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21st April 2009 - Chairman's Scribbles

Wadhurst Runners had a record attendance of 28 members at any running race in their young history when they competed in the 25th Hastings Half Marathon.

In addition, 4 Waddie juniors ran in the 1 mile mini race with Liam Burke being the first Wadhurst Runner in 64th place with a time of 8:38. The 1st Waddie girl was Hayley Mackay 81st 8:54, Ben Gilbert finished 90th in 9.05 and Amy Mackay was just behind in 93rd 9.08.

The club had some notable successes in the strongly contested field of 3827 finishers who ran on a beautiful sunny early Spring day with a light, cooling breeze. Some runners found it a tad warm but most were grateful for the an absence of the strong westerly wind which has been a feature previously. As ever it was especially pleasing for the runners to see so many supporters lining the course.

The Waddies managed to have 6 official teams placed with the ladies gaining their highest ever rank of 11th and the best men’s team managed to improve on this with a 10th place, to create another club record for this event.

The notable individual successes were Russell Carr who finished 37th overall and was 23rd senior (18 to 39) and Nell Neary who was the 3rd lady vet 5 (55 to 59). The team results were:

Ladies Team Results

11th Team:
67th 1:39:38 Cathy HALL Ladies (18-39), 80th 1:41:48 Lyn HAYES, Women (45-49) , 145th 1:49:29 Helen NEARY, Women (55-59) and 220th 1:53:58 Melinda MACKAY, Women (45-49).

48th Team
543th 2:10:34 Rebecca GASK, Ladies (18-39), 602th 2:12:59 Charlotte PETKOVIC, Ladies (18-39), 658th 2:16:04 Kathie GATES, Ladies (18-39), 993th 2:41:19 and Sara WRENN, Women (45-49).

Men’s Team Results

10th team:
37th 1:19:34 Russell CARR, Men (18-39, 96th 1:25:57 Mark WARING, Men (18-39),114th 1:27:20 Michael MACKAY, Men (45-49) and 141st 1:28:29 Michael PAIN, Men (40-44) 3908 150

28th Team
172nd 1:29:57 Ciaran OSBORN, Men (18-39), 265th 1:33:23 Ed McKINNEY, Men (18-39), 303rd 1:34:44 Simon BOWYER, Men (18-39) and 327th 1:35:26 Eddie WATTENBACH, Men (45-49).

45th Team

493rd 1:39:27 Peter BURFOOT, Men (55-59), 564th 1:41:29 Shane LAST, Men (40-44), 609th 1:42:37 Nick BROOKER, Nick Men (45-49) and 682nd 1:43:59 David JONES, Men (55-59).

91st Team

686th 1:44:07 Albert KEMP, Men (60-64), 1335th 1:56:40 Fergus RANDOLPH, Men (45-49), 1578th 2:01:08 Alistair HOWITT, Men (50-54) and 1768th 2:05:20 John BILLINGHAM, Men (40-44).

The other individual results were:-
610th 1:40:51 Neil Walbridge, Men (18-39), 2494th 2:10:19 Anthony GATES, Men (50-54), 3312nd 2:29:55 Wansze NG, Ladies (18-34) and 3588th 2:49:43 Martin BURKE, Men (50-54).

Elsewhere, in the Bury Nearly 10 mile race (9 miles 703 yards) Janet DRAKE, ladies (50-54) was 203rd 1:40:23 “

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