Monday, 31 March 2008

Paddock Wood

A handful of Waddies crossed the border to Paddock Wood yesterday to take part in the Half marathon. This popular event always attracts a big field and, with it's flat-ish course, is an ideal event for a pb.

Results from those Waddies in attendance:

86 Mike Pain 1.24.55
157 Mike Mackay 1.29.04
249 Peter Burfoot 1.33.38
398 Lyn Hayes 1.38.31
565 Albert Kemp 1.43.07
846 Melinda Mackay 1.50.52
909 Tony Gates 1.52.40
1166 Kathie Gates 2.01.19
1315 David Jones 2.08.32
1440 Martin Burke 2.17.04

That's probably the last run out for those running in the two great City Marathons shortly. This Sunday WebEd is joining Albert and Shane running the Paris Marathon - and the week afterwards, of course, its the London Marathon.

Good luck to all those involved.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Well done Ladies!!

We've just heard that our Vet ladies have collected a gong from the Hastings Half Marathon. They finished 3rd in the team category - a magnificent achievement in such a prestigious event.

Well done to team members Sam Craven, Melinda Mackay, Helen Nearey and Lyn Hayes.

Amd more warnings about using that treadmill ......

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sussex GP Update

Our Chairman has found a spare few hours in his day to study the latest bulletin from the Sussex GP - and here are his musings:

"We have great news. The club is already 4th overall in the Sussex Grand Prix after 2 of 18 races. The ladies are 3rd and the men 4th. The lady vets are 5th and the male vets are 3rd.

Amazing for us but I knew with the quality of our new runners and the build up of some of the existing runners would produce our best ever year. The best positions so far for the club are:

Senior Men - Ciaran 12th Simon 32nd and Mark 38th overall. They are all new runners this year.

Vet men – Shane 10th, Eddie 12th and Albert 13th overall.

Senior Ladies – Kathie Gates 2nd and Nyree 17th overall.

Vet ladies – Cathy Hall 4th, Janet 18th and Lyn 32nd overall. Cathy is our most improved lady this year.

Vet 1 Men - Shane 4th, Eddie 5th and Michael Pain 7th. Shane is our most improved runner this year so far.

Vet 3 Men – Tony Gates 9th.

Vet 4 Men David Jones 13th.

Vet 5 Men – Albert 2nd

Vet 1 ladies – Cathy Hall 2nd.

Vet 2 ladies – Samantha.

Vet 3 ladies – Lyn 6th.

Vet 4 ladies – Janet 2nd.

Vet 5 ladies – Helen 5th

Overall this is superb but of course it is early days and excludes the Hastings Half Marathon. There are still another 15 races and it will all change one way or another."

You'll find the updated league tables if you scroll down and check the column to the right.

Incidentally, its amazing what the hidden cameras can pick up at Uplands ....

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Folkestone 10 Mile

If you thought Hastings was windy, you should have been in Folkestone on Good Friday for the 25th running of the Folkestone 10 Mile event. Always a popular and well organised race, the wind was very strong - presenting runners with a tough 4 mile run home.

Three Waddies made the journey, with Mike Paine finishing in 1.04.41; Peter Burfoot finishing in 1.11.06 and WebEd finishing in 1.51.39 - although he did run a slightly longer distance of 11.3 miles (it's a long story and involves the wife so don't ask!).

Happy Easter!

Hastings Half Marathon - video links

There are a couple of recordings now available of the Hastings Half Marathon.

Click here to see Meridian's recording for ITV Local.

Click here to see a much longer version of the race on 1066 TV - and most of the Waddies can be seen!

Incidentally, an interesting postscript to the race saw the Hastings AC team stripped of its team title because two of the team were not wearing official team colours. Let that be a lesson to us.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Another beautiful British day at the seaside!

Some seasonal weather greeted the Waddies who made the short journey to take part in the Hastings Half Marathon. A good dollop of rain and strong winds made the start somewhat uncomfortable - but the weather and conditions are always helped by the tremendous crowd support that makes this event such a delight.

Once again, there was an excellent turnout from the club with 25 members taking part and some impressive times being recorded.

55 01:21:52 Ciaran Osborn
173 01:28:39 Mark Waring
215 01:30:10 Fara Mendy
263 01:31:38 Michael MacKay
327 01:33:22 Peter Burfoot
372 01:34:33 Helen Goddard
406 01:35:05 Shane Last
498 01:37:13 Cathy Hall
499 01:37:14 Eddie Wattenbach
634 01:40:04 Lyn Hayes
850 01:43:50 Albert Kemp
1263 01:50:22 Matthew Jolliffe
1388 01:52:11 Samantha Craven
1389 01:52:11 Nyree Thomson
1505 01:53:51 Melinda Mackay
1713 01:57:03 Helen Neary
2059 02:01:40 Barry Gilbert
2074 02:01:52 Anthony Gates
2090 02:02:05 Kathie Gates
2596 02:11:23 David Jones
2709 02:13:35 Clare Roche
2893 02:18:01 Catherine Offord
3029 02:21:52 Martin Burke**
3330 02:34:43 Sara Wrenn
3421 02:42:24 Janet Drake

Well done to all!

** For the second race in succession, WebEd found himself in the position of helping a fellow runner to complete the course - and that accounts for a time some .... ooooh .... 60 minutes slower than the time I knew I could complete the race in! But, you know what? There's no accounting for some people. After having spent the best part of 2 hours 20 minutes cajoling, encouraging and dragging this poor girl round the course, I stumbled upon an aquaintance who had collapsed just yards from the finish line. So I naturally stopped, offered assistance and helped carry the poor chap over the line. My co-runner? Did she stop to offer assistance? Nope! She just sprinted over the line to finish 20 seconds ahead of me. Some people eh?

Lydd Half Marathon

Well done to the four Waddies who braved the trip on to the marshes to take part in the Lydd Half Marathon. This event used to be extremely popular in the 80's and 90's and March 9th saw the return of the race to the calendar. An extremely fast out and back course running close to Dungeness Power Station and along the coast road saw runners facing strong winds and a good old downpour.

Despite the conditions, some very fast times were recorded - so well done to the four!

15 1:27:11 Mike Mackay
40 1:35:35 Shane Last
86 1:46:50 Albert Kemp
92 1:47:42 Melinda Mackay

Eastbourne Half, Thanet 20 and slightly further afield

Windy conditions affected the times at both Eastbourne, for the return of the town's Half Marathon, and at Thanet, where Peter Burfoot was the sole Waddie representative.

There was a strong Waddie presence in Eastbourne where the weather conditions didn't help the runner's times. In addition to the strength sapping wind, the course also contained a very large hill that some Waddies weren't expecting (not many seafronts built on a hill etc etc!)

The results from Eastbourne were

8 Ciaran Osborn 1.23.23
22 Mike Pain 1.27.45
104 Eddy Watenbach 1.39.16
109 Simon Bowyer 1.39.42
115 Shane Last 1.40.04
130 Cathy Hall 1.41.16
201 Abert Kemp 1.46.27
398 Nyree Thomson 1.58.02
399 Sam Craven 1.58.02
469 Helen Neary 2.03.17
529 Kathy Gates 2.07.07
530 Tony Gates 2.07.12
734 Janet Drake 2.40.38

And over in Kent, well done to Peter Burfoot for completing the Thanet 20!

98 Peter Burfoot 2.35.12

Slightly further afield, a couple of Waddies made the annual pilgramage to the city of chocolate and beer for one of Europe's fastest 10 Mile races. The one way race from Ostend to Bruges along the side of the canal which links these two cities always attracts a large field and, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, some fast times are possible.

WebEd was there with Mrs Ed and recorded a pw of 1.47.50 - nothing to do with the wind being in the wrong direction but more to do with an act of supreme gallantry in volunteering to run with a first-timer.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Team of the Year - and that's official!

Eight representatives of the club attended the Kent & Sussex Courier Sports Awards at Solomons in Southborough this week. The club were voted Team of the Year - a remarkable effort from a remarkable club!

All we need now is a trophy cabinet!

Ashford & District 10K

The sole Waddie representatives at the popular Ashford & District 10K were the Paine brothers. Mike finished in an impressive 37.28. enough to give him 33rd place; Andy finished in 53.36.