Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Blog Block?

Apologies from WebEd - there appears to have been some kind of problem with recent postings. After examination of the Blog Engine, careful analysis of all available data and a thorough diagnostic check we smacked the side of the machine and shouted at the buttons and it now appears to be working normally.

If you do scroll down you'll see the 'missing' postings going back to December.

Last night Wadhurst Runners collected the Team of the Year award presented by the Kent & Sussex Courier. Unless anybody knows to the contrary, it could be the club's first trophy!

Photos from last night's awards ceremony will be here asap.

More news from our man in the wild west

Barry Gilbert writes with news of more races he's done - most of which he's been the lone Wddie.

Barry has managed eight races so far this year:

Jan 1st Serpentine Runners 10K 52.24
Jan 2nd Woking Monthly Handicap 3 27.09
Jan 9th Eric Humphries 6.5 Mile XC 1.02.37
Jan 25th Serpentine last Friday of the Month 5K 25.04
Jan 27th Canterbury 10 1.27.12
Feb 3rd Watford Half Marathon 2.06.5
Feb 6th Woking Monthly Handicap 3 26.46
Feb 10th Dorney Lake 10K


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Wells done!

There was an excellent Waddies turnout for the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon on Sunday. Congratulations to all those who took part.

The results were:

129 Michael Mackay 1.32.04
175 Myles White 1.34.39
205 Peter Burfoot 1.36.06
267 Shane Last 1.38.48
317 Lyn Hayes 1.40.24
451 Albert Kemp 1.44.11
855 Mlinda Mackay 1.55.37
1144 Clare Roche 2.08.03
1195 Nyree Thompson 2.12.16
1197 Sam Craven 2.12.17
1216 Catherine Offord 2.13.51
1338 Sara Wren 2.37.58

Brighton Beacon Results

Well done to those that took part in the Beacon Half in Brighton a week or so ago. A great turnout from the club. Results to hand include a new pb for Kathie Gates:

320 Mark Waring 1:32:52 1:30:50
338 Peter Burfoot 1:33:20 1:33:13
404 Shane Last 1:35:02 1:34:50
548 Eddie Wattenbach 1:38:08 1:36:53
585 Lyn Hayes 1:38:46 1:37:31
624 Cathy Hall 1:39:22 1:38:07
726 Albert Kemp 1:41:03 1:40:52
785 Tim Clements 1:41:57 1:41:45
1875 Kathie Gates 1:56:20 1:55:30
2409 David Jones 2:03:30 2:00:48
2565 Tony Gates 2:06:11 2:05:20
3588 Janet Drake 2:38:41 2:33:30

We're team of the year!!

Its a slap on the back all round as Wadhurst Runners have been awarded the Team of the Year gong by the Kent and Sussex Courier. A wedge of Waddies will be attending the gliterring awards ceremony to collect a well-deserved award for a club that is proud of having punched above its weight for so long.

We'll bring photos of the awards in due course.

Monday, 18 February 2008

February round up

The Wadhurst Runners Awards were announced at this month's AGM and congratulation go to all the winners:

Senior Champion - Mens - Tim Clements
Senior Champion - Ladies - Charlie Petkovic

Vet Champion - Mens - Mike Pain
Vet Champion - Ladies - Lyn Hayes

Marathon Cup - Mens - Ed McKinney
Marathon Cup - Ladies - Rachel Davies

Standards Cup - Peter Burfoot 29 points, Albert Kemp 28 points, Helen Neary 17 points.

Handicap Champion - Mens - David Burfoot
Handicap Champion - Ladies - Lyn Hayes

Explanation of Awards:

The Senior and Vet Championship is a runners best 10k, 10 mile and Half Marathon results added together, with the lowest winning.

The Marathon Cup is the fastest Marathon ran during the year.

The Standards Cup is a runners times compared against a set of age related standards dictated by the Road Runners Club UK.

The Handicap Championship is the combined results of the Summer and Winter Hadicaps.

Waddies and and a sole Waddette were seen action in both Kent and Sussex earlier this month - and, so Peter Burfoot reports, the venues could hardly have been more contrasting.

In North West Kent, the star performer was Captain Mike Pain in the Sidcup 10 mile, a flat race of 3 circuits of streets lined with 1930's semis. Mike finished in 26th place overall, was the 5th placed Vet and got himself a pb into the bargain with a time of 1.01:31.

Meanwhile in South East Kent WebEd was battling with the hills and cliffs between Dover and Deal in the Dover Mercury Half Marathon and ambled over the line in 2:11:53

Closer to home a number of Waddies and Waddettes competed for the Crowborough Team in the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League, appropriately at Cross-in-Hand. The 5.3 mile course threaded its muddy slippery wet and steep way through deeply wooded country with not a house or a road to be seen. Many of the runners legs finished spattered in mud and smeared with blood from the brambles, but everybody seemd to enjoy it. The results were:

37 Peter Burfoot 41:12
46 Shane Last 42:08
68 Albert Kemp 47:04
123 Sally Toll 69:08

Don't forget that this weekend is the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon at Brighton. For those looking for a shorter distance there is also the Ashford and District 10k.