Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sussex Grand Prix - provisional dates for 2009

The provisional 2009 SGP Race Calendar is:

22nd February 2009 - The Sussex Beacon Half
1st March 2009 Eastbourne Half Marathon
15th March 2009 Hastings Half Marathon
5th April 2009 Worthing 20
19th April 2009 Hastings 5 Miles
(26th April 2009 London Marathon)
10th May 2009 Horsham 10K
3rd June 2009 Worthing 10K
(6th June 2009 South Downs Relay)
21st June 2009 Heathfield 10K
5th July 2009 Bewl 15
30th July 2009 Bexhil 5K (prov)
23rd August 2009 Will Page 10K
14th September 2009 Hellingly 10K
20th September 2009 Hove Prom 10K
4th October 2009 Lewes Downland 10 mile
11th October 2009 Chichester 10K
1st November 2009 Barns Green Half Marathon
8th November 2009 Phoenix Park Races
15th November 2009 Brighton 10K
29th November 2009 Crowborough 10K

Hastings Marathon

Good luck to the Waddies running the Hastings Marathon this Sunday.

The race starts at 09.30 and the route is Hastings Town Hall to Old Town, to The Ridge, past The Conquest Hospital, to Bexhill, to Catsfield, to Bexhill and along the Promenade back to the Town Hall to finish.

Try and spare some time to support the Wadhurst contingententry comprising Mark (skoll)Waring, Peter (I am flying) Burfoot, Lyn (my first ever marathon, yippes) Hayes, Albert (my 23rd marathon)Kemp and Sara (I have not run for 2 months)Wrenn. Best wishes and last person home is a sissy.

Also running on Sunday, Bonita Backhouse, Martin Burke, Tony Gates, Kathie Gates, Helen Goddard, Mike Mackay, Jim McCulloch and Eddie, Wattenbach.

Good luck to all.

Cross Country Series

The second race in the Cross Country Series (five races this year, reduced from six last year) over usually a 5 mile course(approximate) takes place on Sunday 28th December 2008 at Warren Hill, near Eastbourne.

These events are great fun, albeit a little cold and none of those run this series are considered to be particularly muddy. We have a combined team with Crowborough. The team needs 15 runners and usually does well whenever we have several of the Waddies running. There is always a children’s race over 1 mile only for ages 8 to 14 which starts at 10.30. These races are free and ideal for our family members as there is always plenty of baby sitters on hand if both parents want to run. Those youngsters 15 and older run with the adults. The senior race costs just £2.50 to enter and starts at 11am.

We meet at Uplands for 9am as usual for a warm up short run and car sharing.

The rest of the programme for this season is:

Sunday February 1st 2009 Ashdown Forest
Sunday February 15th 2009 Cross-in-Hand
Sunday March 8th Pestalozzi.

Helen Goddard works at Pestalozzi so it will be extra special to support her venue.

Handicap - combined results

The result of the combined Annual and Xmas Handicap races, for which the first male and lady runners, receive the coveted handicap trophies, are below but first a rule or two.

Both races must be run and each race is awarded a point for each position i.e. 1 point for 1st and 2 points for 2nd. Both race points are accumulated and the lowest score determines the trophy positions. The results are therefore:

Peter Burfoot 7 points 1st Man
Sally Toll 10 points 1st Lady
Eddie Wattenbach 10 points
Diane Osborn 13 points
Fergus Randolph 12 points
Helen Neary 19 points
Dave Jones 17 points
Albert Kemp 19 points

No other runners completed both races. Many thanks to our Club President, Roger Smith and especially to Chris and his daughter Jane, for hosting us and providing the mince pies, sausage rolls and mulled wine.

Winter Handicap results

Eleven intrepid Waddies attended this year’s handicap which started at our President’s house at 9am sharpish on Sunday. Two of our Crowborough friends ran too. They all braved a cold but crisp morning and care was needed on sheltered, quiet slippery roads.

Sadly the fancy dress this year was less than enthusiastic - whcih left the way open for Albert to win. It was pointed out - by Albert - that he wasnt wearing fancy dress.

The winners were:

1st finisher – Sally Toll; 2nd Peter Burfoot and 3rd Diane Osborn. The top men were Peter, Eddie and Ciaran with the leading ladies Sally, Diane and Sharon Wheeler of Crowborough. The record for both the men and ladies fastest time were shattered by the husband and wife duo, Ciaran and Diane. The full results show that handicapping does give us slower runners a chance as the full details are:

1st Sally 0:56:28
2nd Peter 0:58:26
3rd Diane 0:58:31
4th Eddie 0:58:47
5th Sharon 0:59:04
6th Ciaran 0:59:09
7th Nick B 0:59:14
8th Fergus 0:59:31
9th Bryan 1:00:30
10th David 1:00:45
11th Tim 1:00:51
12th Albert1:01:58
13th Helen 1:01:59

The result of the fancy dress completion was hard fought but most eliminated themselves leaving Helen Neary the clear winner of the ladies and Albert squeezed in just as the male winner. Mind you he was clearly seen by several witnesses to pass a £10 note to Shane who was the starter and time controller. Bribery clearly works.

End of season report from the Headmaster

Chairman Albert Osaurus send us his end of term report:

"Wadhurst Runners entered the last round of the Sussex Grand Prix Road Running Series, being the last of 18 races, at the Crowborough 10K. After 17 races they were clinging onto 5th place, which is one place higher than they achieved in 2007.

Thankfully the race conditions were suitably cold rather than the wet and cold of previous years. The team needed to maximise their results to have a chance of achieving their best ever position.

Ciaran Osborne was the 1st Waddie finishing in a powerful 7th place, his highest place of the year. The first Wadhurst lady was Helen Goddard who also finished strongly in 58th place overall and was 7th lady overall.

Other notable successes were Lyn Hayes who was 4th lady vet 2 and Albert Kemp, club chairman, who was 3rd vet 3. Personal Bests were recorded by new comers Nick Brooker and Matt Seabrook. The team results were:

7th 37:35 minutes Ciaran Osborn – senior male; 58th 43:49 Helen Goddard Lady Vets class 1; 75th 44:57 Peter Burfoot Male Vets class 2; 101st 46:51 Lyn Hayes Lady Vets 2; 137th Nick Brooker 48:53 Male Vets 1; 172nd 50:36 Albert Kemp Male Vets 3; 258th 55:06 Fergus Randolph Male Vets 1; 316th 59:10 Barry Gilbert Male Vets 3; 318th 59:21 Matt Seabrook Male Vet 1; 340th 1:01:09 Tony Gates Male Vets 2 and 345th 1:01:47 Kathie gates Senior Ladies.

As a result of the team performance the Wadhurst Runners achieved their aim and ended 5th overall. Thanks mainly to the ladies who were 3rd overall and 2nd in the vets category. This is the very first time in their history that Wadhurst Runners has ended up with medals in the series. The men were 6th overall and the vets were 5th.

Tony Gates should receive a special mention once again for his award for completing all 18 races. This is an exceptional, indeed rare, feat and this is the 2nd year in a row that he has received this award. Just 3 have runners completed this amazing feat and last year this trophy was restricted to 2 runners only.

The whole Grand prix had 1,119 affiliated club runners of which 667 were men and 452 were women. The series is growing year by year and had 985 runners last year. Individually the Wadhurst Runners have won medals in a number of categories:

Ladies Team – 3rd
Vet Ladies Team – 2nd
Senior Men up to age 39 – 5th Ciaran Osborn
Senior Ladies age 34 – 4th Kathie Gates
Vet ladies age 35+ - 5th Helen Goddard, 7th Lyn Hayes and 8th Cathy Gates
Vet Men V5 age 60 to 64 – Albert Kemp
Vet Lady V1 age 35 to 39 – 2nd Helen Goddard and 3rd Cathy Hall
Vet Lady V3 age 45 to 49 – 2nd Lyn Hayes
Vet Lady V4 age 50 to 54 – 3rd Janet Drake
Vet Lady V5 age 55 to 59 – 3rd Helen Neary
Completing all 18 races – Tony Gates

Crowborough 10K

Eleven Waddies took part in the final Sussex GP race of the year at Crowborough on November 30th, including Barry Gilbert who made the long journey over from Reading. Although by the look of poor Barry's face at the finish we suspect its not a race - or a hill - he'll be in too much of a hurry to exerience again!

The results were:

7th 0:37:35 OSBORN, Ciaran
58th 0:43:49 GODDARD, Helen
75th 0:44:57 BURFOOT, Peter
101st 0:46:51 HAYES, Linda
137th 0:48:53 BROOKER, Nick
172nd 0:50:36 KEMP, ALBERT
258th 0:55:06 RANDOLPH, Fergus
316th 0:59:10 GILBERT, Barry
318th 0:59:21 SEABROOK, Matt
340th 1:01:09 GATES, Anthony
345th 1:01:47 GATES, Kathie

In addition, Ben Ubee, Nick Brooker's nephew, guested as a Waddie in a Waddie vest.

305th 0:58:12 UBEE, Benjamin

Well done to all who took part.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Brighton 10K

The Brooks Brighton 10k SGP race took place in excellent conditions along Brighton Seafront on Sunday. There were 2312 finishers including a smattering of Waddies. Our commisserations go to Ciaran and Sara who retired from the race.

The results were:

ALBERT KEMP 00:46:19
HELEN NEARY 00:50:03

Next up is the last SGP race of the season, the Crowborough 10k.

The World's Most Beautiful Marathon

Well thats how Runners World describes the Everest Challenge Marathon - which in addition to being a 27 mile gruelling test of stamina is but one day in the five day 100 Mile Himalaya Stage Race - one of the world's toughest events.

Cathy and Martin Burke have just returned from the event and as Cathy writes:-

"An absolutely amazing experience but really, really tough. Others there said it was harder than Ironman and the Racing the Planet which they had taken part in. So I'm quite chuffed to have finished the race in under 35 hours."

Martin took part in some of the event and managed to produce a pb fopr 17 miles in completeing the final stage of the race!

Rumour has it that our friend Ron also took part and his report will shortly be appearing at .

A full report when both have had the opportunity to recover and catch up will appear on a blog near here.

.....And closer to home there were 2 events in Sussex:-

At the Bexhill Half Marathon Club Chairman Albert Kemp was denied 1st place in Male V 60 age group by being duped into believing that his rival for the place, Mick Staines of Pitsea RC was beaten.

Albert came in 26 seconds behind Mick to clinch 106th place and 2nd place MV60 with a time of 1:45:36. The wind was so strong that Albert was "nearly blown over" which, being translated, means blown sideways.

Well done Albert!

...Meanwhile, a handful of Waddies made the journey to Preston Park, Brighton for the annual Preston Park Races. These races are run in separate sections for boys, girls, men and women of various age groupings run separately over different distances at different times. There is very much a club atmosphere something approaching that of an athletics meeting.

It was dry, at least for the men's race, but a fierce wind greeted runners in parts of the course. The results were:-

Women (3.8k)

19th Linda Hayes 15:34
49th Kathie Gates 19:36

Men (7.3k)

21st Ciaran Osborn 25:54
88th Peter Burfoot 31:20
97th Anthony Gates 33:46

Well done, all of you!

....And midweek, Albert Kemp and Barry Gilbert ran in the 56th annual Henlow 10 Mile Road Race, held in ideal cool calm and sunny conditions. The course takes runners on an A to B route from the Old Warden Aerodrome back to RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire. It follows mainly minor roads and takes in a few challenging hills on the way. A total of 223 runners completed the course comprising of mainly RAF personnel, MOD employees and local civilian clubs including Stopsley Striders, Bedford Harriers and Fairland Valley Spartans. It was also pleasing to note that RAF Aldergrove from Northern Ireland and RAF Kinloss had travelled down from Scotland to compete.

The results were

107th 77:13 Albert Kemp
187th 92:05 Barry Gilbert

Well done the pair of you. Jolly Good Show, What?

For those Waddies not competing in the Hastings Marathon, now is the time to be getting out your diaries! A total of 14 Waddies have entered the event which is being run for the first time since 1908 on 14th December 2008. It promises to be a very special event and the Waddies runnning it need you. Your role will be to support the Waddies on the course. The race starts from Hastings Town Hall at 9.30 am. After a loop round the Town Centre the course climbs up passed Willliam Parker School to the Ridge, westwards to Battle and Catsfield, then down to Ninfield and Sidley before descending into Bexhill and along the seafront to Hastings. Supporters are encouraged to wear period dress for 1908. Further details are avialable on the Hastings Marathon website:


The Barn's Green Half Marathon took place today in excellent conditions, cool, still and dry, though it was rather wet underfoot in a short grass and woodchip section. There were 1283 finishers this year, well up on last year.

The course reverted to its pre 2007 route so the start was back in its normal downhill position and there was a section of track followed by grass and then woodchips between about 4.5 and 5.5 miles. Times generally seemed a bit slower than last year's, though Chairman Albert was flying again after Cardiff and was well up the time sheets, helping the Wadhurst Male Team into 24th place out of 41.

The results were:

83rd 1:28:48 Mark Waring
206th 1:36:41 Peter Burfoot
263th 1:39:30 Lynn Hayes
346th 1:42:33 Albert Kemp
677th 1:54:27 Tony Gates


A small group of Waddies competed in races in three different countries over the weekend:

In Holland, congratulations to Charlotte Petkovic who travelled with the Nice Work party to take part in her first marathon in Amsterdam. Her time was 5:11:46 (Chip) and 5:20:16 (gun). Well done Charlotte -an excellent result.

Cathy Burke also ran in the Amsterdam Half Marathon in 1:59:48 (Chip) and 2:08:26(gun).

In Wales, Chairman Albert Kemp ran with his freshly operated hand in the Cardiff Half Marathon. He was 10th male V60 with times of 1:42:51 (chip) and 1:43:53 (gun).

Well done Albert!

And back in Blighty, David Jones and Peter Burfoot competed in the hilly Maidstone Half Marathon in good and cool conditions.

David Jones was 243rd with 1:45:11.
Peter Burfoot was 135th with 1:37:37.


Congratulations once again to Ed McKinney on amazing feat of endurance: this time his 47th place in the Beachy Head Marathon which took place yesterday. Ed romped home ahead of any Crowborough opposition in 3hrs 48 minutes. He was joined shortly afterwards by his wife Bonita Backhouse who finished in 730th place with a time of 5:34. Well done the pair of you!

Congratulations also to Wadhurst Runner Derek Harrison on his Beachy Head result wearing his Tunbridge Wells Harriers vest.

Also, well done to David Burfoot for representing St Catherines College with a minimum of training in the 200m at the Oxford University Cuppas, on Saturday, the results of which have yet to be confirmed.


Peter Burfoot reports ...

"The Lewes Downland 10 mile off road race was run on 5th October in atrocious conditions - stinging driving rain, mist, and winds strong enough to stop the runners in their tracks at one point. There was water everywhere running in rivers or collected in ankle-depth puddles, sometimes mixed with mud of similar depth.

Albert announced afterwards that the conditions underfoot were better than usual. He said the the water prevented the mud from being gooey and sticking to your trainers. After everybody else had wrung out their soaked kit and changed into dry clothes at Race HQ, Albert, still drenched, stood shivering and also announced that he was going back for more - he had to run a further 8 miles that morning.

I couldn't possibly comment on past conditions as I hadn't run the race before....nor, apparently, did I this year, since, after waiting a full week for the results I haven't been included - the result of an epic 6.5 mile battle with Shane will never make it into the history books.

The organisers announcement reads:

"Regretably due to the bad weather on the day places and times were lost. Please let us know if you are missing."

Congratulations to all those Waddies who braved the conditions. The published results (after including my own time) are:-

8th 1:06:20 Ciaran Osborn
34th 1:13:21 Mark Waring
51st 1:16:09 Helen Goddard
67th 1:18:15 Eddie Wattenbach
78th 1:20:27 Peter Burfoot
79th 1:20:53 Shane Last
117th 1:26:52 Lynn Hayes
137th 1:30:14 Tony Gates
146th 1:32:24 Albert Kemp
149th 1:32:53 David Jones
208th 1:57:50 Kathie Gates
210th 2:01:52 Sara Wrenn
214th 2:04:47 Janet Drake

If you or your time are still missing, please contact Lewes AC so they can organise a search."

Chichester 10K

In contrasting warm, still and sunny conditions the Chichester 10k AAA Championship Race was run on 12th October, with the winner from Belgrave Harriers clocking a time of 29:38. A clutch of Waddies travelled to the farther reaches of West Sussex for the occasion, and an occasion it was with plenty of support about in the built-up areas and an announcer seemingly imported from the BBC of the World War II era.

Congratulations to all the Waddies who took part and commiserations to Mat Seabrook who arrived just as the race was about to start so didn't have time to attach his "new look" credit card type chip, and so didn't get a time or mention in the results either. Here are the results:-

260th 42:09 Peter Burfoot
307th 43:29 Shane Last
515th 47:37 Tony Gates
650th 50:31 Helen Neary
739th 52:02 Barry Gilbert
53:?? Mat Seabrook
975th 57:57 Kathie Gates

Cross Country News

Crowborough Runners are not expecting to field a team next week for the opening cross country race at Whitbread Hollow Eastbourne on acount of their James Welbury's birthday celebrations. Wadhurst Runners joins up with Crowborough Runners for the Cross Country Season in the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League.

Details of next week's race can be found on the Sussex Races website.

The next SGP race is the Barn's Green Half Marathon on 2nd November.


As far as is known, Waddies race action at the weekend centred on or near to the south coast, with the Bexhill 10k, the Folkestone Half Marathon and the Firle 20k Trail Run taking place.

Bexhill 10k

60th 48:24 Albert Kemp

Folkestone Half Marathon

439th 2:14:18 Charlotte Petkovic

Firle 20k Trail Run

23rd 1:40:04 Peter Burfoot

The Firle race started in the cool of a sunny windless morning at 9:30 am and the running conditions were ideal for attempting the assault on the scarp face of the South Downs (provided by that time you had not ground to a halt, or a walk) and running up and down along the ridge once you reached the top.

This Sunday sees the running of the Lewes Downland Off-road 10 mile race which is part of the Sussex Grand Prix Series.

Details can be found on the Sussex Races Website:


Entries have now opened for the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon 2009, which will be held on 22nd February. This was a tremendous race this year in glorious sunshine and the course has definite pb potential.

The race is very expensive for a Half Marathon although runners who are members of clubs in the Sussex Grand Prix series can secure an additional discount on the entry fee by quoting an Unique SGP Number.

The number for Wadhurst Runners members which you will need to write on your entry form is W920.


Wadhurst Runners took part in two races over the weekend, the Hove Prom 10k and the Beckley 10k, achieving some good times and a few pbs. A special mention to Liam Burke who won his race in style, a great result.


Hove Prom 10k

81st 41.47 Eddie Wattenbach
109th 44.03 Lyn Hayes
170th 48.08 Tony Gates
191th 49.05 Dave Jones
202nd 51.26 Helen Neary
240th 57.02 Kathy Gates

Beckley 10k

8th 42.20 Mike Pain
15th 44.47 Shane Last
105th 1.01.53 Siobhan Burke
113th 1.07.22 Sara Wrenn
125th 1.19.20 Sally Toll

Beckley Childrens Race

1st 5.05 Liam Burke

Also last weekend the Pain family took on the Somme Half Marathon. This is a lovely part of France and well worth a visit. The race ran along country lanes and past a few WW1 Memorials. The race was far from flat, but this didn't stop Andy from running an excellent pb.

Somme Half

31st 1.32.33 Mike Pain
205th 1.57.47 Andy Pain


Waddies were in action once again over the weekend - on Friday evening and Sunday.

The final race in the Rye Summer Classic Series took place on Friday evening and the 5k race was run in ideal conditions, resulting in some pbs. The results are as follows:-

30th 20:06 Peter Burfoot
42nd 20:59 Lynn Hayes
65th 23:00 Albert Kemp
73rd 24:15 Nyree Thomson
121st 31:31 Sara Wrenn
128th 36:16 Sally Toll

The Hellingly 10k race was run on a beautiful late summer day yesterday, with a light easterly breeze. The results were:

45th 42:07 Helen Goddard
54th 43:16 Eddie Wattenbach
65th 44:28 Peter Burfoot
89th 46:16 Cathy Hall
111th 48:03 Albert Kemp
113th 48:10 David Jones
134th 49:50 Tony Gates
159th 52:56 Helen Neary
187th 55:58 Matthew Seabrook
210th 58:51 Kathie Gates
235th 1:05:47 Janet Drake

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to those who won prizes.

The next SGP race is on 21st September at Hove. Entry Details are on the Sussex Races website. On the same day, and a little closer to home, it is the 4th running of the Beckley 10K on the same day.


With the Sussex Grand Prix results after 9 races putting Wadhurst Runners 2nd overall in the standings, there is renewed interest in the SGP races.

Yesterday saw the running of the Newick Will Page 10k race, 3rd only to Crowborough in the severity of its undulations.

The uncharacteristically cool damp and dreary weather conditions were ideal for running though some runners noticed a headwind on the main road section between 3.5 and 4.5 kms.

Nine Waddies made the journey and the team was led in by Helen Goddard in a fantastic time of 41:41.

The results were:-

42nd 0:41:41 GODDARD, Helen
52nd 0:42:59 WATTENBACH, Eddie
68th 0:45:00 BURFOOT, Peter
100th 0:48:19 JONES, David
102nd 0:48:27 KEMP, Albert
103rd 0:48:33 CLEMENTS, Tim
128th 0:49:13 GATES, Anthony
200th 1:01:58 GATES, Kathie
204th 1:02:47 DRAKE, Janet

Photos are available at:

The next SGP race is the Hellingly 10k on 14th September and entry details can be found at:

Last, but not least, all are welcome to participate in the 3rd Annual Weald Ridge 10 km run which is due to take place at Weald Ridge, High Street, Ticehurst, Wadhurst East Sussex, TN5 7HT this Sunday 31st August 2008 at 10.00 hrs.

This is a circular run of just over 10k which includes part of the Bewl 15 course. Cakes have traditionally been served on the terrace after the run and the weather forecast is looking the moment


Congratulations to all those who took part in the Rye 5k on last night. Thanks to Martin & Cathy, from Nice Work, who staged another excellent event in the Rye Series.

Here are the results:

22 0:19:43 PAIN, Michael
30 0:20:12 LAST, Shane
38 0:20:34 BURFOOT, Peter
45 0:21:05 HAYES, Lynn
65 0:22:48 PAIN, Andrew
66 0:22:50 KEMP, Albert
94 0:27:03 BURKE, Siobhan
112 0:29:32 DRAKE, Janet
125 0:35:57 TOLL, Sally


Peter Burfoot reports ....

"I hope you are are enjoying your summer break.

I was the sole Waddie taking part in the Henfield Half Marathon yesterday. This is a useful pre-season warm-up for the Autumn Half Marathon race season.

The Henfield course changed this year and made this a rather gruelling course. The times of most runners were adversely affected and according to the RW forum the length was about a quarter of a mile over distance.

The race is off-road apart from a half mile stretch of country lane and is very mixed terrain. The course is centred on a disused railway line and the banks of the river Adur, which run north-South to the west of Henfield. The old railway provides a smooth running surface and the riverbank is generally firm, grassy and uneven and peppered with stiles. A section running around some fields had been cut out at the start but was replaced with more riverbank with tussocks of grass and nettles on either side and a section of narrow rutted and muddy bridleway (complete with horse and rider).

The general concensus is that it was a tough challenging race. The 2 water stations were considered too few and it does heat up in the valley along the river, though some of the railway sections are shaded. There are some small undulations to keep runners on their toes, but no hills as such.

I enjoyed this hard race and was happy with my time and 3rd V4 position. I was 5 places down the sheet from last year, but I was then 2/3rds of the way into my training for the Berlin Marathon and in peak form for the distance.

My 2008 official result was:

61st Peter Burfoot 1:46:23

Remember that on Friday at Rye Harbour is the 2nd race in the Rye Classic Series, a 5k which starts from the Sailing Club at 7pm.

Also, the Will Page Newick 10k Sussex Grand Prix race takes place this Sunday. Details and an entry form are on at:

We are hoping for a record Waddie attendance at the event which has a village fete atmosphere.



Hastings AC Relays

Very many congratulations to the Ladies Vets Team consisting of:

Lynn Hayes
Cathy Hall
Diane Osborn
Helen Goddard

... for scooping the Ladies Vet First Prize at the Hastings Relays this week. The event consisted of each runner doing the 1.2 Mile circuit once as a relay and then all four members of the team running the 5th leg together.

Well done to the four of you.

....And the men's Open Team didn't do too badly either, though their precise position will not be known until the results are published. Our thanks go to Darren from Hastings for standing in for Chairman Albert Kemp who was indisposed.

The remaining members of the Mens Team were:

Eddie Wattenbach
David Burfoot
Peter Burfoot

Friday, 15 August 2008

Well done Tony and Kathie

Father and daughter Waddies duo Tony and Kathie Gates competed in the Kent Challenge with Tony achieving the full distance of 52.4 miles in a time of 13 hours and 11 minutes. Kathie managed 40 miles in 10 hours flat. The race is an annual event consisting of 8 laps broken up with pretty undulating scenery over farmland around Canterbury.

Our Berkshire-based Waddy Barry Gilbert had a clean sweep and won the series trophy as 1st place in the vet category 5 (60 to 64 years of age) at each of the 3 Patch Running Queen Mother reservoir 10K race series with times of 51:03; 49:54 and 51:13. Gilbert is on a quest to complete 100 races this year and is almost on schedule. The wheels almost came off last weekend when, with WebEd he ventured to a place called the north for the Great Walford 10 Mile race. Unfortunatel, Barry pulled out after 6 miles with sore hips - but WebEd stormed through the field in a blistering 1.52.33.

The main force of the team ran in the Bexhill 5K running race which is race no. 9 of the 18 race series in the Sussex Grand Prix.

Tony Sorrell

Not all Waddies have access to the t'internet and we sometimes forget these people when we're publishing results, news and gossip. Tony Sorrell is one of those in the wonderful position of not receiving emails by the hundred. But he wanted us to put a message on the Blog - so here it is. Thanks for your contribution Tony.

I started running when I was fifty years old and I never thought that whilst struggling at the rear of the |Tuesday evening runs that I would have so many years of fun and enjoyment ahead of me.

The Sussex Grand Prix races are an opportunity to meet so many new people and to make new friends. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute points for the Wadhurst Runners even if you never win a race!

Although I have never entered races abroad I have competed proudly wearing my Wadhurst Runners vest in Phoenix Park, Dublin; Balmoral, Scotland and mask in Yorkshire. For a number of years I have also competed in the Great South run at Portsmouth and it is amazing how year on year you meet up with other runners from different venues throughout the South.

Albert has always been such an inspiration and support and has often run me in after he had finished his race.

Grand Prix races are excellent – everyone can earn points for their club and feel they are doing their bit whether they are the hare or the tortoise.

Tony Sorrell”

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

More summer races

Don't forget tonight sees the 2nd Hastings AC relay event at William Parker School in the town.

Teams of four are needed and if you haven't already made it known you'd like to take part then why not pop along to the event?

Results of the latest Bexhill 5K event held last Wednesday along the sea front are now available. Congratulations to all those who took part:

73. Eddie Wattenbach 20:14.01
84. Shane Last 20:51.00
93. Linda Hayes 21:13.00
116. Peter Burfoot 22:01.01
126. Tony Gates 22:34.00
143. Tim Clements 23:28.00
152. Albert Kemp 23:42.00
196. Sara Wrenn 26:25.00
209. Kathie Gates 27:15.00
247. Maria Parkinson 29:40.00
248. Janet Drake 29:42.00
258. Helen Goddard 31:16.01
259. Fiona Seabrook 31:24.00

Web Ed took part in a blisteringly hot Deal Dinosaur 10K last Sunday. In a race that saw many particpants fall victim to the heat, a potter round in 1.09.29.

Next up in Sussex is the Newick Will Page 10K on Bank Holiday weekend. Two Waddies though are making the long journey north this weekend to take part in the Great warford 10 Mile race near Alderley Edge in Cheshire.

Must be barking!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Weald Ridge Run

While the Summer Handicap route is still fresh in everybody's memory, Peter has offered everybody the opportunity to re-live the final 1.7 miles of the route on the Annual Weald Ridge Run 2008!

This year's Weald Ridge Run will take place at 10am on Sunday 31st August 2008 in place of the usual Sunday Club Run. The run starts from Peter's house a6t Weald Ridge, High Street, Ticehurst, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 7HT.

Note this is a run - not a race!

It is a circular route of just over 10k which proceeds down Ticehurst High Street, along Lower Platts, past the Cherry Tree and Dale Hill to Rosemary Lane, down to Bewl and then follows the South Shore along the Round Bewl and Bewl 15 route, past Tinkers Marsh, the Fisherman's Car Park and the Nature Reserve and up Burnt Lodge Lane, past Albert's house and then left along Vineyard Lane back to Weald Ridge.

Peter says "For the last 2 years, Lisa has been known to get out her baking tins and quantities of cake have been consumed on the terrace at Weald Ridge, to help replace the burnt calories!

Everybody is welcome and I look forward to seeing you then."

Chairman spotted on new Waddie recruiting drive

Hastings Relays

The Hastings Relays will be taking place on Wednesday 6th August at 6.45pm. This is a multi-terrain 1 mile course at William Parker Sports College, Parkstone Road, Hastings. Registration is from 5.45 at the Club House alongside the track.

Each team consists of 4 Runners.

There will be 5 legs with all the Teams running in the last leg together. The cost of entry is £6 per team.

There are prizes for:

1st Overall Team
1st Ladies Team
1st Mens and Ladies Veteran Teams (mixed teams allowed and no age limit)
Under 17 Junior Boys
Under 17 Junior Girls

The Team Captains will arrange the Teams in due course, but if you plan to attend and want to be included in the Teams, please let Peter Burfoot know and he will pass on any names to the Team Captains.

Last night saw the 18th running of the Wedding Day 7K. Two Waddies made the journey, with Barry Gilbert clocking up 36.35 and Martin Burke a pedestrian 44.51, which included a five minute stop for a natter with an old friend!

New photos have just emerged from the Club's Box Brownie showing some of the leading lights at this year's Bewl 15.

Below - race winner Phillip Sanger from Epsom & Ewell Harriers

Below: The Ladies winner Katie Moore from Brighton & Hove AC.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More summer racing results

Waddies continue to potter around the south east rrpresenting the club at events.

A couple of Waddies made the journey into Kent to take part in the Cliffe Woods 10k on 13th July. This is a Gold graded event and with a field of around 500 was a model of good organisation. The only problem was the almost unbearable heat which slowed the field down dramatically.

344 59:45 Siobhan Burke
375 1:03:07 Martin Burke

A decent sized delegation also made the relatively short distance to Rye last Friday to take part in first race in the Rye Summer Classic Series, The 10K event took place in cool conditions and with a strong headwind.

47 43:46 Peter Burfoot
49 43:53 Shane Last
72 48:16 Albert Kemp
80 49:10 Andy Pain
140 1:02:17 Janet Drake
155 1:21:21 Sally Toll

Finally WebEd took to the lanes of Essex last Sunday for the TTG Brentwood 10K. Billed as a dreadfully hilly 10K, advice from regulars was to take it really easy to prepare for two enormous hills at 6K and 8K. So, pottering off at a pace that would allow a chance to get up these two hills (one of which was described on the RW Forum as Everest-like), the 6K mountain was reached and conquered without me even knowing I'd got there! It was all an urban myth perpetuated by runners who are used to the flatlands of Essex. I'd realised this too late and by the time I'd reached the mild hill at 8K I was 10 minutes of my 10K pace!!So, it was just a training run really - finished in 1.04.37!!

This Friday night sees a cracking event that will have a couple or more waddies in attendance. Its the Wedding Day 10K - and well worth the journey to Bushey Park for those interested.
Good luck to all those runners competing in the Club Summer Handicap at Barnfield tomorrow.


Friday, 11 July 2008

Bewl 15 - more news

Congratulations to those Waddies both male and female who ran in the Bewl 15 last Sunday. The weather and ground conditions combined to bring about a fast race - this despite the ground being rutted and hard. The threatened rain had held off before the race but affected all but the fastest runners towards the end.

Our commiserations go to Lady Captain Lynn Hayes who had pain in her knee at an early stage which came on again and worsened when another runner caught Lynn's foot. Lynn desperately tried to hold on in the race knowing that if she retired, there would be too few Waddettes to form a Team. Eventually Lynn reluctantly retired from the race.

The Results:-

11 1:28:05 Ciaran Osborn
63 1:38:04 Michael Mackay
69 1:38:45 Mark Waring
110 1:43:59 Helen Goddard
115 1:44:10 Derek Harrison
132 1:46:58 Myles White
178 1:50:47 Cathy Hall
369 2:07:22 Tony Gates

Well done to all!

Its all quiet this weekend in Sussex, although a trio of Waddies and waddettes will be making the trip to Rochester for the Cliffe Wood 10K.

Two Friday night events in the offing. next Friday sees the first race in the annual Rye Summer Series which takes place on a fast and flat course through Rye Harbour. Entry details here.

And Waddies will be making an annual trip to Bushy Park in London on Friday 25th for a cracking event. The Wedding Day 7K is a fun event that attracts a mix of club, fun and eleite athletes to run over a 7K distance through the Park. A delightful event that focuses on the social side as much as the running side, with a bar and barbecue both well used.

And that distance of 7K usually means a pb for many entrants!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Bewl 15 results

Well done to everybody yesterday for helping to make the 2008 Bewl 15 such a success.

Once again, we enjoyed a record entry, record number of finishers and a new course record. The weather doesn't seem to have taken the edge off the day - and comments we have received so far seem to indicate that everybody enjoyed themselves.

Photographs of the event are now available to order online from Digimoments.

We're also keen to see comments on the Runners World Bewl Forum and for those who took part to add their rating of the event at the Runners World site - go to

A full set of results have been emailed to those entrants who gave us a legible email address. If you know of anybody else who would like a copy - email We'll also get them on to the Waddie website asap.

Thank you once again to all Waddies who helped out for their support and help in making the day such a success.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Bewl 15 report and results

Albert's race report on the Bewl 15 follows:

The 9th running of the Bewl 15 on Sunday was an unprecedented success with two runners beating the old course record, the Ladies race course record plus 11 other category records broken and 6 administrative records broken. 18 records in all.

The race started in perfect conditions with a record entry of 660 bolstered by Bewl 15 being promoted to part of the Sussex Grand Prix Running Race Series of 18 races; hence the tremendous upsurge of entries this year. The Runners World ratings shows that bthe race is now an established event and it may well appear in the top 50 races in the UK.

In all a record 571 runners completed the run, comprising 38 teams from throughout the South. The rain held off until 12:15 but did not dampen the spirits of the runners nor the dozens of marshals who patrolled the 14.2 mile race course of a single lap around the spectacular beauty of Bewl Water.

The race winner, setting a new course record of 1 hour 20 minutes and 25 seconds was Philip Sanger of Epsom & Ewell Harriers. Andrew Green from Dartford Road Runners was second in 1:21:25, also within the old record. Third was Geoffrey Gray of Seaford Striders in 1:21:54.

The ladies race was won by Katie Moore from Brighton & Hove AC in a new ladies record time of 1:29:53. Second was Tina Oldenshaw of Paddock Wood AC 1:31:48 and third was Sam Alvarez of Hailsham harriers 1:31:54.

The team award had some controversy as Hastings AC’s team was disqualified from second place for not wearing club vests. The winners of the men’s team was Istead & Ifield with 51 points, second Blackheath & Bromley with 74 points and third Seaford Striders 81 points. The ladies winners were Paddock Wood with a record of 45 points, second were Hailsham Harriers with 77 points and third Horsham Joggers with 83 points.

The male veteran classes were led home by Mats Gedin Arena 80 in 1:24:38 and the ladies by Tina Oldenshaw. The male and lady senior and vet class winners were each presented with their prize, a Paramo running jacket by Paramo’s marketing Director Catherine Whitehead.

Despite the gruelling conditions the standard of runners was much improved over 200. Michael Mackay, one of the runners, said “the standard is high this year as I was 63rd but on equivalent time I would have been 24th”.

Andy Southern commented “you are mad to run the Bewl 15 but you would be mad not to”. Mackay also commented “Bewl 15 is second only to the Flora London Marathon for its superb organisation”.

The results highlights are based on 1 trophy per winner of the All Senior Men and All Senior ladies:

All Men:

1st Philip Sanger - Epsom & Ewell 1:21:25 - course record
2nd Andrew Green - Dartford RR 1:21:25
3rd Geoffrey Gray - Seaford Striders 1:21:54

All Senior Men:

1st James Tomlinson - unattached 1:22:34
2nd Mick Barrable - Tonbridge AC 1:23:59
3rd Louis Taub - Brighton & Hove 1:26:32

All Vet Men:

1st Mats Gedin - Arena 80 1:24:37
2nd Raymond Pearce - Istead & Isfield 1:27:00
3rd Andy Tucker - Blackheath & Bromley 1:29:41

Male Vet 1

1st Andy Tucker - Blackheath & Bromley 1:29:41

Male Vet 2
1st Mats Gedin - Arena 80 1:24:37 – course record

Male Vet 3

1st Des White - Paddock Wood 1:34:28

Male Vet 4

1st Walter Hill - Crawley AC 1:34:49 – course record

Male Vet 5

1st Clive Beavais - Ranelagh Harriers 1:38:05 – course record

Male Vet 6

1st Mike Foord - Hastings Runners 1:54:24

Male Vet 7

1st John Holdstock - Fittleworth Flyers 1:58:20 – course record

Men’s team

1st Istead & Ifield 51 points

All Ladies

1st Katie Moore – Brighton & Hove 1:29:53 – course record
2nd Tina Oldenshaw – Paddock Wood 1:31:48
3rd Sam Alvarez – Hailsham Harriers 1:31:54

All Senior Ladies

1st Tracy Ranson – Springfield Striders 1:37:21
2nd Sarah-Jane Gaffney – Tunbridge Wells Harriers 1:47:49
3rd Angela Hames – Istead & Ifield 1:48:59

All Vet Ladies

1st Tina Oldenshaw – Paddock Wood 1:31:48 –course record
2nd Sam Alvarez – Hailsham Harriers 1:31:54
3rd Sally Musson – Tonbridge AC 1:40:44

Lady Vet 1

1st Sally Musson – Tonbridge AC 1:40:44

Lady Vet 2

1st Tina Oldenshaw – Paddock Wood 1:31:48

Lady Vet 3

1st Ann Sinnett - Haywards Heath Harriers 1:40:52

Lady Vet 4

1st Jenny Castle – Fittleworth Flyers 1:59:59

Lady Vet 5

1st Sally Musson - Tonbridge AC 1:40:44 – course record

Lady Vet 6

1st Brenda Styles – Crowborough Runners 2:26:18 – course record

Lady Vet 7

1st Greta Goodall – Road Runners Club 3:06:05

Lady Vet 8

1st Judy Burston – Phoenix Striders 2:34:02 – course record

Ladies Team

1st Paddock Wood 45 points – course record

I would like to thank the enthusiasm of the Wadhurst Runners and their friends and family for their tremendous support particularly as the weather tuned wet and chilly. The support from the runners was fantastic and ensured a sell out as well as a quality field.

Many thanks too for the support of the sponsors Ben Greig Motors, Nikwax, Paramo, Wadhurst Physiotherapy, all of Wadhurst and Nice Work of Peasmarsh plus local farmers and residents who all helped made the race possible.

Calling all relay runners

The Hastings Relays will be taking place on Wednesday 6th August at 6.45pm. It is a multi-terrain 1 mile course at William Parker Sports College, Parkstone Road, Hastings. Registration is from 5.45 at the Club House alongside the track. Each team consists of 4 Runners.

There will be 5 legs with all the Teams running in the last leg together. The cost of entry is £6 per team.

There are prizes for:

1st Overall Team
1st Ladies Team
1st Mens and Ladies Veteran Teams (mixed teams allowed and no age limit)
Under 17 Junior Boys
Under 17 Junior Girls

The Team Captains will arrange the Teams in due course, but if you plan to attend and want to be included in the Teams, please let Peter Burfoot know and he will pass on any names to the Team Captains.

All set for Sunday?

The 2008 Bewl 15 2 is almost upon us and the entries are coming in fast and furious.

The current number of confirmed entries is approaching 500 and the race capacity and cut off point is 600 runners.

The race will also have a full compliment of 20 VIP’s garnered from last year’s category winners, record holders and other deserving runners. The course marshalling has been enhanced and there will be water, sponges and energy sweets in 4 places and sports drink at 3 water stations. All finishers will receive a goody bag and a medal. The medal’s are gold for the first 100, silver for the next 250 and the balance bronze.

Paramo of Wadhurst have joined the growing list of sponsors of this popular event and have offered to provide four prizes of a Paramo running jacket or smock to the colour and size requested by the winners of the male Senior race (that is age 18 to 39); lady senior race (18 to 34) and each of the male and lady veteran races. Catherine Whitehead of Paramo will be the honoured starter and will present the prizes at the Award ceremony which follows the race finish.

All Waddies should have their duties by now - so see you on Sunday.

With your cakes!

Heathfield 10K

Congratulations to all the Waddies who took part in the Heathfield 10k yesterday. The course is noted for its hills, second only to Crowborough in this respect, so pbs are always going to be unlikely.

Michael Mackay led the team home on a fine breezy day. The results are:

37 Michael Mackay 42:12
64 Eddie Wattenbach 44:51
66 Peter Burfoot 45:06
89 Shane Last 47:12
95 Cathy Hall 47:54
144 David Jones 52:30
162 Melinda Mackay 53:36
166 Anthony Gates 54:01
192 Bonita Backhouse 57:40
252 Siobhan Burke 1:09:08
253 Charlotte Petkovic 1:09:22

Beyons the Arctic Circle

Albert sends in his report of running in the Midnight Sun Marathon - some 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle

"My internal alarm clock woke me at 3:46 on Saturday morning and I
immediately realised my troublesome hamstrings were painful. After a hearty
brekkie I then rushed around looking after my sheep before the journey to
Tromso which is the largest town in the Arctic Circle. The locals call
Tromso phonetically "Trumsa".

My first dilemma was should I run at all? The group organisers Martin and Cathy Burke of Nice Work advised me to drop to the 1/2 marathon. As ever I
ignored the sensible approach. The Nice Work party was 21 persons of which eight
elected for the marathon, with the others in the half and 10K. Naturally we all sized each other up to see who the fast buck (and buckesses were). I had worried whether or not I would make it within 4 hours, if at all.

On arrival I tried to rest but all too soon I was standing on the start line
for an 8.30pm start. I had another dilemma. That is what to wear. It was
raining lightly and the sun was hidden by cloud. The temperature was just
bearable for a vest but what would it be like in 3+ hours? I chose vest only
(don't worry, I wore shorts too but had forgotten running socks so had to
break rule no.1 by wearing day socks). My hamstrings were painful at the

The start is friendly and has a circuit of the town before a grinding rise
all of 44 metres to run over the Tromso bridge. I was overtaken by a couple
of the team and could not afford to match their pace. The route was
undulating following the coast road for 10K and returns via the bridge via a
long uphill route. It was 12 miles at this point.

I was surprised to see by my Garmin that I ran 07:59 minute miles for 9
straight miles (I thought the watch had failed). Then 8:0 dead for 3 miles
but then I lost 1 second per mile after the undulating bits. Interestingly
the race was measured in kilometres on a count down basis marked 42.195, 42,
41 kilometres and so on. Very useful to know where you are.

Over the bridge, back through the town to the airport for another 10K out
and back. Rather boring especially as the route was undulating but fairly
straight. At least one could see ahead as it was still daylight. The
hamstrings were playing up and very painful. The last turn seemed to be
distant but suddenly I was on the road home.

It was good to see another Waddie - Barry Gilbert and the Nice Work team on the
outward track as the 1/2 marathon runners started at 10.30. It was
disconcerting to have the fast 1/2 marathon runners storming past at a near

Then my calves at 31K started to threaten to cramp so I developed the well
known Kemp shuffle to try to stop them pulling. At 37K I was beginning to
think the unthinkable - dropping out for the first time in 33 years of
running. Hang on a minute? Is that Justin from the Nice Work team ahead? Bloody hell,
try to keep going lad, I thought. I whizzed past with a shout to him of
encouragement; except I had got his name wrong - I heard someone shout
Justin as the locals had a running list.

The course spectators were thin in numbers but all were enthusiastic in
encouragement shouting hoy ya, hoy ya, hoy ya. Nowegian for 'urry up Harry -
wer're goin to the pub.

38K, Dig in boy I thought. Justin may be close. 38K pain, cold, no sun. 39K
more pain. 40K but my Garmin says 41K but sign says 2K to go. 41K pain but I
will beat 4 hours even if I walk - but I carried on the Kemp shuffle. 42K
and the finish was somewhere ahead but Martin Burke of Nice Work was there
to encourage to finish. The pain was excruciating made worse by the uphill
finish. Made it in 3:38:49, well within my estimate (the Garmin said 26.36
miles). A blanket was wrapped round me as, boy oh boy it was chilly and
then it was off to the pub.

It felt so strange being 00:08:49 in the morning and it was daylight. It was
even lighter at 3am when we retired, exhausted but jubilant.

Would I do it again. Yes of course - once my hamstrings forgive me.

Do it one day and enjoy!

Midsummer Madness

The midsummer evening light heralded the 34 runners as they waited to be started on Thursday in small groups for the Royal Oak Peasmarsh Midsummer Hash.

After a short stretch on the main road, the 4.3 mile course wound its way on lanes northwards (and uphill) to Iden before winding its way back down again. The runners raced largely blind - they had no idea of their position relative to the others apart from those in their starting group.

Martin clocked in their times as they returned. It was a pleasant evening, neither warm nor chilly, with a brisk breeze.

The Waddies were trying to to retain their title as winning team of 2007, but lost it due the speed of the Hastings Runners who turned out in force. The Waddie Team was decimated by injuries and absentees. However we were not disgraced as Lynn Hayes was First Lady.

5 BURFOOT, Peter 29.37
7 HAYES, Lynn 30.31
8 LAST, Shane 30.31
13 GATES, Anthony 33.15
15 KEMP, Albert 33.52
18 PAIN, Andrew 35.12
21 BURKE, Liam 36.00
33 WRENN, Sara 43.54
34 TOLL, Sally 58.28

Afterwards, there was a barbecue, free to the Runners, and the Lynn and Martin Hayes Musical Combo entertained Runners and Supporters alike in the Pub, rounding off a very pleasant evening.

Hopefully we can attract more Waddies next year to try and get the team title back from those pesky Hastings Runners.

The South Downs - or should that be the North ... Oh which way has Albert gone now???

Albert reports on his experiences at this years South Downs Relay.

"I had an enjoyable South Down’s Relay running with five Crowborough Vet lads – Kevin,John, Peter, James and Roger.. The race started at 7am so it meant a 4am rise to look after my animals before departing at 5.15.

I ran leg 2 from Jevington Church to Bo-Peep car park, which is 6 miles in a time of 55:06. This meant a climb up to the top of the South Downs to the ridge of the Long Man of Wilmington, a drop to Alfriston and a further climb to the top before a swift downhill section to the finish. I was 50 seconds faster than 2004.

My next stage was leg 8 from the north of Shoreham on Sea to Washington. This is another 6 mile leg in a time of 57:25. This is another very hilly section with the pretty but hard climb up to the top of the Downs overlooking Steyning Bowl and continues past Chantenbury Ring. A lovely but tiring run. I was 13 seconds slower than 2004, so at this stage I was 40 seconds better off.

The wheels fell off on the 3rd and last leg, no. 14, which is Harting Down NT Park to the Queen Elizabeth 2nd Country Park. This is by far the easiest leg of just 4 miles but took all of 59:25. It was not wheels that fell off really just tiredness and very painful hamstrings. Due to stupidity brought on by tiredness and pain I took a wrong turn just before the finish and ended up in the valley to the South of the finish which meant a 2.8 mile climb up the steep trails and road. I was 26 minutes slower than 2004.

Still the team did not come last and we were within the cut off time and the team finished before 8pm. After a drink or two and a BBQ we wearily returned and fell into bed at 1am. A thoroughly enjoyable day which I would like to repeat without getting lost!

The Waddies should put their names down for a team for 2009, although as this is a very popular relay, they have a waiting list."

Thanks for the report Albert.

I notice that the race finished at 8 00 pm and you got home at 1.00 am. Did you get lost going home too?

Marathon success - and more

Waddies continue to travel the globe in search of running success.

Kathie and Tony Gates took their lives into theior own hands by venturing north of the border to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon.

Tony came away with a pb time of 4.34.18 and Kathie recorded her second fastest marathon with a time of 4.46.02 - well done to both.

And congratulations to to Derek Harrison who travelled even further. Derek took part in the world famous 86.8 km Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

Derek finished the event in 8 hours 53.26.

Meanwhile closer to home it was a quiet Sunday and as far as we know, the only Waddie racing in this country was Peter. Peter once again took on the challenge of the 25th North Downs Run which is a 30km mainly cross country course with ascents and descents of about 1972 feet each! Thankfully he managed to stay on both feet this year!!

The race was voted the 3rd best by Runners World last year and Peter says "I have to report that, delightful as it was to run through poppy fields and woods in good conditions, I have yet properly to master the event, which is a magnificent race."

Peter finished 146th in a time of 2hrs 50.23

4th June Worthing 10K

Congratulations to all the Waddies who made the long journey to Worthing last Wednesday evening! In cool and dry conditions a number of the participating Waddies got pbs - some by a significant margin. So, well done to all.

The outward leg was particularly fast but a westerly breeze greeted the runners as they turned round the cone near the pier to return along the seafront, making the final leg a bit harder.

The results were:-

114 Eddie Wattenbach 41.57
130 Peter Burfoot 42.29
138 Linda Hayes 42.44
169 Shane Last 43.51
213 Cathy Hall 45.25
230 Albert Kemp 46.07
232 Anthony Gates 46.01
464 Bonita Backhouse 53:11
541 Helen Smith 56.59
579 Maya Bishop 59.23
614 Janet Drake 1.05.32
618 Sara Wrenn 1.06.24
629 Sally Toll 1.18.25

After the race many of the Waddies celebrated in traditional style with a fish and chip supper.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Seaford Half Marathon

Peter Burfoot reports on this weekend's Seaford Half marathon:

"A small team of three male Waddies tackled the increasingly popular Seaford Half Marathon. This race starts on the Seafront and travels inland the short distance to Bishopstone before leaving the roads and rising steeply up the Downs. It is mainly single file on this stretch and there was a queue for the 1st stile. After a downhill burst there is a long climb to a col on the ridge of the Downs at around 550ft.

Every uphill is followed by a downhill and this starts gently soon after the the summit but gets ever steeper as you descend over a perilous flinty track down into Alfriston. At the steepest point and just before rejoining the tarmac, Club President Roger, camera in hand was supporting with Christine, waiting for their daughter who made her debut at Eastbourne in March.

The pace slows as the course meanders along banks of the Cuckmere partly between nettles on a narrow path, slippery after recent rain. In this section numerous stiles, kissing gates, muddy areas and cowpats have to be negotiated and you pass 1 of only 2 of the mile markers, I saw - at 8 miles.

Roger and Christine again greeted us as we crossed the A259 at the Golden Galleon while the runners prepared for the final hill which is punctuated by the 11 mile marker - an assault on the 282 ft Seaford Head, before taking their lives into their hands on the final helter skelter drop to the Seafront and the race along the Prom to the Finish.

The rain held off for the race but the cloud cover kept this normally hot race quite temperate this year. There were water stations aplenty, strategically placed, and squash and other things were also offered at some of them.

The results were split into male and female and the positions were also allocated on that basis:

Male results

86 1:53:47 Peter Burfoot
121 1:59:07 Albert Kemp
176 2:06:51 David Jones

Don't forget that Wednesday sees the resumption of the SGP series with the flat Worthing 10k, followed on 22nd June by the hilly Heathfield 10k.

Waddies on the road

Congratulations to Mark Waring for completing his second Stockholm Marathon in 3:34:20 and improving on his previous time by over 18 minutes in 24/25 deg C heat on Saturday.

Don't forget the Midsummer Hash!!

Just a reminder that the Peasmarsh Hash takes place on Thursday June 19th at the Royal Oak, in Rye Foreign near Peasmarsh.

The event is a friendly race over a distance of around 4 miles. In addition to the race, there's a free barbecue for particpants - plus live music from one of the Waddies!!

Not to be missed - the race starts at 7 pm.

If you are going to attend, drop WebEd an email

Canterbury and Bexhill

Recent results are now in from two events attended by a clutch of Waddies.

David Jones and Barry Gilbert travelled to Kent for the Canterbury Half Marathon:

Place Time Name

258th 1.58.18 David Jones
402nd 2.14.59 Barry Gilbert

And last Wednesday saw the first in the annual summer series of race along the seafront in Bexhill. Well done to all those who took part.

39th 21.03 Peter Burfoot
41st 21.09 Linda Hayes
62nd 23.25 Albert Kemp
133rd 35.42 Sally Toll

Oooo la la - the Juniors strike Gold!

The following story appeared in last week's Kent and Sussex Courier.


Junior members of East Sussex running club, Wadhurst Runners have cause to celebrate after winning three categories in the Montreuil Ramparts 10k in France.

The beautiful walled town of Montreuil-Sur-Mer was the scene of battle in the annual Montreuil 10k Ramparts race. The junior members battled through heat and torrential rain to win their three respective categories.

Thirteen-year-old Liam Burke, successfully defended his crown for the second year in a row to win the trophy for his age group. Siobhan Burke, competing in her first 10k won the Junior Ladies trophy, while Oscar Smith aged three won the 'Mini's' 600m race.

The 10k course meanders down from the ramparts through this historic French town, and then runs the course of the river before ascending the cobbled streets back up-hill to the finish in the town's square.

The weather ranged from heat at the start to torrential rain at the end; making the last two miles of the course particularly tricky and slippery.

The Wadhurst Juniors travelled as part of a larger running group with Peasmarsh based events company, Nice Work.

Well done Siobhan, Liam and Oscar.

"I was OK until I reached the 99.8 mile checkout!"

And so said Ed McKinney!

Ed was taking part in the Grand Union Canal Race - a gruelling run from Birmingham to London along the canal towpath. The race is run over a distance of some 145 miles and Ed finished the race in a magnificent 12th place in a time of 36 hours 9 minutes (was that a pb Ed?).

Ed's report follows:

"The time's not too impressive when you actually do the sums but I'm just relieved to have reached the finish. It's an awful long way !!!

I was going OK to the checkpoint at 99.8 miles and had just overtaken a few people to get up to 7th position but when I left the checkpoint 15 mins later (at 4am) I just fell apart completely. I started to go down the canal the wrong way before someone stopped me and then I started hallucinating with sheer tiredness. My feet began to hurt so much that every step shot pain up my legs and by 104 miles I couldn't run any further so was left with the prospect of walking a further 40 miles in pouring rain and even that was excruciatingly painful.

At the 120 mile checkpoint I arrived shivering with cold and prepared to drop out but they got me warmed up with some cups of tea and food and lots of clean clothes and forced me out again. A friend from work turned up with perfect timing to walk the next 13 miles with me and try to keep me focussed but it was just interminable.

After covering the first 100 miles in just over 22 hours, those last 45 miles took me over 13 hours and it felt like twice that long.

Not so much a run as 36 hours of torture!"

Well done Ed - but the words 'barking' and 'mad' do spring to mind!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Horsham, Larkfield ... and Montreuil!

A good clutch of Waddies and Waddettes ventured over to Horsham on 11th May for the Horsham 10k Sussex Grand Prix Race. If its not one thing with Horsham, its another. In 2006 the race was run in a deluge, the bridleway section was pretty well fooded and Melinda fell and hurt her ankle. In 2008 there was a haetwave and the major problem seemed to be thirst. There were water stations at 1km, 5 km and at the Finish, but the Runners World Ratings contributors were saying there should have been more. Most 10ks of course only have one water station at midway with more at the finish.

Ciaran led the team home and prizes were won by Lyn Hayes (1stW45 and Helen Neary (1st W55). Eddie Wattenbach scored a notable 10k pb and for a few it was a debut race. The results:

Place Time Name

8 36:48 Ciaran Osborn
77 43:22 Eddie Wattenbach
80 43:41 Peter Burfoot
118 46:12 Lyn Hayes
166 48:19 Albert Kemp
175 48:40 Tim Clements
202 50:10 Cathy Hall
209 50:22 John Billingham
213 50:26 Tony Gates
238 52:00 Fergus Randolph
251 53:08 Helen Neary
297 55:55 Bonita Backhouse
303 56:16 David Jones
346 59:28 Kathy Gates
405 1:05:54 Helen Smith
416 1:11:22 Sara Wrenn

On 18th May Martin led a Team of Burkes to the annual Ramparts Race in Montreuil sur Mer, close to Le Touquet. Liam and Siobhan excelled, both collecting trophies for their efforts. In torrential rain this multi terrain course provided a real challenge with grass, tarmac, trail, cobbles, hills, a tunnel and some very steep climbs up the ramparts of this pretty French town. Liam successfully defended his crown in his children's age group and collected another trophy as well as a traditional from Monsieur Mayor; Siobhan, competing in her first 10K won the Junior Ladies trophy. Oscar Smith swept the board in his age group in the Mini Race whilst his mum, Helen, scored a pb. The results of the 10K were:

1.02.59 Helen Smith
1.03.00 Siobhan Burke
1.04.21 Martin Burke

Meanwhile, Cathy Burke flew the Hastings AC flag at Larkfield in 56:06, where she was joined by some Waddies and a sole Waddette in the Larkfield 10k. This was an interesting race of contrasts centred on the Leybourne Lakes, but starting and finishing in an industrial estate. It was cool and sunny with a moderate northerly breeze, predominately flat with some inclines at the start and finish, road bridges to climb in the centre section and footpath sections around the Lakes. The sting in the tail was in the last 400m when a narrow tarmac path raered up a steep bank so all the runners were still trying to get their breath back before sprinting to the line.

The results were:

95 44:40 Peter Burfoot
181 50:03 Tony Gates
220 52:34 David Jones
253 55:37 Kathie Gates

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

May Day Running

Waddies were taking part in races near and far over the weekend. WebEd and Cathy made the long trip down to Luxembourg to take part in the Night Run on saturday evening. This event is now starting to make its mark on the European marathon circuit - and a record field of 8,000 took part in three events - a full marathon, a half marathon and a mini marathon of 7K.

Those that have taken part rate this event as a close second to London for atmosphere and crowd support - and Saturday's race was up to its usal standard. If you really want to do an overseas race with plenty of buzz and excitement, you should take a look at this one.

Cathy Burke was the sole finisher, completing the course as a training run in 2.29.46. WebEd was the first Waddie, first brit - and, indeed, the first competitor back in the magnificent national arena. His calf pinged after 800 metres but his walk of honour over the finishing line after around 5 minut4es did generate one round of applause.

On Sunday, the Club President assisted by the Vice Captain led a small party of Waddies plus a prospective new member and Tom Tielemans a Dutch work experience student on the 6 mile Bluebell Run. This was very muddy in places and a bridge was found to have been washed away, so the runners had to ford a stream. Later a bridge which has previously been down for a number of years was found to have been replaced, though this did not have to be crossed. Towards the end of the run which was uneventful, but very enjoyable, the group came across another band of Waddies coming in the other direction just out of Wadhurst Park and gazing at a map on a stand.

This band had set off from Uplands earlier on the 11 mile Bluebell Run under the leadership of the Chairman, well-known for his navigation skills, who reports:

"The 11 mile Bluebell run ended up as a solid 13 miler; give or take a spit or two except we were so dehydrated.

At Chittenhurst we realised a puppy was following us and David Jones decided to take the little critter back to its owner. We then tried to negotiate a swap of David for the puppy but the owner would not budge. At this stage we all tried to delicately negotiate the mud; except Fergie decided to blast the way through, with predictable results. We were OK up to the point in the woods where we passed another glorious bluebell floral display; just before the mud and a right hander I recognised up to this point but we failed to find the wobbly bridge.

Before the Merrieweathers House we decided, after a team discussion to head for what we thought would be the Wadhurst direction to get back to Wadhurst Park but could not find a rear access so we returned to the Merrieweathers route. This wasted 1 mile.

We then continued and I recognised the next focal point; a collection of run down farm buildings at the end of the muddiest section of all but after passing the next batch of expensive looking buildings we lost the correct track and ended up asking directions on the only souls seen in the entire latter section. Eventually we tipped up, grossly muddy apart from David who had a speck on the bottom of his shoes, at the Eastern side of Lake Street, so we knew the rest of the way home. It took us 2:30hours and were all very dehydrated as we did not carry water, stupidly. We did enjoy the run and had a good laugh and we cannot wait for next year to repeat the exercise."

......Meanwhile on the Cuckoo Trail, Tony and Kathie Gates were enjoying a 20 mile training run.

On Monday, Peter Burfoot and Tom Tielemans travelled to Whitstable where Tom did a sterling task handing out Bewl Flyers to the runners and Peter ran the 2008 Bailey's Nissan Whitstable 10k which is a Kent Grand Prix Bronze Graded event.

It was sunny and warm with an easterly breeze which cooled the runners as they headed into the wind on the outward leg to Hampton and followed them back along the seafront to Whitstable resulting in some overheating.

Peter finished the event in 41:20 - 1st Male V55 with a pb.

.....Meanwhile in Maidstone, Tony and Kathie Gates completed a 10 mile training run.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hastings 5

The Waddies continue to punch above their weight and already showing promise in the new season being 4th overall, out of 20 teams. The men are 4th overall, the vet men 2nd, ladies 3rd and vet ladies 5th. Early days yet with a long season in front of them.

Waddies turned out in force for the Hastings 5 mile road race last Sunday. This is the 4th Sussex Grand Prix race out of 18. The conditions were ideal with rain and wind holding off so that the short flat run along the Promenade was enjoyed by most.

The ladies, which included Lyn Hayes, Melinda Mackay and Helen Neary, held their own with a fine 5th place and showed the way for the men’s team, comprising Ciaran Osborn, Mike Pain and Michael Mackay, who were 6th. The top performers were Osborn in 14th place, Hayes being 1st lady vet 2 and Peter Burfoot who was 3rd male vet 4. Other notable places were Neary 4th lady vet 5 and Albert Kemp 5th male vet5.

Personal bests fell like confetti with 11 of the 23 finishers gaining their PB’s. These were Eddie Wattenbach, Peter Burfoot, Lin Hayes, Tim Clements, Tony Gates, Andy Pain, Barry Gilbert, Randolph Ferguson, Siobhan Burke, Janet Drake, Sara Wrenn and Sally Toll.

The results were:

014 Ciaran Osborn 28.54
033 Mike Pain 30.45
060 Michael Mackay 32.24
075 Peter Burfoot 33.13
096 Eddie Wattenbach 34.15
105 Lyn Hayes 34.40
152 Albert Kemp 37.36
158 Tim Clements 37.50
176 Tony Gates 39.03
181 Andy Pain 39.19
185 Barry Gilbert 39.35
190 Fergus Randolph 39.52
199 Melinda Mackay 40.17
206 Helen Neary 40.37
221 Bonita Backhouse 41.13
259 Martin Burke 43.15
274 David Jones 43.38
316 Liz Mander 47.10
346 Charlie Petkovic 51.04
348 Janet Drake 51.38
355 Siobhan Burke 52.12
357 Sara Wrenn 52.14
386 Sally Toll 1.03.08

The next Sussex Grand Prix race is the Horsham 10k on May 11th, though some Waddies will be running over the Bank Holiday weekend. a couple make the long journey to Luxembourg to take part in the ING Night Run - a marathon and half marathon run through this pretty country.

Finally, Wadhurst Runners hope to capitalize on their modest success and are looking for runners of all abilities to help bolster the team. New runners are given help and assistance with their training, where needed. The club is also very keen to have a regular training run for those with children on Mondays at 09.30, during term times so that young mum’s in particular can have the opportunity to run and socialize as a group .

Any local runners should contact Albert on 01580 200024 or email

Awards Dinner News

Last week saw the club celebrate its 10th Annual Awards Dinner, held this year at the Queen’s Head in Hawkhurst.

The Chairman briefly outlined the progress made by the club during the year. 2007 saw another period of growth and success on the road and he complimented members for their efforts in ensuring even more achievements for the club including:

Tony Gate’s 100% record in the Sussex Grand Prix - taking part in all 18 SGP races.

The club finished 6th overall (2006 12th) with the ladies 4th, men 6th, vet ladies 5th and vet men 6th. In total the club won 7 SGP Awards and we had 9 men in the top 100 plus 11 ladies. Both men and ladies had 9 runners completing all 8 scoring races.

The President proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman for all his hard work and said the club has reached new heights under his leadership.

The Club Awards were:

1. Club Champion - Kevin Parkinson Cup for Senior Men – Tim Clements.
2. Club Champion - Di Scott Cup for Senior Lady – Charlotte (Charlie) Petkovic
3. Road Runner Champion – Senior Men – Tim Clements.
4. Road Runner Champion - Senior Lady – Kathie Gates
5. Tony Sorrell Cup for Vet Men - Mike Pain.
6. Sara Wrenn Cup for Senior Lady – Lyn Hayes
7. Albert Kemp Marathon Cup - Men - Ed McKinney
8. Albert Kemp Marathon Cup - Ladies - Rachel Davies
9. Roger Smith Standards Cup - 1st Peter Burfoot 29 points; 2nd Albert Kemp 28 points; 3rd Helen Neary 17 points
10. Handicap Champion - Men - David Burfoot; Ladies - Lyn Hayes
11. Juniors’ Champion - Male - Liam Burke; Female – 1st Hannah Bates; 2nd Hayley Mackay; 3rd Amy Mackay

Tribute was paid to the Founding Members of the club when the Waddies were first formed in July, 1999. The survivors are: Robin Heale, Roger Smith, Albert Kemp, Sara Wrenn, Kevin Parkinson, Tony Sorrell, Malcolm Dixon and Glynnis Tucker; of which the sole runners are currently Albert and Sara.

The Alternative Awards then followed and are the Antidote to all known Award Ceremonies:

Foot in Mouth (1) – The Builders Bum Award:
Nominations – Shane last, David Jones and Gary Hall

Winner – David Jones for his immortal words (bear in mind David is a builder) “Look at that white car in front”. David it was a white van – you can tell by the lack of windows!

Most Improved Runner 2007 – Ladies:

Nominations – Janet Drake, Lyn Hayes, Cathy Hall, Kathie Gates and Shane Last.

Winner – Cathy Hall for a remarkable improvement in her training and races

Most Improved Runner – Male:

Nominations – Peter Burfoot, Shane Last, Eddie Wattenbach and Tim Clements

Winner – Shane Last

Golden Anorak Award (a much coveted and eagerly awaited award):

Nominations – Peter Burfoot and Barry Gilbert.

Winner Peter Burfoot who has retained his title

Most Races in 2007 – Nominations Albert Kemp, Peter Burfoot, Cathy Burke and Barry Gilbert

Winner Barry Gilbert with 50+ races to his credit.

Dedication Award – Ladies for trying hard even though they are back packers:

Nominations – Kathie Gates, Sara Wrenn, Janet Drake, Helen Smith and Maya Bishop

Winner Kathie Gates who ran in 15 SGP races

Dedication Award – Men

Nominations – Tony Gates, Tony Sorrell, David Jones and Albert Kemp

Winner – Tony Gates for running all 18 SGP races and ending with a smile

Baring All Award sponsored by Sara Wrenn:

Sara reported when being introduced the member who had his back to her. Whilst taking down his track suit trousers he also removed his shorts. Sara did not know where to put her face but what worries me is that he was pleased to see her.

Winner Barry Gilbert

The SW Cup –The Long Goodbye

Sadly we say good bye to one of our Founder Members. Tony Sorrell has always completed his races nearer the back of the field but has run with enthusiasm and consistency. We wish him well in his retirement to Bexhill

Second Claim Cup – Retained for the second time by Ian Coates

Special Chairman’s Award for Dedication to the Club – Sara Wrenn, a Founding Member, has energetically, efficiently and worked hard for the Waddies without complaint or reward and for many years has undertaken the busy tasks of Club Secretary, Bewl Entries Secretary, Chief Marshall, entry distribution and even found time to attend the recent Exhibition to promote the Club. The accolade is well deserved.

Bus Fare Cup – The most highly sought after cup of all annually presented by the Chairman to the runner who has beaten him in a race but was subsequently slaughtered by him at a later race. The cup symbolically represents the cost of a bus fare home by the unlucky recipient:

Nominations – Eddie Wattenbach – too often to recall all revenge races; Lyn (must stop for a P) at Sussex Beacon and Hastings; Shane Last – it was boring with the frequency of defeats and Peter Burfoot for Seaford (I was ill) ½ Marathon

Winner – To the runner for being slaughtered during the North Downs’ 30 kms Downs Race by allowing the Chairman to sprint past at the 20 kms mark and for the audacity of throwing himself down the muddy wooded slope like United’s Ronaldo. I give you Peter Burfoot.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

London Marathon

Congratulations to all those who took part in the London Marathon at the weekend - and represented the club so well.

Once again, it was a fantastic event in pretty good weather conditions.

Here are the official results:

Michael Pain 3:10:33
Myles White 3:20:05
Eddie Wattenback 321:46
Peter Burfoot 3:22:53
Cathy Hall 3:31:08
Bonita Backhouse 4:41:47
Clare Roche 4:46:52
Kathie Gates 4:58:05
Catherine Offord 5:15:07

Those who took part would like to thank all those Waddies who came to support their endeavour - as we know, that encouragement really does make a difference, your cheers really made a difference.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Marathon performances

Three Waddies made the journey to Paris this weekend to take part in the Marathon.

The French managed their usual shambolic attempt at organising a major sporting event with a chaotic start, poor support around the course and, once again, a bewildering array of non participants allowed to wander freely along the course and amongst runners.

WebEd was feeling particularly agreed because one dog walker (yep!) wandered across my running line with dog lead extended a good 10 yards ... and bang went £300 worth of Garmin caught up in the balsted lead! That incident cost me at least an hour on my time!

Shane had a cracking run despite a nasty injury incurred a couple of weeks ago - and he managed a pb. And congratulations to Albert who managed to get up in time to make the start!

Results from Paris:

Albert Kemp 3.39.01
Shane Last 3.43.06
Martin Burke 5.07.20

Still the weather made for a pleasant run

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The importance of eating well

Those who know WebEd will be aware of the importance I place on diet and eating correctly. I've been asked many times whether or not I follow a special or a published diet.

Well, after much persuasion, I decided it was time to reveal my inspiration.

It's Delia!

Here's one of my favourite recipes from the great lady.

But talking of diet, I was slightly embarassed to see the picture below scandalously reproduced and distributed amongst certain Waddies over the weekend. For the avoidance of doubt I think I should explain what was happening on the photo. My daughter was proud - as indeed we all were in the WebEd household - to receive the Baden Powell award for Guiding. (Indeed she was the first young lady in the village to receive the award for more than 12 years). Unfortunately the choice of location for the prize giving was right in front of the sausage roll and pork pie supper prepared for proud parents and friends.

You might just detect something occuring in the background for which I can only say I'm truly sorry!!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Paddock Wood

A handful of Waddies crossed the border to Paddock Wood yesterday to take part in the Half marathon. This popular event always attracts a big field and, with it's flat-ish course, is an ideal event for a pb.

Results from those Waddies in attendance:

86 Mike Pain 1.24.55
157 Mike Mackay 1.29.04
249 Peter Burfoot 1.33.38
398 Lyn Hayes 1.38.31
565 Albert Kemp 1.43.07
846 Melinda Mackay 1.50.52
909 Tony Gates 1.52.40
1166 Kathie Gates 2.01.19
1315 David Jones 2.08.32
1440 Martin Burke 2.17.04

That's probably the last run out for those running in the two great City Marathons shortly. This Sunday WebEd is joining Albert and Shane running the Paris Marathon - and the week afterwards, of course, its the London Marathon.

Good luck to all those involved.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Well done Ladies!!

We've just heard that our Vet ladies have collected a gong from the Hastings Half Marathon. They finished 3rd in the team category - a magnificent achievement in such a prestigious event.

Well done to team members Sam Craven, Melinda Mackay, Helen Nearey and Lyn Hayes.

Amd more warnings about using that treadmill ......

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sussex GP Update

Our Chairman has found a spare few hours in his day to study the latest bulletin from the Sussex GP - and here are his musings:

"We have great news. The club is already 4th overall in the Sussex Grand Prix after 2 of 18 races. The ladies are 3rd and the men 4th. The lady vets are 5th and the male vets are 3rd.

Amazing for us but I knew with the quality of our new runners and the build up of some of the existing runners would produce our best ever year. The best positions so far for the club are:

Senior Men - Ciaran 12th Simon 32nd and Mark 38th overall. They are all new runners this year.

Vet men – Shane 10th, Eddie 12th and Albert 13th overall.

Senior Ladies – Kathie Gates 2nd and Nyree 17th overall.

Vet ladies – Cathy Hall 4th, Janet 18th and Lyn 32nd overall. Cathy is our most improved lady this year.

Vet 1 Men - Shane 4th, Eddie 5th and Michael Pain 7th. Shane is our most improved runner this year so far.

Vet 3 Men – Tony Gates 9th.

Vet 4 Men David Jones 13th.

Vet 5 Men – Albert 2nd

Vet 1 ladies – Cathy Hall 2nd.

Vet 2 ladies – Samantha.

Vet 3 ladies – Lyn 6th.

Vet 4 ladies – Janet 2nd.

Vet 5 ladies – Helen 5th

Overall this is superb but of course it is early days and excludes the Hastings Half Marathon. There are still another 15 races and it will all change one way or another."

You'll find the updated league tables if you scroll down and check the column to the right.

Incidentally, its amazing what the hidden cameras can pick up at Uplands ....

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Folkestone 10 Mile

If you thought Hastings was windy, you should have been in Folkestone on Good Friday for the 25th running of the Folkestone 10 Mile event. Always a popular and well organised race, the wind was very strong - presenting runners with a tough 4 mile run home.

Three Waddies made the journey, with Mike Paine finishing in 1.04.41; Peter Burfoot finishing in 1.11.06 and WebEd finishing in 1.51.39 - although he did run a slightly longer distance of 11.3 miles (it's a long story and involves the wife so don't ask!).

Happy Easter!

Hastings Half Marathon - video links

There are a couple of recordings now available of the Hastings Half Marathon.

Click here to see Meridian's recording for ITV Local.

Click here to see a much longer version of the race on 1066 TV - and most of the Waddies can be seen!

Incidentally, an interesting postscript to the race saw the Hastings AC team stripped of its team title because two of the team were not wearing official team colours. Let that be a lesson to us.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Another beautiful British day at the seaside!

Some seasonal weather greeted the Waddies who made the short journey to take part in the Hastings Half Marathon. A good dollop of rain and strong winds made the start somewhat uncomfortable - but the weather and conditions are always helped by the tremendous crowd support that makes this event such a delight.

Once again, there was an excellent turnout from the club with 25 members taking part and some impressive times being recorded.

55 01:21:52 Ciaran Osborn
173 01:28:39 Mark Waring
215 01:30:10 Fara Mendy
263 01:31:38 Michael MacKay
327 01:33:22 Peter Burfoot
372 01:34:33 Helen Goddard
406 01:35:05 Shane Last
498 01:37:13 Cathy Hall
499 01:37:14 Eddie Wattenbach
634 01:40:04 Lyn Hayes
850 01:43:50 Albert Kemp
1263 01:50:22 Matthew Jolliffe
1388 01:52:11 Samantha Craven
1389 01:52:11 Nyree Thomson
1505 01:53:51 Melinda Mackay
1713 01:57:03 Helen Neary
2059 02:01:40 Barry Gilbert
2074 02:01:52 Anthony Gates
2090 02:02:05 Kathie Gates
2596 02:11:23 David Jones
2709 02:13:35 Clare Roche
2893 02:18:01 Catherine Offord
3029 02:21:52 Martin Burke**
3330 02:34:43 Sara Wrenn
3421 02:42:24 Janet Drake

Well done to all!

** For the second race in succession, WebEd found himself in the position of helping a fellow runner to complete the course - and that accounts for a time some .... ooooh .... 60 minutes slower than the time I knew I could complete the race in! But, you know what? There's no accounting for some people. After having spent the best part of 2 hours 20 minutes cajoling, encouraging and dragging this poor girl round the course, I stumbled upon an aquaintance who had collapsed just yards from the finish line. So I naturally stopped, offered assistance and helped carry the poor chap over the line. My co-runner? Did she stop to offer assistance? Nope! She just sprinted over the line to finish 20 seconds ahead of me. Some people eh?

Lydd Half Marathon

Well done to the four Waddies who braved the trip on to the marshes to take part in the Lydd Half Marathon. This event used to be extremely popular in the 80's and 90's and March 9th saw the return of the race to the calendar. An extremely fast out and back course running close to Dungeness Power Station and along the coast road saw runners facing strong winds and a good old downpour.

Despite the conditions, some very fast times were recorded - so well done to the four!

15 1:27:11 Mike Mackay
40 1:35:35 Shane Last
86 1:46:50 Albert Kemp
92 1:47:42 Melinda Mackay

Eastbourne Half, Thanet 20 and slightly further afield

Windy conditions affected the times at both Eastbourne, for the return of the town's Half Marathon, and at Thanet, where Peter Burfoot was the sole Waddie representative.

There was a strong Waddie presence in Eastbourne where the weather conditions didn't help the runner's times. In addition to the strength sapping wind, the course also contained a very large hill that some Waddies weren't expecting (not many seafronts built on a hill etc etc!)

The results from Eastbourne were

8 Ciaran Osborn 1.23.23
22 Mike Pain 1.27.45
104 Eddy Watenbach 1.39.16
109 Simon Bowyer 1.39.42
115 Shane Last 1.40.04
130 Cathy Hall 1.41.16
201 Abert Kemp 1.46.27
398 Nyree Thomson 1.58.02
399 Sam Craven 1.58.02
469 Helen Neary 2.03.17
529 Kathy Gates 2.07.07
530 Tony Gates 2.07.12
734 Janet Drake 2.40.38

And over in Kent, well done to Peter Burfoot for completing the Thanet 20!

98 Peter Burfoot 2.35.12

Slightly further afield, a couple of Waddies made the annual pilgramage to the city of chocolate and beer for one of Europe's fastest 10 Mile races. The one way race from Ostend to Bruges along the side of the canal which links these two cities always attracts a large field and, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, some fast times are possible.

WebEd was there with Mrs Ed and recorded a pw of 1.47.50 - nothing to do with the wind being in the wrong direction but more to do with an act of supreme gallantry in volunteering to run with a first-timer.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Team of the Year - and that's official!

Eight representatives of the club attended the Kent & Sussex Courier Sports Awards at Solomons in Southborough this week. The club were voted Team of the Year - a remarkable effort from a remarkable club!

All we need now is a trophy cabinet!

Ashford & District 10K

The sole Waddie representatives at the popular Ashford & District 10K were the Paine brothers. Mike finished in an impressive 37.28. enough to give him 33rd place; Andy finished in 53.36.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Blog Block?

Apologies from WebEd - there appears to have been some kind of problem with recent postings. After examination of the Blog Engine, careful analysis of all available data and a thorough diagnostic check we smacked the side of the machine and shouted at the buttons and it now appears to be working normally.

If you do scroll down you'll see the 'missing' postings going back to December.

Last night Wadhurst Runners collected the Team of the Year award presented by the Kent & Sussex Courier. Unless anybody knows to the contrary, it could be the club's first trophy!

Photos from last night's awards ceremony will be here asap.

More news from our man in the wild west

Barry Gilbert writes with news of more races he's done - most of which he's been the lone Wddie.

Barry has managed eight races so far this year:

Jan 1st Serpentine Runners 10K 52.24
Jan 2nd Woking Monthly Handicap 3 27.09
Jan 9th Eric Humphries 6.5 Mile XC 1.02.37
Jan 25th Serpentine last Friday of the Month 5K 25.04
Jan 27th Canterbury 10 1.27.12
Feb 3rd Watford Half Marathon 2.06.5
Feb 6th Woking Monthly Handicap 3 26.46
Feb 10th Dorney Lake 10K