March 2009 - results round up

A round up of recent race results:

Apologies for not reporting earlier on Siobhan Burke's result in the Tim Sutton Fowlmead 5 race held on 22nd February, but I was unaware of it until I took to reading the Results pages of the Nice Work website. Well done Siobhan!

Siobhan's result was:

22nd February 2009 Tim Sutton Fowlmead 5

2 0:43:49 BURKE, Siobhan Wadhurst Runners Senior Ladies 107

At the weekend, Michael Mackay led the pair of Waddies home who ventured down to Lydd for the Half Marathon. Independent reports suggest that the out lap was quick with a following wind but that when the runners turned they had to run the homeward lap against the wind. The course was flat, with the only up and down hills being a humpbacked bridge!

Congratulations to Michael and Albert on the results for their 3rd Half Marathon in as many weeks:-

8th March 2009 Lydd Half Marathon

22 1:28:27 MACKAY, Michael Wadhurst Runners Male Vet 2 229
114 1:43:46 KEMP, Albert Wadhurst Runners Male Vet 5 1

Meanwhile, Peter Burfoot and Sally Toll were flying the flag in the final race of the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League season at the Pestalozzi Village, Sedlescombe, the results of which will be circulated when they are published.

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