Saturday, 13 June 2009

26th May 2009 - Ton up for Wadhurst!!

Jottings from Albert:

“Well we made it. 101 members and we are not even 10 years old until 25th August.

Wadhurst Runners have achieved the inconceivable with their membership reaching 100 runners. This has been achieved within less than 10 years where the membership base had dropped as low as 14. The membership has more than doubled from December 2007 when the club had 47 members. This is split between 95 first claim and 7 second claim members so their target of 100 first claim members is achievable.

The 100th member joined last week, being Mandy Bussey who lives in Staplehurst. Soon after she was joined by Katrina Newman, a resident of Wadhurst, to make the current membership 101. The recent influx flies against current trends especially as their female membership is almost 50%, whereas elsewhere the percentage is nearer 35% to 40%.

Albert Kemp, the chairman, said “this is a magnificent achievement for such a small club with only a large village as a catchment area and to have grown so significantly. When we were voted “Team of the Year 2008” by the readers of the Kent and Sussex Courier it increased our local profile which then aided recruitment, particularly as we are known as a friendly club”.

The club is affectionately known as the “Waddies” who have been active with road and cross country races.

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