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25th May 2009 - Bank Holiday News

Flying Coach's Visit on 16th June
Dave Leach, our Flying Coach will pay us another visit on Tuesday 16th June 2009 at 7.15 pm at Uplands. He will do a session geared towards 5 -10k. We are hoping that this time the grass on the track will be shorter and the weather warmer.

Please turn up if you are interested in becoming a coach and also if you want to benefit from the coaching given. There will of course be a Club Run as usual for those who prefer.

Thursday Track Sessions

These are becoming really quite popular! Roger Smith is putting in a sterling effort to make these successful. Thank you Roger. Last Thursday he was assisted by Claire D'Aubney who has been running on the previous sessions but not competing in the timed laps. Thank you Claire.

Last Thursday we did a pyramid session with fast laps of 400m, 800m, 1200m, 800m and 400m interspersed with a slow 400m recovery lap. When everybody had had a chance to get their breath back we ran a timed 400m. The results were:-

Russell 62.09 secs
Mark 73.27 secs
Peter 75.83 secs
Shane 80.90 secs
Hannah 83.08 secs
Helen G 84.00 secs
Matt 85.83 secs
Albert 91.09 secs
Katrina 96.90 secs
Nell N 103.00 secs
Sara Faulty timekeeper/watch

Many are already finding their times are coming down.

The Sussex Grand Prix

There have been some problems with the SGP results.

Graham Chapman the SGP Chairman has written to all Club Reps in these terms:-

"Club Reps,

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that we've had one or two problems with results so far this year.

Without going into details, the outcome is that we need to assemble a small team to assist with the compilation of a reliable, efficient results service.

I'd be very grateful if you could circulate amongst your members the need for the following volunteers.

1. A person to keep the members database up-to-date. In theory, this should be simply be a case of obtaining updated member lists from clubs at the beginning of the year and ensuring they are kept up-to-date throughout the year as reps advise of changes.

In reality, there will be a bit of chasing up involved. A familiarity with MS Excel, a computer, and email will be needed.

2. Someone to request and obtain results from races as soon as they are run, and to process them so they are ready to be entered into the results system. Requirements, as above.

3. A person or persons, to devise and operate the results system (probably Excel based, although open to suggestions). Again, requirements, as above.

4. Someone to receive and deal with the enquiries after the publication of results (this could be included in the above).

Of course, some of these roles can be combined, but I stress this is not really the job for one person and a small group is preferable.

Although these positions are voluntary, there may be scope for incentives, possibly website sponsorship if appropriate, although this is yet to be discussed.

Anyone who thinks they can help out should contact me directly.

work: 01435 860868
home: 01435 812829
mobile: 07967 658523

Thanks very much,

Graham Chapman
Chairman SGP"

Please think whether you have the time and skills to lend a hand.

Race Results

On Tuesday 19th May Barry Gilbert and Siobhan Burke competed in the 1st race of the Queen Mother Reservoir 5km/10km Race Series. They both ran the 5k and their results are:-

20 BURKE, Siobhan 0:25:47 Wadhurst Runners Senior Women 740
21 GILBERT, Barry 0:25:49 Wadhurst Runners MV60 741

Closer to home on a sunny and quite warm day, Peter Burfoot went over to Canterbury on Bank Holiday Sunday for his 1st running of the Canterbury Half Marathon. The race started at the Canterbury Rugby Club in Nackington Lane on the south side of the city.

Peter had brought a wad of Bewl 15 flyers to place on a table, but this was an opportunity not to be missed, a whole field full of hundreds of cars just inviting Bewl 15 flyers to be put under their wipers. Peter ran out of Flyers after just 1.5 rows, barely 1/4 of the field of just runners' cars. Some runners gulped down flyers determined to take them "back to the Club" (Plumsted) as there were "other members" who wanted them. Another group couldn't praise the Bewl 15 enough but thought we imported rain to wet the steep hill!

1983 London Marathon winner Mike Gratton's company 2:09 events organised the race for the Pilgrim's Hospices. Organisation was tip-top and Mike was there to run the show. He described the race thus:-
"The route is hilly, there is no doubting that, but runs through beautiful Garden of England scenery and typical Kent downland villages. 2:09 Events director won this race 3 times in the 80's and early 90's running 66mins around the route so it is not that slow and there are some long sweeping down hills to go with the climbs."
Well, 66 minutes was never on the cards and the winner finished in 76 minutes this year. By all accounts slow times were had by many and this was blamed on the "heat" - it wasn’t that hot!

The race is very rural and takes small country roads out of Canterbury to the Chartham Downs. There were some useful Kent runners to use as markers. The 1st 3 miles were uphill all the way and then the course dropped steeply to Petham before climbing again to Waltham. I had noticed a 1:7 gradient on the map shortly afterwards but needn't have worried as it was a downhill! At the 7 mile point on the flat I found some speed and started to overtake a few people then we looped back to Petham ready to take on the Big (Up)Hill. It was tough. Once at the top some more speed came and the runners pounded down the gentle gradients to Stuppington, then over the A2 and we were back at the start but with a long uphill track for the final 1/2 mile before finishing at the Rugby Club.

The organisers did us proud, chip timing (though there were computer problems on the day), bottled water, numerous drink stations, and at the finish, a medal, oranges and a real old-fashioned "Goodie Bag" complete with a For Goodness Shake, gel, muesli bar, and energy drink powder. A thoroughly enjoyable, if rather warm race. There were 777 finishers.

The results:-

133 133 362 PETER BURFOOT
Mvet50 WADHURST RUNNERS 01:43:41

Forthcoming Races

Don't forget the Bexhill 5k and Children's races on Wednesday 27th May. There is a new course this year see the Bexhill Runners' website for details; . The July race is part of the SGP series so those who can are encouraged to race on Wednesday to get used to the new course

The Tillingham Valley Rockabilly Races.

These races near Rye are new for this year and take place on Saturday 30th May from 4.00pm. There are races for fun runners, dogs, and children, as well as a 5 mile Cross Country race. Entry is on-line at Runners world or on the day as the postal closing date has passed. Details are to be found at:

Don't forget the Worthing 10k SGP race on Wednesday 10th June. Entry forms can be found at: . Please note the Closing date for postal entries is 3rd June 2009.

Also in June is the Heathfield 10k SGP race on 28th June. The entry form is at:- .

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