Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Exclusive video of Albert's secret training session

WebEd has been globetrotting - but the Blog will be updated with final news from 2007, plus details of all the SGP events in 2008 within the next day or so.

In the meantime, members may be interested to see this secret footage taken of our Chairman during one of his weekly aerobic sessions.

His secret is out!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Crowborough results

Well done to all those who braved the elements on Sunday to run the last SGP race of the season.

Here are the results:

31 41.24 Mike Pain
42 42.44 Michael Mackay
67 45.12 Tim Clements
76 46.07 Peter Burfoot
78 46.11 Myles White
105 48.01 Shane Last
156 51.05 Albert Kemp
206 54.18 Andy Pain
217 54.47 Cathy Hall
238 56.45 Fergus Randolph
273 59.29 Tony Gates
280 1.01.02 Clare Roche
281 1.01.13 Kathy Gates
292 1.01.27 Rachel Davies
363 1.18.01 Sara Wrenn

That's the last of the Sussex GP meetings for the year - but there are still a couiple of local races if you're that keen!

This Sunday it's the Mince Pie 10 at Seaford and then, on Saturday 22nd, at Ashburnham Place, near Battle, it's the Christmas Pudding Dash. The year is brought ot an end with our Christmas Handicap on Sunday 23rd.

Finally, remember it's Party Time on Friday (for all but WedEd who suffers for his art and will be working - but don't worry about me. You just go off and enjoy yourselves. I'll be OK. Working. On my own. At Christmas. Whilst everybody else is enjoying themselves.)

Bah humbug!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sussex GP Update

The Sussex Grand Prix tables have now been updated - see right.

As we approach the last race of the season, the tables have changed dramatically as the effect of the 'eight races' rule starts to bite. The main beneficiary appears to be Horsham Joggers who have hit the top spot in both Men's categories and the overall table.

Mike Pain is top Wadhurst Man - 28th overall and 8th in Vet 1; Lyn Hayes is top Lady in 15th overall and 9th in her category. Other notable mentions go to Peter Burfoot who is 10th in Male Vet 3; David Jones, 10th in Male vet 4; ; Albert Kemp who is 2nd in Male vet 5. For the Ladies, Cathy Hall is 6th, Rachel Davies is 7th and Bonita backhouse is 9th in Lady Vet 1; Helen Neary is 3rd in Lady vet 5.

Don't forget that this Sunday sees the last race of the GP season with the Crowborough 10K. A couple of weeks later there's a 5 Mile Race at Ashburnham Place, near Battle - other than that it's downhill all the way to Christmas!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Brooks Brighton 10K Results

A hideous, shocking day for running along the sea front - but these brave waddie and Waddettes are made of stern stuff.

So well done for another great turnout for the club - and some sparkling performances:

Mike Pain 38:21
Peter Burfoot 42:45
Daniel Newberry 42:42
Tim Clements 43:11
Albert Kemp 46:24
Andy Pain 49:23
Cathy Burke 50:48
David Jones 52:33
Kathie Gates 52:13
Tony Gates 53:01
Rachel Davies 54:37
Charlotte Petkovic 1:00:19
Catherine Offord 1:01:16
Tony Sorrell 1:07:59
Sarah Wrenn 1:12:46

Next up? A double dash of that hill! Yep - it's the Crowborough 10K a week on Sunday.

See you there?

Friday, 16 November 2007

Phoenix Park results - at last!

The results are now avaiable at last from last weekend's Phoenix Park races.

In the Men's event:

42nd Michael Mackay 28.28
66th Peter Burfoot 30.53
78th Tim Clements 31.38
86th Shane Last 32.40
99th Albert Kemp 34.37
103rd Tony Gates 34.57

And in the Ladies race:

18th Lyn Hayes 16.10
35th Rachel Davies 18.08
42nd Kathie Gates 19.00
60th Sara Wrenn 25.32
62nd Sally Toll 28.11

See you all this Sunday in Brighton for the 10K.

Monday, 12 November 2007

A Nippy Weekend

The first big frost of the season this morning - so it must be the start of marathon training!

London confirmations will be whizzing out shortly and those of you with your cheques cashed can probably expect to receive some good news very soon. For those who get a rejection, remeber there's always the Club's ballot, which this year sees two guaranteed places in the London Marathon up for grabs.

For many people the Paris Marathon is the logical alternative. Taking place a week before the London event, Paris is another huge city marathon with some 35,000 runners. You can still get a place in the Paris event by registering online. As of this morning there are still some 7000 places up for grabs but these are likley to go within the next week or so. If you want to wait until after the London confirmations are sent you may miss out on the event and have to rely on either buying a charity place or going with an organised group. For instance, Nice Work has a small number of guaranteed entries available.

Incidentally, for those looking to incorporate a 20 mile race into their marathon training, the Worthing 20 is an annual 'must do'. Unfortunately, there won't be a Worthing 20 next year due to course problems and the early Easter causing fixture clashes.

Alternative events for you to consider include the Bramley 20 in Basingstoke on February 17th; the Finchley 20 on March 9th; and the Bedford Harriers 20 on March 16th,

For those who took part in the Phoenix Park races yesterday, the results will be here just as soon as they are available.

Two Waddies took their life in their hands by crossing the Thames and popping into Essex for the hugely enjoyable Stebbing 10 Mile Race yesterday. Cathy Burke finished in 1.26.53 and Martin waddled it in 1.49.19.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Grand Prix Update

The latest GP tables have now been updated - see right.

The club remains in third place overall, with the Ladies 2nd in the Open Section and 3rd in the Vets. A number of individuals are worthy of mention:

Lyn Hayes is 5th lady overall and 2nd in Lady Vet 3
Cathy Hall is 4th in Vet 1
Helen Neary is 3rd in Lady Vet 5
Kathie Gates is 4th in the Senior Ladies
Albert Kemp is 2nd in Male Vet 5

Careful of those stretching exercises

It could get you into awful trouble!

Cross Country season under way

The Cross Country season began on Sunday and the Waddies team in the East Sussex Cross Country League is a joint effort with Crowborough, comprising 10 men and 5 ladies.

The courses are usually about 5 miles in length and almost entirely off road. The conditions vary - though mud is often present!

The fixtures are now shown in the list of forthcoming events on this site.

The first race in the series took place and a small, but perfectly formed band of Waddies took part. Peter Burfoot led home the team - reults were:

53 Peter Burfoot 36-29
68 Tim Clements 37-55
76 Shane Last 38-41
98 Albert Kemp 40-47
143 David Jones 46-26

Don't forget this Sunday's GP race in Brighton - the Phoenix Park Races.

Sorry Kathie!!

I mentioned that Tony Gates had completed the Beachy Head Marathon two weeks ago - but my apologies to Kathie Gates for not recognising her magnificent feat. Both Tony and Kathie finished the gruelling race - and here's the proof, together with a reminder of that finishing straight!

Definitely not for wimps!

Monday, 5 November 2007

November chill

A bit of a nip in the air now as we enter the real winter season of running.

There's plenty of Grand Prix action coming up, with a double trip to Brighton in the diary. This Sunday sees the Phoenix Park races with a series of races held in Preston Park. This is one of the few times the chaps and the girls take part in seperate events.

The racing gets under way at 12 o'clock with the youngsters. The men's race run over 7.3K starts at 2.00, followed an hour later by the Ladies race - run over an equally strange distance of 3.8K.

The following Sunday sees a return to Brighton for the ever popular Brighton 10K, raced along the sea front. This race is normally sold out well in advance and usually attracts a healthy turnout of Waddies.

The final GP race of the year is the Crowborough 10K on December 2nd - although there is another local race on Saturday December 22nd - the Christmas Pudding Dash at Ashburnham Place in Battle.

The last couple of weeks has seen some more sparkling performances from Waddies, with Tony Gates doing really well at the Beachy Head Marathon - only to bowl out for the Barns Green Half the next day! Barns Green saw another great Waddie turnout too - the results were:

Michael Pain 1.26.51
Peter Burfoot 1.33.24
Mark Waring 1.34.51
Tim Clements 1.40.53
Albert Kemp 1.45.12
Shane Last 1.46.02
David Jones 1.59.45
Tony Gates 2.01.32
Cathy Burke 2.07.11
Charlie Petkovic 2.19.54
Janet Drake 2.25.44

This weekend a the Wadhurst vest was seen in action in France for the 35th running of the St Hilaire Cottes 10K. Cathy Burke finished as part of the winning Ladies vet team, finishing the event in 54.26. Liam Burke was 2nd Junior in the 5K race in 23.27 and collected yet another French trophy.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


The nights - and mornings - are certainly a tad chillier than a few weeks ago. Perfect weather, of course, for those brisk, bracing training runs.

Thoughts at this time of year also turn to Spring, with many people gearing up their training with a view to taking part in the London Marathon in April. The last date for entries has now passed and it's a tense wait for the results of that ballot. If London isn't for you then Paris is another option - and in a shameless plug, there will be a trip going to the French capital from East Sussex and you can find out more here. If Paris is for you then you need to hurry because the event is likley to be full within the next couple of weeks.

The weekend just gone saw a solitary Waddie take part in the Maidstone Half Marathon. Peter Burfoot made up for a lack of Waddie quantity with a run of real Waddie quality - finishing the challenging race in 1.37.07.

A little further afield, Cathy Burke had a great run in the Amsterdam Half Marathon, finishing in 2.01.24.

Don't forget there are two great events in Sussex this weekend with the (in)famous Beachy Head Marathon on Saturday and then, on Sunday, a return to Grand Prix fixtures with the Barns Green Half Marathon.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Waddies in trophy-fest!!

A good turnout of Waddies on Sunday for the Beckley 10K - and my, didn't we do well?

Mike Pain was top of the tree in this challenging race, finishing a magnificent 6th in a time of 40.03 - a time good enough to secure the Male Vet 1 prize. There were also category wins for Albert Kemp, Sam Craven and Lynn Hayes, with Lynn also finishing 3rd overall.

Honourable mentions go to Peter Burfoot and Barry Gilbert who both finished 2nd in their vet categories. Sam Craven also picked up a trophy for 1st local lady home - with Nyree securing a half share, with hubbie Peter, of the 1st Hubbie and Wife.

Full results from Wadhurst participants:

6th 40.03 Mike Pain
22nd 43:41 Peter Burfoot
38th 46:12 Lynn Hayes
48th 48:08 Shane Last
53rd 48:37 Albert Kemp
61st 50:34 Sam Craven
62nd 50:34 Nyree Thomson
75th 51:55 Barry Gilbert
179th 1:09:05 Janet Drake

Thursday, 11 October 2007

So now we know ...

Not sure if you saw the story in the newspapers today about trainers.

Apparently experts have now confirmed that there's no difference between the shoes that cost £40-£45 and those that cost £75-£80. The inference is that the higher priced shoes are over=priced and that you pay for the brand rather than anything practical.

Blimee - the next thing we know, scientists will tell us how they believe that bears poo in the woods.

Green Flash anybody?

Don't forget the Beckley 10K this Sunday - free beer, fruit and cakes for all finishers. And you're OK to run it in pumps.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

My, how busy we've been

WebEd has been extremely busy running his global empire over the last three weeks - so here's a series of updates on what's been happening at the club and beyond, togther with some important news on forthcoming events.

There's also an update on forthcoming events and an update of the Sussex Grand Prix standings.

Grand prix Update

As the Men lose their number 1 spot in the league tables, the Ladies step up to the plate and ensure that the club remain in 3rd place overall.

Just a few races remain in this year's competition - so do try and make your points count.

Coming up soon:

Barns Green Half - October 28th
Phoenix Road Races - November 11th
Brighton 10K - November 18th
Crowborough 10K - December 2nd

Christmas Party

Just a reminder that the Christmas Party has been booked at the Grey Lady in Tunbridge Wells for Friday Decmber 7th. The cost is £30 per head to include a three course meal, music and dancing.

Please can you confirm to Cathy (cathy@nice-work.org.uk) whether or not you wish to attend as soon as possible as numbers need to be confirmed within the next couple of weeks. We are currently holding thirty places but this can be increased if demand is higher. A menu is attached and Cathy would be grateful if you could let her know your preferred choice at the same time.

Lewes Downland 10 and 5, Ashford 10K

It was back to Grand prix action on Sunday with the running of the Lewes Downland 10, supported by a five mile race.

Another fine perfromance from Mike Pain saw him make the top 30.

Full results:

27th 1:08:41 PAIN, Michael
73th 1:17:02 NEWBERRY, Daniel
120th 1:24:11 HAYES, Linda
122nd 1:24:21 KEMP, Albert
187th 1:37:19 GATES, Anthony
200th 1:43:32 JONES, David
211th 1:47:33 BURKE, Catherine
217th 1:50:06 PETROVIC, Charlotte
224th 1:59:38 DRAKE, Janet

Hannah Bates finished 23rd in the 5 mile race in a time of 36.52.

Peter Burfoot and Martin Burke flew the Wadhurst flag in Kent, taking part in the Ashford 10K. Peter finishing 76th out of a field of 700 plus in a time of 42.15 - just a few seconds off his personal best. Martin ran 59.24.

Berlin Marathon

Peter Burfoot continued his globetrotting with his Wadhurst vest when he took part in the Berlin Marathon a couple of weeks ago.

Here's his report:

"I had a great time, with the Express by Holiday Inn in the Stresemannstrasse serving us well. It was within walking distance of the start and about 10 mins walk from 2 Underground stations and 3 mins from the bus stop and S Bahn.

The weekend started off with the Expo at the Berlin Trade Fair where you attend to registration. The expo is a lot bigger than London but has a slighly different emphasis as manufacturers stands mix with those for sports retailers and the organisers of countless other marathons. Also it caters for the in-line skaters whose marathon takes place on the Saturday.

On the Saturday morning we went on the traditional Breakfast Run, a slow jog from the Charlottenburg Palace. As you line up (assuming that you do not arrive as they are already setting off) there is time to marvel at the nearby palace. You run slowly to the Olmpic Stadium where you finish on the track inside the stadium. As you leave up the steps you instantly recognise the Arena where Hitler gave his famous rousing speech.

The Marathon started off at 9.00 am, with my body clock still on 8.00am and ahead of me lay a flat course around the whole of Berlin taking in the sights from East and West.

The following are some statistics from my run:-

Overall position: 5,563 out of 32,533 Finishers
Male position: 5,283 out of 26,034 Male Finishers
Class Rank 401 out of 2,817
Timing ... 3:28:53

At 8.00 pm there was a free party for participants in the FritzClub am Postbahnhof and at 11.00pm the winners of the race were presented on stage. A video was shown of the race and the warehouse type rock venue reverberated to the sounds while the runners danced the night away."

Peter proudly displays his Berlin medal in front of his unlocked cell door.

Confirmation of the new world record set by Haille Gebrselassie. Mind you, according to the sign in the car window, is there a chance that his performance was wind assisted?

Route du Vin, Luxembourg

For the second year there was a wadhurst Runners presence in this prestigious half marathon run along the banks of the Moselle on the Luxembourg/German border.

On a blistering hot day, the 30 or so Kenyans were obviously a tad more comfortable than a couple of pale sun-starved Waddies. The winner trotting round in an astonishing 1 hour and 10 seconds!! For anybody looking for a half marathon pb though, this is a must-do race with a flat out and back course along the river through the picturesque valley. No medal for finishers - but a bottle of the local Cremant wine somehow made up for it!

Cathy Burke finished the course in 2.10.00; Martin took his time to enjoy the views and finished in 2.23.00.

The Only opportunity for WebEd to secure a podium finish!

Bexhill 10K

The third race in the Bexhill Three Little Pigs series was a 10K along the seafront and Mike Pain once again led the small Waddies contingent home in 39.21.

The full results for Waddies:

15th Mike Pain 39:21
47th Albert Kemp 45:17
194th Maria Parkinson 1:06:02

The Firle Beacon 20k Trail Run

A report from Peter Burfoot on the Firle Beacon 20K Trail Run:

"The Firle Beacon 20k Trail Run was the most enjoyable race I have had for a long time. The race started at Firle Place and soon found a track, the old coach road, at the foot of the Downs towards Alfriston. We then turned right and wound our way up a very steep hill, where I was more concerned about being hit by debris from the neighbouring clay pigeon shoot than the hill which was getting progessively steeper. Although only just over 7km into the race at this point I passed one lady runner who was already walking. When we reached the top there was a right turn and we still had a way to climb, but at a more gentle gradient, following, in reverse direction, the route of the Seaford Half Marathon. On this stretch I was overtaken by two runners before we went over the top of Bostal Hill at around 180m, and reached the 1st drinks station at 10km.

There followed a further climb to Firle Beacon, the highest point at 217m, with views over Newhaven Harbour on one side and over towards the High Weald on the other. The undulating pattern continued along the top along with a stiff breeze, heading at an angle, which kept me cool.

After the 13k drinks station I sped up and took the first of the 2 overtakers with ease. The next was 100m or so ahead and I had him in my sights.

At Red Lion Pond we turned round a marshall and with the wind behind and starting to heat up, I slowed slightly on the uphill gradient as I met the runners heading towards the turn point, but I was on a roll.

I had noticed my next target stopping at the drinks stations when he had his water and was able to reduce his lead as I took my water on the run. By this time I was at the top of the very steep road which runs down from Firle Beacon to Firle.

I nailed the downhill section and closed on and overtook my last target, just over 1km from the end, and made it stick.

I was very pleased with the race and result."

Peter finished 9th in a time of 1.41.08.

Rye Summer Classic

The final of the three race Rye Summer Classic Series was held on Friday 14th September and we managed three waddies in the top 30. So congratulations to Michael Pain, David Burfoot (both recording sub 20 minute runs) and Peter Burfoot for cracking performances.

The race was notable for a stunning run bu Tom Owens from Halesowen whose 14.58 winning time knocked almost three minutes of the course record and whose time was one of the top 30 times recorded at the distance anywhere in the country this year.

Albert Kemp won the Male Vet 5 prize and Lynn Hayes won the Lady Vet 3 trophy. Both Mike Pain and Janet Drake finished second in their age categories.

The full results were:

13th Michael Pain 18:48
20th David Burfoot 19:27
29th Peter Burfoot 20:12
41st Lynn Hayes 21:25
52nd Albert Kemp 23:17
64th Andrew Pain 24:05
106th Janet Drake 29:07
107th Shane Last 29:29

Hove Prom 5

Another great turnout at the Hove Prom on 16th September saw seven Waddies register points - the results were:

111 Shane Last 38.41
119 Tony Gates 39.08
121 Helen Heary 39.17
132 Dave Jones 41.12
151 Bonita Backhouse 43.21
160 Cathy Burke 45.05
174 Janet Drake 50.43

Well done to all concerned!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Hellingly Sparkles

Apparently a lovely day on Sunday.

Just perfect for a spot of running round the lanes in Hellingly for the John Faulds 10K - the latest in the Sussex Grand Prix Series. WebEd and Mrs Ed would love to have joined you but we were otherwise engaged watching the Northern Lights around 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, with similar weather by the sound of things.

But there was another cracking turnout of Waddies, with some sparkling performances. The full results:

27th Mike Pain 40:36
49th David Burfoot 42:29
54th Peter Burfoot 43:07
88th Tim Clements 46:19
93rd Eddie Wattenbach 46:51
100th Daniel Newberry 47:45
110th Albert Kemp 48:20
117th Rachel Davies 49:06
138th Helen Neary 51:32
148th Cathy Hall 52:14
156th Tony Gates 53:15
157th Bonita Backhouse 53:16
162nd Kathie Gates 53:29
172nd Andy Pain 55:21
211th Janet Drake 1.06:56

Shane took some great photos:

Last Sunday a couple of Waddies took part in the Garden City 10 - a two lap race around the Industrial Estates of Welwyn Garden City. A draining, hot day saw two poor Waddies - Martin and Cathy Burke - drag themselves around in a blistering 1.41.40!! That'll teach em! Just slightly further afield, Barry Gilbert, our member from the Wild West, took part in the Budapest Half Marathon and completed what was apparently a faboulous event in 2.02.20 (gun) and 1.57.49 (chip).

Don't forget the next Grand prix race is just around the corner - on Sunday it's a nippy 5 miler along the seafront in the Hove Prom 5. And a week later it's tea and cakes round at Peters with a Weald Ridge Run on the 23rd. This should be a very social run with more cakes than you can shake a stick at. The run begins from Peter's house - and if you'd like directions, drop him a line at peterdavidhenry@aol.com

Also coming up soon will be news on this year's Christmas Dinner - watch out for a social secs update in your Inbox shortly.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Good Girls!!

Congratulations to the team of Wadhurst Ladies Vets who came home 1st in last night's Hastings AC Relay event.

The team of four - Cathy Burke, Melinda Mackay, Cathy Hall and Lynn Hayes - finished ahead of teams from Hastings AC and Bexhill to scoop the honours.

The 5 lap event was held over a 1.2 mile course with one team member having to complete two legs and lead teammates over the line en masse. The Men's team of Albert Kemp, Peter Burfoot, Mike Mackay and David Burfoot puffed and wheezed their way round, ably led, inspired, cajoled, encouraged and driven by David. Their efforts though were no match for a couple of local Spring Chicken teams who, frankly, ran far too fast for their own good!

Pictured below is the victorious Waddies - Melinda, Cathy Hall and Cathy Burke.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Newick Will Page 10K Results

The results of the Newick Will Page 10K are now available:

28th Mike Pain 39.54
58th David Burfoot 43.10
65th Peter Burfoot 43.26
125th Lynn Hayes 47.39
137th Albert Kemp 48.36
152nd Rachel Davies 49.51
158th Eddie Wattenbach 50.10
192nd Barry Gilbert 53.07
195th Tony Gates 53.25
200th Bonita Backhouse 53.55
227th David Jones 57.19
234th Kathie Gates 57.44
274th Janet Drake 1.08.43

Don't forget the Hastings AC relays tonight!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

That's it - summer's is over.

It's official. The Bank Holiday weekend has now passed and we can now look forward to darker evenings, darker mornings, ice on the pavements, fog, rain and all those other things that go to make our winters so pleasurable. Just like our summer.

On the other hand, it does mean that the running activities tend to ramp up and we've news of some events involving Waddies.

First of all, we had some success at the Rye Summer Classic Series event on Friday evening, with Albert picking up a prize for 1st Male Vet 5; Lynn was 1st in the Lady Vet 3 and Janet 5th in Lady Vet 4. Mike Pain also had a strong run completing the 5K course in 19.01 and finishing 20th overall and 3rd in the Male Vet 1 category. The race was exceptionally fast with the winner, David Wardle from London Irish AC, lowering the course record by almost three minutes. His finishing time of 14.58 ranks as one of the fastest 5K road races seen in the country this year.

Wadhurst results from Rye:

Mike Pain 19.01
Lynn Hayes 21.24
Albert Kemp 22.53
Janet Drake 30.18

On Sunday, a number of Waddies took part in the Newick Will Page 10K and we are still trying to locate these results - you can read them here just as soon as they are available. In the meantime, here's a couple of snaps, courtesy of Shane.

Coming up this week is the Hastings AC 1 mile relay race for teams of 4 and whilst the Waddies will be represented in both the Men's and Ladies events, if you can make the event, please turn up and help make at least one team.

The next Grand Prix race is the Hellingly 10K on September 9th.

More news from our prolific Waddie in Berkshire, with Barry Gilbert flying the Wadhurst flag in a number of races around the country:

Reigate Priory Midsummer 10K 56.50
Crawley 10K 58.26
Luton AC 10K 52.38
Pewsey Midweek Five 41.59
Lambourne Carnival 5 40.00
Midhurst 10K 50.32

Barry will also be representing the club in Hungary in September when he takes part in the Budapest Half Marathon.

More news as we get it.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

In the deep midwinter ....

WebEd returns from hols and ... nothing has changed! It's still wet and miserable and blowing a gale.

But we're promised some great, sunny Bank Holiday weather this weekend. And that's just in time for the traditional ramp-up of the racing season. Tonight (Wednesday) it's the Herstmonceux relays at Herstmonceux Castle. This Friday sees the 2nd race in the Rye Summer Classic Series, with a 5K sprint through Rye Nature Reserve. On Sunday it's back to the GP season with the Newick Will Page 10K and then next Wednesday there's a relay event organised by Hastings AC.

Last Sunday a couple of Waddies took part in the Henfield Half Marathon.

56 Peter Burfoot 1:39:35
102 David Burfoot 1:47:54

Have a great Bank Holiday - and don't forget that if you're not taking part in the Newick race, it's training as usual from Uplands.

Friday, 3 August 2007

WebEd in two week holiday shock!!

WebEd is taking a two week break from reality to spend time with family, sun and the occasional chilled beer.

Normal service will be resumed on August 18th - so please continue to send in your news.

In the meantime, could those of you who want to take part in the relays at Herstmonceux and Hastings later this month, email your confirmations to cathy@nice-work.org.uk

Saturday, 28 July 2007

More news from the Wild West!

Barry Gilbert our wild western member from Reading continues ploughing his lonely furrow in representing Wadhurst in events to the west of Sussex and sends us another

"On Sunday June 10th I travelled to take part in the Great Bedwyn 10K. For those of you unfamiliar with the whereabouts of Great Bedwyn - it's a smallish village nestling on the Berks/Wilts borders on the edge of the Savernake Forest. 172 competitors lined up for only the second running of this very undulating event in sweltering conditions - something we haven't experienced much this summer. Our Berkshire Waddy came home in 95th position in a time of 52.38.

Sunday June 24th on to the Thame 10K over a relatively flat course which was reflected in a time of 51.55 and a position of 425th out of 763.

Sunday July 8th and it is the Princes Risborough 10K. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with this one - not my performance but with the facilities and the organisation. It's a race I've always wanted to do, being reasonably local, but it usually clashes with another old favourite of mine, the Elmbridge Runners "Julie Button Memorial 10K" - a fast, flat, partly riverside towpath course in Walton-upon-Thames. I can thoroughly recommend this one.

So, I opted for the Princes Risborough race but the Community Centre that they were supposed to use was shut for no apparent reason; and the adjacent Leisure centre refused to allow runners to change before, or shower afterwards - I even offered to pay! As for the race, I'm still waiting for my time but it was around the 52 minute mark but needless to say I won't be running this one again!"

Bexhill 5K

Another cracking turnout from the Waddies and some more sparkling performances.

We had four top 100 finishers, with three sub 20 minute finishers.

Special mention to Lin Hayes who claimed 2nd place for Lady Vet 2


53 Mike Mackay 19:23.01
57 David Burfoot 19:28.00
61 Michael Pain 19:40.00
81 Peter Burfoot 20:27.00
123 Linda Hayes 21:34.01
164 Cathy Hall 23:31.00
165 Tony Gates 23:34.00
170 Andy Pain 23:53.00
185 Melinda Mackay 24:31.00
187 Cathy Burke 24:34.00
190 Tim Clements 24:40.00
194 Roger Smith 24:55.00
209 Bonita Backhouse 25:50.00
228 Kathie Gates 26:58.00
311 Tony Sorrell 32:59.00

Three Waddies braved the M25 to make the journey to Hampton Court for the Wedding Day 7K on Friday night. This really is a great night out - with music, food and drink in the delightful grounds of Bushy Park. Great for picnics amongst the deer too. Well, at least that is under normal circumstances - true to form the 2007 Summer weather arrived at the finish to drown out what could have been a very pleasant post-race evening.

Some top runners bowled up for this one and the Ladies race was won by former Olympic Medalist and World Champion Sonia O'Sullivan whose evening was completely ruined by people asking her if that was Ron Hill 'over there'! Martin and Cathy completed a romantic evening by winning the raffle - a three tiered wedding cake! This has now been offered to the parents of Tony Blair, if they ever get married, as a parting gift on behalf of Wadhurst Runners. Barry Gilbert made up the trio, making his way over from Reading for the event.

Results for the race:

Cathy Burke 36.07
Barry Gilbert 36.53
Martin Burke 43.09

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Anybody for relay?

Our Social Sec. Cathy is arranging teams for a couple of relay events being held next month.

On Wednesday 22nd August Hailsham Harriers are holding the Castle Relays in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle, starting at 7.00pm. Teams of 4 are required to run the 1.5 mile multi terrain course. Cost of entry is £6.00 team, so thats just £1.50 per person.

Prizes are awarded to

1st Team (mixed teams are allowed)
1st Mens Veteran team
1st Ladies team
1st Ladies Veteran team

If you are interested in making up a team please can the Men please let Cathy know at cathy@nice-work.org.uk and the ladies let racheldavies01@yahoo.co.uk know.

The following week, Hastings AC are organising a relay. Again four in a team but five legs are completed with the whole team running the final leg together.

Please let Rachel and Cathy know whether you are able to take part in one or both events.

Just a reminder ....

Just a reminder that Wendy who joined us for one of our Tuesday evenings recently to do some sports massages will be coming back again - by poular demand!

Wendy will be in the Uplands sports centre after our Tuesday runs on 31 July and 7 August.

Summer Handicap and barbecue - the evidence

Barbecue fun!

last Sunday saw the club's annual barbecue and handicap race held once again at the home of our Chairman. Thanks to all those who contributed to the food and drink - and a great time was had by all.

The Handicap Race went well with two records broken and a record turnout of 23 runners. Congratulations to all those who took part.


Men's Handicap

1st Andy Pain
2nd Kevin Parkinson
3rd Peter Burfoot

Ladies Handicap

1st Melinda Mackay
2nd Linda Hayes
3rd Bonita Backhouse

Two records were broken with the Ladies record falling to Lynn with a time of 38.43 and the Junior course record falling to Liam Burke with a time of 43.33.

Also awarded on the day was:

Junior Male Runner - Liam Burke (1st Under 13 Montreuil - May 2007).
Junior Female Runner - Hayley Mackay (1st Under 13 Folkestone - June 2007).

A Classic!

Friday 13th July saw the first of the 2007 races in the Rye Summer Classic and four Waddies took part in the 10K race. Albert and Barry Gilbert were 3rd and 4th respectively in the Male Vet 5 category and Janet Drake was 5th placed Lady Vet 4.

A very pleasant evening was perfect for recording a fast time on the flat course - the next two races, both over 5K take place on Friday 24th August and Friday 14th September. Entry details here.

Full results:

42 0:43:01 Peter Burfoot
61 0:46:36 Albert Kemp
95 0:52:31 Barry Gilbert
151 1:12:35 Janet Drake

Oh no!! Albert's wearing those lycra shorts again!!

Bewl 15 - our best ever?

A foul day by all accounts though WebEd and Mrs webEd were perfectly warm and dry in Uplands for the duration of the race. But, judging by the comments from those who took part, this year's Bewl 15 was the best ever.

A record entry, record number of finishers (440 plus) and some cracking performances on and off the course should ensure that the race makes its way once again into the Country's Top 100 Races list.

The Runners World Forum has been inundated with comments and praise from those who took part and the mud seems just to have added to the occasion!

Congratulations to all those who made up the cracking back-up team to ensure the race was a credit to the club.

Results are available to view on the club's website.

Top ten finishers:

1 1:26:51 MOUNTCASTLE, Henry Hastings AC
2 1:27:15 GEDIN, Mats Arena 80
3 1:29:12 WINN-SMITH, Matthew Cambridge Harriers
4 1:29:26 PEARCE, Raymond Istead & Ifield Harriers
5 1:30:34 HILLIIAR, Darryl Blackheath & Bromley
6 1:32:18 BATELY, Theo Deal Tri
7 1:32:56 BUCKINGHAM, Pete Paddock Wood AC
8 1:33:22 HALLS, Mark Brighton & Hove AC
9 1:33:28 WOOLGAR, Gary Brighton & Hove AC
10 1:33:33 TUCKER, Andy Blackheath & Bromley

Midsummer Madness

Our first Midsummer Hash was a great success with 34 people travelling to the Royal Oak in Peasmarsh for a 4 to 5 mile dash around the lanes of Iden. Setting off at 1 minute intervals in groups of three or four, a highly competitive spirit was soon established.

The presence of a number of Hastings Runners and a sprinkling of locals also added to the occasion. Our thanks go to the Royal Oak for providing a fine barbecue - and we also had Morris Dancers and a Blugrass band to add a real summer party atmosphere to the occasion.

The race was won by Danny Blackman a local Young Whippersnapper, with Waddies filling the next three positions. Whilst Hastings Runners picked up the Ladies team prize, the Waddie chaps' performance was so outstanding that we picked up the Overall team prize.

Only one Waddie won an individual prize, with Michael Pain first in the Old Man category, just nudging out Peter Burfoot. Honourable mentions though go to Lynn Hayes and Helen Neary, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the All Ladies and Ladies categories. David Burfoot was 2nd in the Young Whippersnapper category; Albert Kemp and Roger Smith were also 2nd and 3rd in the Very Old Man category.


1 0:28:22 BLACKMAN, Danny Unattached
2 0:28:30 PAIN, Michael Wadhurst Runners
3 0:29:05 BURFOOT, David Wadhurst Runners
4 0:29:47 BURFOOT, Peter Wadhurst Runners
5 0:30:45 LOVELL, Sally Hastings Runners
6 0:30:46 FOORD, Mike Hastings Runners
7 0:31:18 HAYES, Lynn Wadhurst Runners
8 0:32:00 CHIDGEY, Martin Hastings Runners
9 0:32:41 KEMP, Albert Wadhurst Runners
10 0:33:52 NEARY, Helen Wadhurst Runners
11 0:34:48 REED, Claire Bodyworks XTC
12 0:34:59 DENNY, Steve Hastings Runners
13 0:36:01 SMITH, Roger Wadhurst Runners
14 0:36:44 GATES, Anthony Wadhurst Runners
15 0:37:24 NEILL, Alastair Unattached
16 0:37:39 THORNE, Peter Unattached
17 0:38:00 BOWLER, Steve Unattached
18 0:38:27 RINGROSE, Sophie Unattached
19 0:38:57 MORGAN, Deborah Hastings Runners
20 0:39:13 PRICE, Kirsten Unattached
21 0:39:17 CAREY, Pip Unattached
22 0:39:27 CHANTLER, Mary Hastings Runners
23 0:39:28 BROADWAY, Andrew Hastings Runners
24 0:39:29 FROEHLKE, VictorHastings Runners
25 0:40:19 ROBUS, Dave Unattached
26 0:40:20 SHERWOOD, Deborah Unattached
27 0:40:21 REED, Nick Bodyworks XTC
28 0:41:16 KUBISA, Carmen Unattached
29 0:41:50 KITSON, Irene Hastings Runners
30 0:41:54 KITSON, Terry Hastings Runners
31 0:41:55 DENNY, Tom Hastings Runners
32 0:42:26 CULLINGFORD, Giles Unattached
33 0:42:47 WREN, Sara Wadhurst Runners
34 0:45:43 DRAKE, Janet Wadhurst Runners

Heathfield - it's Cathy - she's gone home

Or should that be Heathcliffe?

The Waddies had another great turnout at Heathfield for the Midsummer 10K with four of our runners in the top 100. Great performances were seen from Ciaran Osborn, who finished in a spectacular 12th place, followed by Mike MacKay 41st, David Burfoot and Peter Burfoot. The ladies were championed by Lynn Hayes 108th, Cathy Hall 148th and Melinda MacKay 155th.

Individually it was also a good day for Lynn Hayes, who was 3rd Lady V3 and Albert who finished 3rd V5.

There has to be a special mention for Tim Clements, who pushed himself so hard to beat his target of 50 minutes that he deposited his breakfast a diplomatic distance from the refreshment stall. Apparently Tim reckons he has a weak stomach, but those present maintain he was throwing it as hard as he could.

Full results:

12 Ciaran Osborn. 37.22
41 Michael Mackay 41:20
50 David Burfoot. 42:29
75 Peter Burfoot 45.37
108 Linda Hayes 47:38
111 Albert Kemp 47:46
122 Eddie Wattenbach 48:38
129 Tim Clements 49:29
131 Shane Last 49:38
148 Cathy Hall 51:38
155 Melinda Mackay 52:14
176 Bonita Backhouse 54:04
189 Anthony Gates 56:05
193 Kathie Gates 56:36
241 Janet Drake 1.06:45
251 Sara Wrenn 1.10:43

Support our sponsors

As a small running club we are reliant on the goodwill of our membership to keep the club going. The time spent by some of our members on club affairs can be considerable - and we are grateful for what they do for us.

Their contributions are augmented by a small band of sponsors who donate money, time, and often both, to the club - particularly for the annual Bewl 15 event.

So, it is timely to remind everybody of our sponsors - and that we now have a new one to add to the list!

Nikwax are a Wadhurst-based company who manufacture high quality cleaning and waterproof products and are an easier and safer way to stay drier in wet weather.

You'll find a link to Nikwax and all our other sponsors listed to the right of the page.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Lock up your kids!!

WebEd couldn't make the pamper party - but looking at the results, I'm rather glad I was spared the ordeal!

Shane's new diet is starting to affect his skin - just like Janet said it would

Words fail me!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

News from out west

As the club has grown over the last couple of years, we've begun to attract new members from outside the Wadhurst area. No doubt they'll tell you that the reason they joined is because we're such nice people - and one new member who certainly would testify to that is Barry Gilbert.

Barry lives in Reading and first came across the Waddies whilst running in Belgium on one of the Nice Work running trips. Subsequently Barry and his wife Carole have raced with us in Holland and France and there's always been a Waddie or two on the trip - and Barry then began to pop over to Sussex to meet up with the friends he'd made. So, it was a logical step for him to join the club - and he now proudly runs in the Wadhurst vest all over the country. He continues to make frequent visits to Sussex and he is hoping to make a number of the Grand Prix races.

In the space of one crazy week Barry managed to leave his kit and trainers in a B & B in Eastbourne - and then left two suitcases and his hand luggage in France on another Nice Work trip. That necessitated a long trip from Reading to travel to France by train to recover his bag - arriving back in Dover he then had to drive to Eastbourne before driving all the way back to Reading. And we wondered why he got on so well with Albert!

Barry has sent us a report:

"OK - here are my races and race times - starting off with the Silchester 5. A tricky little race this one which was billed as a Fun Run over a distance of 5 miles and 130 yards - although many runners suspected it was much further. I recorded a time of 43.22 to finish 49th out of 108 runners.

Next up was Bognor on May 10th. A bit disappointed with my time on this one - went off far too fast and paid the price, down to a walk by the 5K stage. Recorded a gun time of 52.56 and a chip time of 52.28, finishing 533rd out of 1254. I believe that I was the only Wadhurst Runner there and even got interviewed by the race commentator as I was making my way back to rejoin Carole and Dad, who got very excited at the sight of a Wadhurst vest. It has to be said I didn't see too many Hastings or Wadhurst guys down there - what's up with you East Sussex guys, don't you like West Sussex? Surely we haven't got a Lanks/Yorks thing going on have we?

I wasn't holding out too much hope for my next event a week later, The Myra Garrett 10K at a rather rain sodden Danson Park in Bexleyheath. But I was heading in the right direction timewise with a respectable 51.35, finishing 122nd out of 192 and finishing 2nd in my age category but missing out by a little over 2 minutes (49.24), a time I've bettered twice this year.

24 hours later I was lining up in appalling conditions for the start of the Kintbury 5. I struggled a bit in this one and I finished in 41.20. I don't normally hang around for the prize giving as I'm usually in a hurry to get to the nearest hostelry - but I did for this one and it was nice to see Jenny Pitman handing out the prizes. Actually I was forced into waiting as a guy I sometimes bring along to races, who's aged 73, succeeded in taking a wrong turn and was eventually located some two hours and seven miles later - and not best pleased when he eventually did finish!

The final race I should tell you about is the Dorking 10, although frankly I prefer to draw a veil over this one. A very much below-par performance from yours truly, due entirely, without any shadow of a doubt, to the six or was it seven pints of Arkells Kingsdown Ale consumed the previous day. It was a new course this year and, under normal circumstances, I would have been delighted to take it all in but at 4 miles I'm afraid thoughts of "I wish I hadn't started this one" were beginning to fill my head. However, I'm happy to say that I persevered and, after a fashion, completed it in a time of 1.45.42.

Further races I'm intending to take in are:

Sunday June 24th Thame 10K
Sunday July 8th Prince's Risborough 10K
Friday July 13th Rye 10K
Sunday July 15th Crawley 10K
Friday July 27th The Wedding Day 7K
Sunday July 29th Marlow to Windsor Half Marathon"

Thanks for the report Barry.

Don't forget - coming up

Next up on the race calendar is the Midsummer Waddie Hash taking place in Peasmarsh next Thursday. Cathy has already emailed details to everybody - but if you need info, then let us know. As well as a clutch of Waddies, we've a few renegades joining us from Hastings Runners and some Beckley and Rye runners - so it should be a pleasant evening. Drinks, barbecue, music and dancers are also on offer.

Entry details are now available for the Newick Will Page 10K and you can find the race details here.

Monday, 11 June 2007

North Downs Run

Three brave Waddies braved heat and one of the toughest courses around when they took part in the North Downs Run on Sunday. The 30K course follows footpaths over and around the North Downs and features some tough inclines, slippy downhills - a genuine multi=terrain event.

Albert was first Waddie home, just in front of Peter Burfoot who suffered a nasty fall on loose chippings around the 24K mark.

Peter writes:

".... running down a very steep path of loose flints and dirt in the Shorne Country Park just before 24k you hear a holler from behind and you just have time to glance an ape-like apparition speeding past in the air complete with a jungle hat? I just had time to ask "Why are you going so fast" (It was double the speed of anybody on 2 legs) when I found myself sliding on my side elbow and thumb lacerating all those areas with searing pain from my elbow and thumb. As I came to a haly the cramp which I had been fighting in my right calf for 4 k seized both calves and I couldn't get up. Luckily 2 runners were at hand and pulled me up to clear the path. The must have thought I was quite mad when I told them not to touch my broken finger (the 1 with the black nail). But in fact it is broken and has been since 28th May! Luckily I didn't land on it nor did they pull me up by it.

I had delayed shock later in the afternoon (whether from the sight of the ape or the fall, I will never know) but have now rcleaned up. The elbow is very sore, but 4 hourly paracetamol is taking care of the pain."

And as for Albert "The North Downs was the most enjoyable race I have run in years. I ended up giving my all when Mr PB came into my sight, unexpectedly, and I then went for it and finished without fatiguing myself. I had to nurse both calves as after Peter fell a small dog ran straight to me at 24 kms and I pulled both calves."

Not sure how Albert had time to pull both calves, but we're told that the owner won't take the matter any further.

Results from the NDR:

Albert Kemp 2.53.14
Peter Burfoot 2.58.31
Cathy Burke 3.45.32

The Waddies pot hunters were also out in force, with Liam Burke winning the 2.5K Fun Run and collecting a box of hereoes - which were consumed whilst waiting for the 30K competitors to finish.

Next race for most Waddies will be the the Heathfield Midsummer 10K on June 24th, although there is a 5 Mile event at Hassocks on the 23rd.

Don't forget too that Midsummer Hash on the 21st.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Charity begins at home

With the end of the G8 Summit promising billions in aid to Africa to help in the fight for famine relief, it is appropriate that we look a little closer to home to see what help and support we can give to those people who struggle to find enough to eat each day.

To most of us, a plate of food three times a day is a right - but to others a plate of meat and vegetables is a luxury. Indeed, most people that we know are lucky because they enjoy a balanced diet and always have plenty to eat and drink. But you may be surprised that there are still some people living amongst us who struggle to find enough food to eat each day.

Yes, poverty is amongst us.

You will be shocked to learn that one of our own members is currently living a meagre existence, trying desperatly to find those calories he needs to feed his body so that he is able to work. Yes - to Shane, a pie is but a distant memory; a pork chop with the rind all fat and crispy a remnant buried away in his memory; a spotted dick but an ambition.

Shane - we're all thinking about you. We know how hard it must be to try and live with nothing but a lettuce leaf and multi-vitamin mushy bar with chocolate flavour soya shake to keep the wolf from the door. So, some of us waddies have decided that enough is enough - and we're dedicating a part of the Internet to try and encourage your fellow human beings to show some compassion and donate you some proper food.

WebEd - a generous man - has set up the Keep Shane's Tummy Full Campaign and started the ball rolling by donating one of his favourite pies. So, come on you Waddies - show just what a marvelous club we are - and donate your own favourite food to our Shane.

Because, remember.

Charity begins at home.

To donate to the keep Shane's Tummy Full campaign, send your donation to info@nice-work.org.uk - or visit his website

Update on Worthing

Albert has dropped us a line with some more info about the Worthing performance.

For the Ladies, Helen was 1st lady Vet 5 and Lynn was 2nd lady Vet 3.

PB's were, apparently, by the bucketful including Lynn, Eddie, Tim, Cathy Hall, Janet and Tony Gates. So congratulations to all.

WebEd and the Boss have been popping here and there outside Sussex for some time now and for those of you who need some encouragement to stay out of the pub for a couple more hours on a Friday night - there's an excellent 5K series on the 1st Friday of the month in Ashford. The field is varied in ability but small in number - and if the weather is nice, the setting of Victoria Park is really quite pleasant. Last night we ventured further north to get rid of another ream and a half of bewl flyers to Springfield - not to see the Simpsons but to take part in a fabulous 5 Mile race in the country lanes around Chelmsford. With entry just four quid in advance, a free burger to all finishers and the finish in a country pub car park it made for a very pleasant Friday evening.

Results from the Springfield Striders 5 Mile Race:

Cathy Burke 41.27
Martin Burke 44.27

Next month also sees the start of the Rye Summer Classic series - a flat out and back series of 5K and 10K races (a shameless plug for one of our events).

Good luck to all those taking part in the North Downs Run tomorrow (Sunday).

Friday, 8 June 2007

Another great turnout!

The Waddies are certainly going all out to continue their impressive climb up the GP table. Another magnificent turnout on Wednesday for the Worthing 10K saw some sparkling performances with no less than 8 Waddies posting sub 50 minute times. There's sure to be some pb's amongst those times - so do let us know.

Results from Wednesday:

115. Peter Burfott 42.54
178. Linda hayes 44.49
206. Eddie Wattenbach 45.57
220. Albert Kemp 46.31
255. Tim Clements 48.22
260. Helen Neary 48.28
275. Cathy Hall 49.00
277. Shane Last 49.03
297. Tony Gates 50.01
351. Roger Smith 52.13
353. David Jones 52.15
355. Bonita Backhouse 52.24
394. Kathie Gates 54.58
518. Janet Drake 1.05.51
528. Sara Wrenn 1.07.39
529. Tony Sorrell 1.07.55

Not too much happening in Sussex this weekend but a couple of Waddies will be out on the North Downs on Sunday for the 30K run. Tonight - for the nutters only - it's a crawl round the M25 for the Chelmsford 5. training session as usual on Sunday - meet at Uplands at the usual time.

And don't forget the Bewl 15 on July 1st - if you haven't got your duties yet, or you don't know what you're doing - yell loudly!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Blackpool Marathon - the real race report!

Well, he took so flippin' long to send his report to us - for goodness sake he'd been finished two hours! So, just in case you hadn't noticed, the report below was not from Mike Mackay - but this one is!

"Well, I have recovered sufficiently - mentally and physically! - to update the earlier report of the trip up t'north with the race details.

It all sounded good - fast, flat course and a weather forecast that was close to ideal for the distance. On top of this Blackpool always seems to have more medical specialists around than anywhere else which is always useful for injuries etc., - weird though that the Nurses tend to go around in groups of up to 30 and I have never seen such skimpy uniforms as the ones they wear in Blackpool. Anyhow nice
to know we will be well looked after if the old groin plays up again.

Combine this with a nice weekend break for the family and Blackpool Marathon sounded like the ideal way to get back to the sub-3.15 times for the good for age entry for next years FLM. That was the plan - the actual turned out rather different!

Firstly the old Blackpool course has changed from the single lap which took in the delights of Lytham St. Anne’s (highlight being the Land Registry and the boating lake) and replaced this with a double lap of the half marathon. Fair enough I thought, makes it easy for the family to watch with more going on and how much harder can it be?

Well, the morning started well with some wispy bits of cloud - the forecast was for the rain to come in mid-morning. Off we went on the dot at 9am (anyone else who has experience of Blackpool will know this is a rarity) and the first lap down the traffic free mile after mile of Blackpool prom was quick and free of the Hen and Stag party crowd who were still, no doubt, nursing hangovers or possibly even
not having reached the stage even where you actually stop drinking to bring on a hangover.

Crowd was a bit thin to say the least but those who were there were appreciative and gave lots of encouraging noises - 'would you like a cold Stella, You're going t'wrong way lad' and so on. Then the 6 mile marker came up and the dreaded concrete section. This is a quite remarkable piece of engineering (see below) as it stretched for about 4 miles and consists of a 12 foot high sea wall to one side and the open sea the other. The both separated by 12 foot or so of flat concrete walkway. To say this is a major bore is an understatement and I had to do it twice. Still, the first time went OK and was still averaging less than 7 min miles. Reached the turn and back along footpaths in to a bit of a headwind but reached the end and there was the finish line. Wait, that was for the 1/2 marathon and 2/3rd's of
the runners peeled off to finish to warm applause, a medal and some beef jerky (a first for me!).

The remainder carried on past with envious stares at t'finish line for another lap. By now t'sun (enough of the accent!) was really strong and very hot so bang went the weather conditions that were hoped for!

The second lap was quite surreal with a 4 lane road on the main Blackpool seafront cordoned off still for the few of us remaining.

Along we went but this time with far fewer runners. At one point there was about 100 yards or so separating those of us running at the pace we were managing. Still, the support was there and managed to get to the start of the concrete at 20 miles with the pace only dropping off slightly to 7.40 mile pace. Passed Melinda and the kids for the last of the lucozade and began the 4 mile stretch.

Sadly this was it - a combination of heat, exhaustion and muscle aches started to play havoc with my times. I think the main reason though for stopping was the prospect of running this stretch again which just goes on and on and on! So, I thought a quick walk would be OK and slowed for a breather. Fatal - once you stop your legs seize up and the motivation just went. I tried to get going again as I had lots of time in reserve but just couldn't so resorted to 5 miles of walk run.

Several other runners also doing the same thing. Even managed a couple of 14 minute miles coming back in - I think I can walk faster than this normally!! The last 5 miles took just short of an hour - I ran a 10m this year in 64 minutes!!

Oh well, the thoughts going through my head at the time was 'sod London'! Never want to do another marathon in my life so who cares!!

Still, managed to finish in a time of 3.38 meeting Melinda, Hayley and Amy at the last 200 yards - all of whom managed to race me in which is even worse considering they were carrying a picnic hamper, chairs, a sunshade and a variety of things to do - and picked up the medal, more lucozade and a pack or two of beef jerky (didn't cowboys used to eat this? Strange stuff - it is dried beef with the consistency of tough fabric. Weird but has grown on me and now need more!).

The weekend though was great, Blackpool was much better than in previous years and we all enjoyed ourselves with the sights and sounds of Britain's most popular resort. If, after all of this you fancy a trip up t'north then next years race is on the 29th April - much earlier than in previous years and will loose a few people who run FLM as a result. Still, well worth it as long as you are a fully paid up member of the British Concrete Appreciation Club!

Me, well a day later and feel a bit better and thoughts are now turning to Nottingham..... !!"

Did you not offer any of the hen parties a bit of beef jerky Mike? (WebEd)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Blackpool Marathon Race Report

Mike Mackay has just returned to Sussex from Lancashire where he competed in the Blackpool Marathon. Here's Mike's report:

"Eee what a gradely weekend we've 'ad.

Me and our lass went up t'Blackpool for t'weekend for to take part in t'Marathon. And, eee I tell ya. We've had a smashing time.

We took t'charabanc (see t'picture below) up t'coast on Saturday after we'd finished work at t'Mill. Our lass scrubbed herself up - looked like she were dressed for t'Bingo she did - and we got on t'Bus and set off for t'Blackpool. Eee it were a long way - but we kept ourselves occupied by counting these black and white things in t'fields. I thought they were statues - our lass thought they were cars. Turns out they were summat called cows - I thought cows were what you 'ad on Sunday for t'lunch, I'd no idea they stuck 'em in fields for you to watch at.

Me mam had made us both up a snap tin - and we had such a lovely surprise when we opened them up when we'd got to Lamberhurst - she'd only gone and made us our favourites. Pigs trotters (see t'picture below) and me bestest, bazzingist butties. Ay - tongue and jam. Eee we were so appy me and t'lass that we just sat there smiling at each other. At least until our lass got a bit of tongue gristle stuck in her teeth - she stopped smiling then and went a funny colour for a bit.

Anyhow we carried on and I'd made us a flask of Bovril which we supped as we went round that new road near London - they call it the M25. And you'll never guess what? They've only gone and built a bridge over t'river at Dartford. Not only that - they've dug a bloody big tunnel too - my, that were a real thrill for us two. Me mam's corned beef and tattie pasty kept us strength up as we went past a place called Luton but that's probably the last we could remember as our lass were still struggling to get t'bit of tongue gristle out of her teeth. I told 'er that gargling with Mackeson wouldn't clear it.

It cleared the three rows in front of us mind. And I 'ad to spend the rest of t'journey trying to calm her down. Trouble is see, she normally only has a glass of Cherry B once a week when we go down t'club - so she's just not used to four pints of stout. If she weren't telling me how much she really, really, really loved me, she were trying to find t'driver and t'conductor for a fight. "I'll tek the lot of you's on" she kept shouting.

In the end I had to knee her in t'groin to keep her quiet. And I wrapped her up in some gift wrap I found down t'seat of t'coach (see t'picture below). And eee she did look peaceful and she slept like a shift worker all t'way t' Blackpool.

We arrived in Blackpool about four o'clock on Sunday morning and, after a couple of Clitheroe Meat Pies and Peas, we were right ready for us Breakfast. Our lass wasn't feeling too good mind and kept saying she must have eaten a dodgy radish but she did OK with her runny eggs on toast in a smashing little cafe we found on t'Prom.

Then she were poorly again.

I were mindful of the fact I'd got to run a marathon so took it easy for breakfast. There were some of them soft southern puffy types eating what looked like rabbit muck to me - but I soon showed what athletes are made of. I polished off two Specials - egg, bacon, sausage, toast and the works - and after two burps and a small escape of wind I were ready to tek on t'world! I had me picture taken (see below) and off we went.

Our lass weren't feeling too bright as we approached the start line so I asked this taxi driver if he knew were Mecca were. "Aye sir" he said. So, I says - "could you tek our lass there and prop her up for three and a half hours and I'd pick her up later". Funny bloke though. He said something about Mecca being reserved for 40 virgins and that there weren't a cat in ecks chance of our lass getting in there without a special permit. "For God's sake" I shouted (I were vexed) "I just want her to have a bit of quality bingo time whilst I get on with this here marathon".

Anyhow, after taking her picturev on t'beach ( see below) I shoved her into a prize bingo booth near to t'Tower and, eee, she looked ever so happy when I left her. I stuck a pig’s trotter and cow heel barm cake in her handbag and gave her a peck and off I trotted off t'start.

Talk about a race though. I strapped on my boots - you should have seen some of them soft, southern wussies - they were only running in PUMPS! PUMPS! I ask you - next thing you know they'll be wearing them puffy skin tight trousers next! Anyhow, I slipped on me size 10 Timpsons, gave myself a last grease down with duck fat, put t'bobble cap on - waited for some local Mill Owner to fire t'gun (see below) - then it were head down and off I ran.

And, do you know? I kept on running and running till I could run no more.

I did all right too, you know - finished the thing in just over 3 and a half hours. Collected a right proper medal (see below) for me efforts - which is a pigging bit quicker than any of them soft southern puffy types could do I'll tell you!

Anyhow, I'll not be back for a while yet.

Our lass is having her stomach pumped tomorrow so I've invited t'kids round to watch.

Well, we've no telly now have we - so it gives 'em summat to do.


With his little stick of Blackpool Rock

Congratulations to Mike Mackay who made the long journey to God's Own Country to take part in the Blackpool Marathon. Mike finished well, just making the top 100 and recorded a time of 3.38.42. Hopefully Mike's race report will appear here shortly.

We've also got the results in from the Seaford Half Marathon - and see the photo of the four Waddies (Peter, Sara, Shane and Albert) - below:

Albert Kemp 1.56.44
Peter Burfoot 2.02.34
Shane Last 2.03.07
Sara Wrenn 3.02.16

Other Waddies in action over the weekend:

Friday June 1st - Ashford 5K (a great event, if you can make it - well organised and lovely course, but with a very small field - so, pot hunters what are you waiting for?)

Martin Burke 26.06

Saturday June 2nd - Harvel 5

Martin Burke 48.28

Also in action on Saturday, competing in the Southern Women's League was Cathy Burke - nothing unusual there except for the fact that her depleted team meant she had to take part in the Women's Hammer. So, we now have a new Club Record for this discipline. If you want to try your hand at beating the record, simply pick up a bag of spuds and drop kick them out of the kitchen. Measure where they land and you're almost certain to have created a new record.

No supper tonight then.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Waddies on the march!!

The latest version of the Sussex GP tables have been released - and the Waddies have climbed to third place overall in the table - with the Mens Vets right up there in Number 1 position.

We think that this is the highest position ever attained by the club - and things are looking good for the future. With a sizeable number of members now attending the GP events we are now really beginning to make our mark. Both Men's and Ladies teams feature in the leading positions - see the updated tables on the right.

There are several individual performances worthy of note - not least Albert who currently lies in 2nd place in the overall Men's section with Tony Gates also appearing in the top 10. Albert also tops the Vets table, with Tony 6th and Shane 10th. Not to be outdone the ladies are also making their mark with Helen in the top 10 Vets and Kathie Gates 5th in the Ladies Senior table.

It's now important that we maintain the pressure on those teams ahead of us - and to do so, we need as many members as possible to turn out for the club in those GP events. next up is the Worthing 10K on Wednesday, with the Heathfield 10K on the 24th.

If you'd like to see the updated Sussex GP tables click here.

Friday, 1 June 2007

A bracing run .....

A clutch (is that the right collective term for a number of Waddies in one place?) braved a bracing sea wind on Wednesday night in the first of the Bexhill Seafront races. These popular races normally attract a good entry and Wednesday saw around 150 runners set out along the out and back course with a nice following wind - which, of course, was full in the face for the return legs!

Congratulations to Sally Toll who took part in her first ever event - so that'll be your first pb then Sally! Results from the event:

48. Peter Burfoot 21.32
58. Linda Hayes 22.24
69. Albert Kemp 23.35
98. Roger Smith 26.08
144. Sally Toll 37.46
145. Martin Burke 37.47

Tonight Friday, there's the second in the 5K series at Ashford and tomorrow the Harvel Hash is always worth a look - with its beer stop at half way!

Wherever you're running - have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

More news than you can shake a stick at!

Busy times in the WebEd's shed means the news has been piling up over the last two weeks - so here goes with a big catch up!

First of all, a reminder that the new Wadhurst Runners website is now up and running - have a look here - don't forget that the old www.wadhurstrunners.com site has now sadly departed - to be replaced by the much more vibrant www.wadhurstrunners.co.uk. We have advised as many people as we can about the new address - our friends at Google will, eventually, catch up with the change but you can do your bit by changing any references you see to .com over to .co.uk.

You'll also see that we've updated the list of forthcoming races, list of social dates and added the latest GP League Tables to the Blog.

On the subject of forthcoming events - don't forget that we have some important dates coming soon. This Thursday the girls are getting together for a Milk Stout and Cherry B at the Chequers in Lamberhurst. In three weeks time, we've got a Midsummer's Club Run followed by a prize giving, barbecue and some entertainment - all taking place at the Royal Oak in Peasmarsh. The event gets under way at 7.00 pm and non-runners are welcome - as are non club members. We need to have an idea of numbers for catering purposes - so please let Cathy Burke know if you can make it.

The next race on the calendar is this Wednesday with the first of the Bexhill 5K Series - underway at 7.00 pm on Bexhill Seafront. This Sunday is the Seaford Half Marathon and then next Wednesday it's the next in the Grand Prix Series, with the Worthing 10K under way at 7.30 pm. This is a popular race, usually followed by a healthy portion of fish and chips - click here for entry details

Finally, we've got the results from another great turnout for Waddies at the Horsham 10K below - plus a selection of photos from waddies that have been running in European events.

Don't forget to keep the news and piccies coming in!

Fumbling in the dark!

A few Waddies made the journey to Luxembourg last weekend to take part in the Night Run. This spectacular event takes place in and around the city of Luxembourg and particpants have a choice of a full, half or mini (4.4K) marathon.

The race begins in the country's National Indoor Arena and the finish is inside the stadium with competitors greeted by a cacophony of noice, lights, music, lasers - more disco than road race! Check here for a taste of the finish atmosphere (be patient, you'll eventually see a Waddie finishing!}

Nyree, Sam and Cathy all finished in a shade over 2 hours on what was a very hot and humid night.


Nyree Thomson 2.02.58
Sam Craven 2.02.58
Cathy Burke 2.04.07

Some photos of the event.

Waddies take on Europe

Some of the Waddies have been missing from local races over the last couple of weeks - but they've still been wearing the club vest with pride. The Waddies have been flying the flag in races in France and Luxembourg and doing rather well too!

Two weeks ago, Waddies were trophy hunting at the Ramparts 10K in Montreuil-sur-Mer, in Northern France. This is a popular run in and around this lovely walled city and encouraged by mentor/coach and general non-running man-in-charge, Martin, the Waddies were inspired with Liam Burke winning the Junior race. His performance - an improvement on last year's 2nd place - was only tempered by his having to kiss the Mayor on both cheeks when he collected his trophy! Cathy Burke was 2nd Lady Vet 3 and new member Barry Gilbert also did extremely well.

(Below) Cathy finishing strongly in Montreuil-sur-Mer

Liam with trophy - smiling now.

But he had a different look on his face when faced with having to kiss a French man!

New member Barry Gilbert can be spotted in this picture of the start of the race. Bizarrely, Barry is located some 20 ft higher than the rest of the field and apparently moving in the opposite direction! Was that pre-race beer a mistake? Or was it just a cunning plan to launch himself at the field with a flying start?

The three Waddies in France.