Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sussex GP Update

The Sussex Grand Prix tables have now been updated - see right.

As we approach the last race of the season, the tables have changed dramatically as the effect of the 'eight races' rule starts to bite. The main beneficiary appears to be Horsham Joggers who have hit the top spot in both Men's categories and the overall table.

Mike Pain is top Wadhurst Man - 28th overall and 8th in Vet 1; Lyn Hayes is top Lady in 15th overall and 9th in her category. Other notable mentions go to Peter Burfoot who is 10th in Male Vet 3; David Jones, 10th in Male vet 4; ; Albert Kemp who is 2nd in Male vet 5. For the Ladies, Cathy Hall is 6th, Rachel Davies is 7th and Bonita backhouse is 9th in Lady Vet 1; Helen Neary is 3rd in Lady vet 5.

Don't forget that this Sunday sees the last race of the GP season with the Crowborough 10K. A couple of weeks later there's a 5 Mile Race at Ashburnham Place, near Battle - other than that it's downhill all the way to Christmas!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Brooks Brighton 10K Results

A hideous, shocking day for running along the sea front - but these brave waddie and Waddettes are made of stern stuff.

So well done for another great turnout for the club - and some sparkling performances:

Mike Pain 38:21
Peter Burfoot 42:45
Daniel Newberry 42:42
Tim Clements 43:11
Albert Kemp 46:24
Andy Pain 49:23
Cathy Burke 50:48
David Jones 52:33
Kathie Gates 52:13
Tony Gates 53:01
Rachel Davies 54:37
Charlotte Petkovic 1:00:19
Catherine Offord 1:01:16
Tony Sorrell 1:07:59
Sarah Wrenn 1:12:46

Next up? A double dash of that hill! Yep - it's the Crowborough 10K a week on Sunday.

See you there?

Friday, 16 November 2007

Phoenix Park results - at last!

The results are now avaiable at last from last weekend's Phoenix Park races.

In the Men's event:

42nd Michael Mackay 28.28
66th Peter Burfoot 30.53
78th Tim Clements 31.38
86th Shane Last 32.40
99th Albert Kemp 34.37
103rd Tony Gates 34.57

And in the Ladies race:

18th Lyn Hayes 16.10
35th Rachel Davies 18.08
42nd Kathie Gates 19.00
60th Sara Wrenn 25.32
62nd Sally Toll 28.11

See you all this Sunday in Brighton for the 10K.

Monday, 12 November 2007

A Nippy Weekend

The first big frost of the season this morning - so it must be the start of marathon training!

London confirmations will be whizzing out shortly and those of you with your cheques cashed can probably expect to receive some good news very soon. For those who get a rejection, remeber there's always the Club's ballot, which this year sees two guaranteed places in the London Marathon up for grabs.

For many people the Paris Marathon is the logical alternative. Taking place a week before the London event, Paris is another huge city marathon with some 35,000 runners. You can still get a place in the Paris event by registering online. As of this morning there are still some 7000 places up for grabs but these are likley to go within the next week or so. If you want to wait until after the London confirmations are sent you may miss out on the event and have to rely on either buying a charity place or going with an organised group. For instance, Nice Work has a small number of guaranteed entries available.

Incidentally, for those looking to incorporate a 20 mile race into their marathon training, the Worthing 20 is an annual 'must do'. Unfortunately, there won't be a Worthing 20 next year due to course problems and the early Easter causing fixture clashes.

Alternative events for you to consider include the Bramley 20 in Basingstoke on February 17th; the Finchley 20 on March 9th; and the Bedford Harriers 20 on March 16th,

For those who took part in the Phoenix Park races yesterday, the results will be here just as soon as they are available.

Two Waddies took their life in their hands by crossing the Thames and popping into Essex for the hugely enjoyable Stebbing 10 Mile Race yesterday. Cathy Burke finished in 1.26.53 and Martin waddled it in 1.49.19.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Grand Prix Update

The latest GP tables have now been updated - see right.

The club remains in third place overall, with the Ladies 2nd in the Open Section and 3rd in the Vets. A number of individuals are worthy of mention:

Lyn Hayes is 5th lady overall and 2nd in Lady Vet 3
Cathy Hall is 4th in Vet 1
Helen Neary is 3rd in Lady Vet 5
Kathie Gates is 4th in the Senior Ladies
Albert Kemp is 2nd in Male Vet 5

Careful of those stretching exercises

It could get you into awful trouble!

Cross Country season under way

The Cross Country season began on Sunday and the Waddies team in the East Sussex Cross Country League is a joint effort with Crowborough, comprising 10 men and 5 ladies.

The courses are usually about 5 miles in length and almost entirely off road. The conditions vary - though mud is often present!

The fixtures are now shown in the list of forthcoming events on this site.

The first race in the series took place and a small, but perfectly formed band of Waddies took part. Peter Burfoot led home the team - reults were:

53 Peter Burfoot 36-29
68 Tim Clements 37-55
76 Shane Last 38-41
98 Albert Kemp 40-47
143 David Jones 46-26

Don't forget this Sunday's GP race in Brighton - the Phoenix Park Races.

Sorry Kathie!!

I mentioned that Tony Gates had completed the Beachy Head Marathon two weeks ago - but my apologies to Kathie Gates for not recognising her magnificent feat. Both Tony and Kathie finished the gruelling race - and here's the proof, together with a reminder of that finishing straight!

Definitely not for wimps!

Monday, 5 November 2007

November chill

A bit of a nip in the air now as we enter the real winter season of running.

There's plenty of Grand Prix action coming up, with a double trip to Brighton in the diary. This Sunday sees the Phoenix Park races with a series of races held in Preston Park. This is one of the few times the chaps and the girls take part in seperate events.

The racing gets under way at 12 o'clock with the youngsters. The men's race run over 7.3K starts at 2.00, followed an hour later by the Ladies race - run over an equally strange distance of 3.8K.

The following Sunday sees a return to Brighton for the ever popular Brighton 10K, raced along the sea front. This race is normally sold out well in advance and usually attracts a healthy turnout of Waddies.

The final GP race of the year is the Crowborough 10K on December 2nd - although there is another local race on Saturday December 22nd - the Christmas Pudding Dash at Ashburnham Place in Battle.

The last couple of weeks has seen some more sparkling performances from Waddies, with Tony Gates doing really well at the Beachy Head Marathon - only to bowl out for the Barns Green Half the next day! Barns Green saw another great Waddie turnout too - the results were:

Michael Pain 1.26.51
Peter Burfoot 1.33.24
Mark Waring 1.34.51
Tim Clements 1.40.53
Albert Kemp 1.45.12
Shane Last 1.46.02
David Jones 1.59.45
Tony Gates 2.01.32
Cathy Burke 2.07.11
Charlie Petkovic 2.19.54
Janet Drake 2.25.44

This weekend a the Wadhurst vest was seen in action in France for the 35th running of the St Hilaire Cottes 10K. Cathy Burke finished as part of the winning Ladies vet team, finishing the event in 54.26. Liam Burke was 2nd Junior in the 5K race in 23.27 and collected yet another French trophy.