Monday, 18 June 2007

Lock up your kids!!

WebEd couldn't make the pamper party - but looking at the results, I'm rather glad I was spared the ordeal!

Shane's new diet is starting to affect his skin - just like Janet said it would

Words fail me!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

News from out west

As the club has grown over the last couple of years, we've begun to attract new members from outside the Wadhurst area. No doubt they'll tell you that the reason they joined is because we're such nice people - and one new member who certainly would testify to that is Barry Gilbert.

Barry lives in Reading and first came across the Waddies whilst running in Belgium on one of the Nice Work running trips. Subsequently Barry and his wife Carole have raced with us in Holland and France and there's always been a Waddie or two on the trip - and Barry then began to pop over to Sussex to meet up with the friends he'd made. So, it was a logical step for him to join the club - and he now proudly runs in the Wadhurst vest all over the country. He continues to make frequent visits to Sussex and he is hoping to make a number of the Grand Prix races.

In the space of one crazy week Barry managed to leave his kit and trainers in a B & B in Eastbourne - and then left two suitcases and his hand luggage in France on another Nice Work trip. That necessitated a long trip from Reading to travel to France by train to recover his bag - arriving back in Dover he then had to drive to Eastbourne before driving all the way back to Reading. And we wondered why he got on so well with Albert!

Barry has sent us a report:

"OK - here are my races and race times - starting off with the Silchester 5. A tricky little race this one which was billed as a Fun Run over a distance of 5 miles and 130 yards - although many runners suspected it was much further. I recorded a time of 43.22 to finish 49th out of 108 runners.

Next up was Bognor on May 10th. A bit disappointed with my time on this one - went off far too fast and paid the price, down to a walk by the 5K stage. Recorded a gun time of 52.56 and a chip time of 52.28, finishing 533rd out of 1254. I believe that I was the only Wadhurst Runner there and even got interviewed by the race commentator as I was making my way back to rejoin Carole and Dad, who got very excited at the sight of a Wadhurst vest. It has to be said I didn't see too many Hastings or Wadhurst guys down there - what's up with you East Sussex guys, don't you like West Sussex? Surely we haven't got a Lanks/Yorks thing going on have we?

I wasn't holding out too much hope for my next event a week later, The Myra Garrett 10K at a rather rain sodden Danson Park in Bexleyheath. But I was heading in the right direction timewise with a respectable 51.35, finishing 122nd out of 192 and finishing 2nd in my age category but missing out by a little over 2 minutes (49.24), a time I've bettered twice this year.

24 hours later I was lining up in appalling conditions for the start of the Kintbury 5. I struggled a bit in this one and I finished in 41.20. I don't normally hang around for the prize giving as I'm usually in a hurry to get to the nearest hostelry - but I did for this one and it was nice to see Jenny Pitman handing out the prizes. Actually I was forced into waiting as a guy I sometimes bring along to races, who's aged 73, succeeded in taking a wrong turn and was eventually located some two hours and seven miles later - and not best pleased when he eventually did finish!

The final race I should tell you about is the Dorking 10, although frankly I prefer to draw a veil over this one. A very much below-par performance from yours truly, due entirely, without any shadow of a doubt, to the six or was it seven pints of Arkells Kingsdown Ale consumed the previous day. It was a new course this year and, under normal circumstances, I would have been delighted to take it all in but at 4 miles I'm afraid thoughts of "I wish I hadn't started this one" were beginning to fill my head. However, I'm happy to say that I persevered and, after a fashion, completed it in a time of 1.45.42.

Further races I'm intending to take in are:

Sunday June 24th Thame 10K
Sunday July 8th Prince's Risborough 10K
Friday July 13th Rye 10K
Sunday July 15th Crawley 10K
Friday July 27th The Wedding Day 7K
Sunday July 29th Marlow to Windsor Half Marathon"

Thanks for the report Barry.

Don't forget - coming up

Next up on the race calendar is the Midsummer Waddie Hash taking place in Peasmarsh next Thursday. Cathy has already emailed details to everybody - but if you need info, then let us know. As well as a clutch of Waddies, we've a few renegades joining us from Hastings Runners and some Beckley and Rye runners - so it should be a pleasant evening. Drinks, barbecue, music and dancers are also on offer.

Entry details are now available for the Newick Will Page 10K and you can find the race details here.

Monday, 11 June 2007

North Downs Run

Three brave Waddies braved heat and one of the toughest courses around when they took part in the North Downs Run on Sunday. The 30K course follows footpaths over and around the North Downs and features some tough inclines, slippy downhills - a genuine multi=terrain event.

Albert was first Waddie home, just in front of Peter Burfoot who suffered a nasty fall on loose chippings around the 24K mark.

Peter writes:

".... running down a very steep path of loose flints and dirt in the Shorne Country Park just before 24k you hear a holler from behind and you just have time to glance an ape-like apparition speeding past in the air complete with a jungle hat? I just had time to ask "Why are you going so fast" (It was double the speed of anybody on 2 legs) when I found myself sliding on my side elbow and thumb lacerating all those areas with searing pain from my elbow and thumb. As I came to a haly the cramp which I had been fighting in my right calf for 4 k seized both calves and I couldn't get up. Luckily 2 runners were at hand and pulled me up to clear the path. The must have thought I was quite mad when I told them not to touch my broken finger (the 1 with the black nail). But in fact it is broken and has been since 28th May! Luckily I didn't land on it nor did they pull me up by it.

I had delayed shock later in the afternoon (whether from the sight of the ape or the fall, I will never know) but have now rcleaned up. The elbow is very sore, but 4 hourly paracetamol is taking care of the pain."

And as for Albert "The North Downs was the most enjoyable race I have run in years. I ended up giving my all when Mr PB came into my sight, unexpectedly, and I then went for it and finished without fatiguing myself. I had to nurse both calves as after Peter fell a small dog ran straight to me at 24 kms and I pulled both calves."

Not sure how Albert had time to pull both calves, but we're told that the owner won't take the matter any further.

Results from the NDR:

Albert Kemp 2.53.14
Peter Burfoot 2.58.31
Cathy Burke 3.45.32

The Waddies pot hunters were also out in force, with Liam Burke winning the 2.5K Fun Run and collecting a box of hereoes - which were consumed whilst waiting for the 30K competitors to finish.

Next race for most Waddies will be the the Heathfield Midsummer 10K on June 24th, although there is a 5 Mile event at Hassocks on the 23rd.

Don't forget too that Midsummer Hash on the 21st.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Charity begins at home

With the end of the G8 Summit promising billions in aid to Africa to help in the fight for famine relief, it is appropriate that we look a little closer to home to see what help and support we can give to those people who struggle to find enough to eat each day.

To most of us, a plate of food three times a day is a right - but to others a plate of meat and vegetables is a luxury. Indeed, most people that we know are lucky because they enjoy a balanced diet and always have plenty to eat and drink. But you may be surprised that there are still some people living amongst us who struggle to find enough food to eat each day.

Yes, poverty is amongst us.

You will be shocked to learn that one of our own members is currently living a meagre existence, trying desperatly to find those calories he needs to feed his body so that he is able to work. Yes - to Shane, a pie is but a distant memory; a pork chop with the rind all fat and crispy a remnant buried away in his memory; a spotted dick but an ambition.

Shane - we're all thinking about you. We know how hard it must be to try and live with nothing but a lettuce leaf and multi-vitamin mushy bar with chocolate flavour soya shake to keep the wolf from the door. So, some of us waddies have decided that enough is enough - and we're dedicating a part of the Internet to try and encourage your fellow human beings to show some compassion and donate you some proper food.

WebEd - a generous man - has set up the Keep Shane's Tummy Full Campaign and started the ball rolling by donating one of his favourite pies. So, come on you Waddies - show just what a marvelous club we are - and donate your own favourite food to our Shane.

Because, remember.

Charity begins at home.

To donate to the keep Shane's Tummy Full campaign, send your donation to - or visit his website

Update on Worthing

Albert has dropped us a line with some more info about the Worthing performance.

For the Ladies, Helen was 1st lady Vet 5 and Lynn was 2nd lady Vet 3.

PB's were, apparently, by the bucketful including Lynn, Eddie, Tim, Cathy Hall, Janet and Tony Gates. So congratulations to all.

WebEd and the Boss have been popping here and there outside Sussex for some time now and for those of you who need some encouragement to stay out of the pub for a couple more hours on a Friday night - there's an excellent 5K series on the 1st Friday of the month in Ashford. The field is varied in ability but small in number - and if the weather is nice, the setting of Victoria Park is really quite pleasant. Last night we ventured further north to get rid of another ream and a half of bewl flyers to Springfield - not to see the Simpsons but to take part in a fabulous 5 Mile race in the country lanes around Chelmsford. With entry just four quid in advance, a free burger to all finishers and the finish in a country pub car park it made for a very pleasant Friday evening.

Results from the Springfield Striders 5 Mile Race:

Cathy Burke 41.27
Martin Burke 44.27

Next month also sees the start of the Rye Summer Classic series - a flat out and back series of 5K and 10K races (a shameless plug for one of our events).

Good luck to all those taking part in the North Downs Run tomorrow (Sunday).

Friday, 8 June 2007

Another great turnout!

The Waddies are certainly going all out to continue their impressive climb up the GP table. Another magnificent turnout on Wednesday for the Worthing 10K saw some sparkling performances with no less than 8 Waddies posting sub 50 minute times. There's sure to be some pb's amongst those times - so do let us know.

Results from Wednesday:

115. Peter Burfott 42.54
178. Linda hayes 44.49
206. Eddie Wattenbach 45.57
220. Albert Kemp 46.31
255. Tim Clements 48.22
260. Helen Neary 48.28
275. Cathy Hall 49.00
277. Shane Last 49.03
297. Tony Gates 50.01
351. Roger Smith 52.13
353. David Jones 52.15
355. Bonita Backhouse 52.24
394. Kathie Gates 54.58
518. Janet Drake 1.05.51
528. Sara Wrenn 1.07.39
529. Tony Sorrell 1.07.55

Not too much happening in Sussex this weekend but a couple of Waddies will be out on the North Downs on Sunday for the 30K run. Tonight - for the nutters only - it's a crawl round the M25 for the Chelmsford 5. training session as usual on Sunday - meet at Uplands at the usual time.

And don't forget the Bewl 15 on July 1st - if you haven't got your duties yet, or you don't know what you're doing - yell loudly!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Blackpool Marathon - the real race report!

Well, he took so flippin' long to send his report to us - for goodness sake he'd been finished two hours! So, just in case you hadn't noticed, the report below was not from Mike Mackay - but this one is!

"Well, I have recovered sufficiently - mentally and physically! - to update the earlier report of the trip up t'north with the race details.

It all sounded good - fast, flat course and a weather forecast that was close to ideal for the distance. On top of this Blackpool always seems to have more medical specialists around than anywhere else which is always useful for injuries etc., - weird though that the Nurses tend to go around in groups of up to 30 and I have never seen such skimpy uniforms as the ones they wear in Blackpool. Anyhow nice
to know we will be well looked after if the old groin plays up again.

Combine this with a nice weekend break for the family and Blackpool Marathon sounded like the ideal way to get back to the sub-3.15 times for the good for age entry for next years FLM. That was the plan - the actual turned out rather different!

Firstly the old Blackpool course has changed from the single lap which took in the delights of Lytham St. Anne’s (highlight being the Land Registry and the boating lake) and replaced this with a double lap of the half marathon. Fair enough I thought, makes it easy for the family to watch with more going on and how much harder can it be?

Well, the morning started well with some wispy bits of cloud - the forecast was for the rain to come in mid-morning. Off we went on the dot at 9am (anyone else who has experience of Blackpool will know this is a rarity) and the first lap down the traffic free mile after mile of Blackpool prom was quick and free of the Hen and Stag party crowd who were still, no doubt, nursing hangovers or possibly even
not having reached the stage even where you actually stop drinking to bring on a hangover.

Crowd was a bit thin to say the least but those who were there were appreciative and gave lots of encouraging noises - 'would you like a cold Stella, You're going t'wrong way lad' and so on. Then the 6 mile marker came up and the dreaded concrete section. This is a quite remarkable piece of engineering (see below) as it stretched for about 4 miles and consists of a 12 foot high sea wall to one side and the open sea the other. The both separated by 12 foot or so of flat concrete walkway. To say this is a major bore is an understatement and I had to do it twice. Still, the first time went OK and was still averaging less than 7 min miles. Reached the turn and back along footpaths in to a bit of a headwind but reached the end and there was the finish line. Wait, that was for the 1/2 marathon and 2/3rd's of
the runners peeled off to finish to warm applause, a medal and some beef jerky (a first for me!).

The remainder carried on past with envious stares at t'finish line for another lap. By now t'sun (enough of the accent!) was really strong and very hot so bang went the weather conditions that were hoped for!

The second lap was quite surreal with a 4 lane road on the main Blackpool seafront cordoned off still for the few of us remaining.

Along we went but this time with far fewer runners. At one point there was about 100 yards or so separating those of us running at the pace we were managing. Still, the support was there and managed to get to the start of the concrete at 20 miles with the pace only dropping off slightly to 7.40 mile pace. Passed Melinda and the kids for the last of the lucozade and began the 4 mile stretch.

Sadly this was it - a combination of heat, exhaustion and muscle aches started to play havoc with my times. I think the main reason though for stopping was the prospect of running this stretch again which just goes on and on and on! So, I thought a quick walk would be OK and slowed for a breather. Fatal - once you stop your legs seize up and the motivation just went. I tried to get going again as I had lots of time in reserve but just couldn't so resorted to 5 miles of walk run.

Several other runners also doing the same thing. Even managed a couple of 14 minute miles coming back in - I think I can walk faster than this normally!! The last 5 miles took just short of an hour - I ran a 10m this year in 64 minutes!!

Oh well, the thoughts going through my head at the time was 'sod London'! Never want to do another marathon in my life so who cares!!

Still, managed to finish in a time of 3.38 meeting Melinda, Hayley and Amy at the last 200 yards - all of whom managed to race me in which is even worse considering they were carrying a picnic hamper, chairs, a sunshade and a variety of things to do - and picked up the medal, more lucozade and a pack or two of beef jerky (didn't cowboys used to eat this? Strange stuff - it is dried beef with the consistency of tough fabric. Weird but has grown on me and now need more!).

The weekend though was great, Blackpool was much better than in previous years and we all enjoyed ourselves with the sights and sounds of Britain's most popular resort. If, after all of this you fancy a trip up t'north then next years race is on the 29th April - much earlier than in previous years and will loose a few people who run FLM as a result. Still, well worth it as long as you are a fully paid up member of the British Concrete Appreciation Club!

Me, well a day later and feel a bit better and thoughts are now turning to Nottingham..... !!"

Did you not offer any of the hen parties a bit of beef jerky Mike? (WebEd)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Blackpool Marathon Race Report

Mike Mackay has just returned to Sussex from Lancashire where he competed in the Blackpool Marathon. Here's Mike's report:

"Eee what a gradely weekend we've 'ad.

Me and our lass went up t'Blackpool for t'weekend for to take part in t'Marathon. And, eee I tell ya. We've had a smashing time.

We took t'charabanc (see t'picture below) up t'coast on Saturday after we'd finished work at t'Mill. Our lass scrubbed herself up - looked like she were dressed for t'Bingo she did - and we got on t'Bus and set off for t'Blackpool. Eee it were a long way - but we kept ourselves occupied by counting these black and white things in t'fields. I thought they were statues - our lass thought they were cars. Turns out they were summat called cows - I thought cows were what you 'ad on Sunday for t'lunch, I'd no idea they stuck 'em in fields for you to watch at.

Me mam had made us both up a snap tin - and we had such a lovely surprise when we opened them up when we'd got to Lamberhurst - she'd only gone and made us our favourites. Pigs trotters (see t'picture below) and me bestest, bazzingist butties. Ay - tongue and jam. Eee we were so appy me and t'lass that we just sat there smiling at each other. At least until our lass got a bit of tongue gristle stuck in her teeth - she stopped smiling then and went a funny colour for a bit.

Anyhow we carried on and I'd made us a flask of Bovril which we supped as we went round that new road near London - they call it the M25. And you'll never guess what? They've only gone and built a bridge over t'river at Dartford. Not only that - they've dug a bloody big tunnel too - my, that were a real thrill for us two. Me mam's corned beef and tattie pasty kept us strength up as we went past a place called Luton but that's probably the last we could remember as our lass were still struggling to get t'bit of tongue gristle out of her teeth. I told 'er that gargling with Mackeson wouldn't clear it.

It cleared the three rows in front of us mind. And I 'ad to spend the rest of t'journey trying to calm her down. Trouble is see, she normally only has a glass of Cherry B once a week when we go down t'club - so she's just not used to four pints of stout. If she weren't telling me how much she really, really, really loved me, she were trying to find t'driver and t'conductor for a fight. "I'll tek the lot of you's on" she kept shouting.

In the end I had to knee her in t'groin to keep her quiet. And I wrapped her up in some gift wrap I found down t'seat of t'coach (see t'picture below). And eee she did look peaceful and she slept like a shift worker all t'way t' Blackpool.

We arrived in Blackpool about four o'clock on Sunday morning and, after a couple of Clitheroe Meat Pies and Peas, we were right ready for us Breakfast. Our lass wasn't feeling too good mind and kept saying she must have eaten a dodgy radish but she did OK with her runny eggs on toast in a smashing little cafe we found on t'Prom.

Then she were poorly again.

I were mindful of the fact I'd got to run a marathon so took it easy for breakfast. There were some of them soft southern puffy types eating what looked like rabbit muck to me - but I soon showed what athletes are made of. I polished off two Specials - egg, bacon, sausage, toast and the works - and after two burps and a small escape of wind I were ready to tek on t'world! I had me picture taken (see below) and off we went.

Our lass weren't feeling too bright as we approached the start line so I asked this taxi driver if he knew were Mecca were. "Aye sir" he said. So, I says - "could you tek our lass there and prop her up for three and a half hours and I'd pick her up later". Funny bloke though. He said something about Mecca being reserved for 40 virgins and that there weren't a cat in ecks chance of our lass getting in there without a special permit. "For God's sake" I shouted (I were vexed) "I just want her to have a bit of quality bingo time whilst I get on with this here marathon".

Anyhow, after taking her picturev on t'beach ( see below) I shoved her into a prize bingo booth near to t'Tower and, eee, she looked ever so happy when I left her. I stuck a pig’s trotter and cow heel barm cake in her handbag and gave her a peck and off I trotted off t'start.

Talk about a race though. I strapped on my boots - you should have seen some of them soft, southern wussies - they were only running in PUMPS! PUMPS! I ask you - next thing you know they'll be wearing them puffy skin tight trousers next! Anyhow, I slipped on me size 10 Timpsons, gave myself a last grease down with duck fat, put t'bobble cap on - waited for some local Mill Owner to fire t'gun (see below) - then it were head down and off I ran.

And, do you know? I kept on running and running till I could run no more.

I did all right too, you know - finished the thing in just over 3 and a half hours. Collected a right proper medal (see below) for me efforts - which is a pigging bit quicker than any of them soft southern puffy types could do I'll tell you!

Anyhow, I'll not be back for a while yet.

Our lass is having her stomach pumped tomorrow so I've invited t'kids round to watch.

Well, we've no telly now have we - so it gives 'em summat to do.


With his little stick of Blackpool Rock

Congratulations to Mike Mackay who made the long journey to God's Own Country to take part in the Blackpool Marathon. Mike finished well, just making the top 100 and recorded a time of 3.38.42. Hopefully Mike's race report will appear here shortly.

We've also got the results in from the Seaford Half Marathon - and see the photo of the four Waddies (Peter, Sara, Shane and Albert) - below:

Albert Kemp 1.56.44
Peter Burfoot 2.02.34
Shane Last 2.03.07
Sara Wrenn 3.02.16

Other Waddies in action over the weekend:

Friday June 1st - Ashford 5K (a great event, if you can make it - well organised and lovely course, but with a very small field - so, pot hunters what are you waiting for?)

Martin Burke 26.06

Saturday June 2nd - Harvel 5

Martin Burke 48.28

Also in action on Saturday, competing in the Southern Women's League was Cathy Burke - nothing unusual there except for the fact that her depleted team meant she had to take part in the Women's Hammer. So, we now have a new Club Record for this discipline. If you want to try your hand at beating the record, simply pick up a bag of spuds and drop kick them out of the kitchen. Measure where they land and you're almost certain to have created a new record.

No supper tonight then.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Waddies on the march!!

The latest version of the Sussex GP tables have been released - and the Waddies have climbed to third place overall in the table - with the Mens Vets right up there in Number 1 position.

We think that this is the highest position ever attained by the club - and things are looking good for the future. With a sizeable number of members now attending the GP events we are now really beginning to make our mark. Both Men's and Ladies teams feature in the leading positions - see the updated tables on the right.

There are several individual performances worthy of note - not least Albert who currently lies in 2nd place in the overall Men's section with Tony Gates also appearing in the top 10. Albert also tops the Vets table, with Tony 6th and Shane 10th. Not to be outdone the ladies are also making their mark with Helen in the top 10 Vets and Kathie Gates 5th in the Ladies Senior table.

It's now important that we maintain the pressure on those teams ahead of us - and to do so, we need as many members as possible to turn out for the club in those GP events. next up is the Worthing 10K on Wednesday, with the Heathfield 10K on the 24th.

If you'd like to see the updated Sussex GP tables click here.

Friday, 1 June 2007

A bracing run .....

A clutch (is that the right collective term for a number of Waddies in one place?) braved a bracing sea wind on Wednesday night in the first of the Bexhill Seafront races. These popular races normally attract a good entry and Wednesday saw around 150 runners set out along the out and back course with a nice following wind - which, of course, was full in the face for the return legs!

Congratulations to Sally Toll who took part in her first ever event - so that'll be your first pb then Sally! Results from the event:

48. Peter Burfoot 21.32
58. Linda Hayes 22.24
69. Albert Kemp 23.35
98. Roger Smith 26.08
144. Sally Toll 37.46
145. Martin Burke 37.47

Tonight Friday, there's the second in the 5K series at Ashford and tomorrow the Harvel Hash is always worth a look - with its beer stop at half way!

Wherever you're running - have a good weekend.