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7th May 2009 - Around the country with Waddies

Derek Harrison, running on this occasion for Tunbridge Wells Harriers, reports from the 3 Forts Marathon (a week after completing the London Marathon:

"Just to let you know that the 3 Forts Marathon was fantastic. South Downs, 3500ft ascent and descent, all off road, sunny, warm. I covered the 27 and a bit miles in 4.18 – and with about 34750 fewer runners than the FLM!"

Another report from members of the Burke family on the Reading Roadrunners Shinfield 10k. Cathy Burke (running on this occasion for Hastings AC) writes:

"Just to let you know that we travelled to Reading on Monday to take part in a race close to where Siobhan is at University. The Shinfield 10k. A pleasant run, weather was ideal with just a few spots of rain but there was little wind and not hot. In fact it was positively chilly at the end. The results are not yet out but when they do appear they will be inaccurate. The finish went into a very long funnel and consequently people were moving up the field after their time had been recorded. Numbers were being taken at the end of the funnel by which time several runners were no longer in their finishing positions. I did around 56 minutes and the person immediately behind me had crossed the line in an hour and 1 minute.

Siobhan finished in 53 minutes 10 seconds knocking 6 and a half minutes off her previous best time and Martin finished in just over the hour.

We had also planned to run a 5 mile race in the evening with Barry Gilbert - he had been unable to run Shinfield because he was working. However the chilly weather and drive home put us off but I know Barry ran so will let you know his result when I hear from him."

Meanwhile Martin Burke (alias Ron Hill's Alter Ego) reports:

"Waddies went on missionary duty yesterday.

To Barry-country for the Shinfield 10K near Reading. I wobbled round - my first 10K in almost a year so I took it very easy (1.03). Siobhan got a pb by some 6 minutes and turned in a 53 minute time. Time at this stage are vague and could well remain so. There were 500-600 runners but a 400 yard queue at the finish for the timekeepers to record numbers. The weather by then was cold and I have no confidence that the results or finishing positions will be accurate.

Cathy did around 56 minutes but had people in front of her in the funnel who had done 1 hour plus!"

Many Congratulations to Siobhan for beating her pb by some 6 minutes! I am pleased to report that Cathy's time was in fact correctly recorded in the results.

The Shinfield 10k Wadhurst Runners results:


Please do find the time to read Ron Hills Alter Ego Blog (as it is very funny) at .

Thursday evening Track Sessions

These sessions which take place on Thursdays at 7.30 pm at the Uplands grass track under the direction of Roger Smith are proving increasingly popular. Speedwork is acknowledged to be a key ingredient in improving runners' performances. This week the 3rd session took place and 10 members took part. Of those, 8 competed in a timed 400m lap, having warmed up, run 2 x 400m, 1 x 800m and 2 x 400m fast laps interspersed in each case with a 400m recovery lap.

The results of the timed final 400m lap in a windy session were as follows:

1. Russell Carr 62.98 secs
2. Neil Walbridge 73.77 secs
3. Mark Casse 75.96 secs
4. Peter Burfoot 79.28 secs
5. Shane Last 81.87 secs
6. Albert Kemp 94.85 secs
7. Nichola Carr 97.37 secs
8. Sara Wrenn 128.06 secs

Well done to Russell, and David Burfoot is not expected to return to Ticehurst in time before the close of track sessions in July to challenge Russell at this distance.

Members are encouraged to turn up at these track sessions, which are great fun whatever your ability as there are only limited weeks in the year when they can take place. The track is not marked out until April and by the end of July the markings start to fade and the grass is allowed to grow longer.

Summer Handicap Race

The summer handicap race this year will take place on Sunday 12th July. Please put 12th July in your diary for this all-member Club Event. The male and female winners of the Summer and Winter Handicap races win the Handicap Cups.

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