Saturday, 13 June 2009

25th May - reults from a very small country

Captain Peter writes:

"I was so wrapped up in 2:09 Events and their Director Mike Gratton that I clean forgot what the equally famous Ron Hill and his alter ego with our friendly local Event Management Company, Nice Work was up to this weekend ( excuses, I had been told on Wednesday last week). Anyway, the Burkes were living it up in Luxembourg (after the evening Half Marathon)....just 1 more Leffe Blond, I can hear Martin saying afterwards). Here are the results of the Luxembourg Half Marathon Night Run:

Results ING europe-marathon luxembourg 2009
2 Results | inofficial results
place Pl.AC number name club ac brutto netto
940 149 13009 » BURKE, Cathy (GBR)
Nice Work W45 02:30:34 02:24:12
2975 208 13008 » BURKE, Martin (GBR)
Nice Work M50 02:43:55 02:37:31

If anyone else has some results, please let Peter know. Quite apart from all his other duties, he keeps the Official Club Record of Performances for the year. This is used to record the all-important Standards Cup points for the race for the Standards Cup (awarded in 2008 to yours truly) and the information used to assess handicaps for the Summer and Winter Handicap races.

If anyone would like to know how they are doing in with Standards Cup points so far, along with details of their competitors, please ask Peter

Our thoughts during this week are with Mark Waring as he prepares to compete in the Stockholm Marathon next Saturday. Good luck Mark!

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