Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Brighton 10K

The Brooks Brighton 10k SGP race took place in excellent conditions along Brighton Seafront on Sunday. There were 2312 finishers including a smattering of Waddies. Our commisserations go to Ciaran and Sara who retired from the race.

The results were:

ALBERT KEMP 00:46:19
HELEN NEARY 00:50:03

Next up is the last SGP race of the season, the Crowborough 10k.

The World's Most Beautiful Marathon

Well thats how Runners World describes the Everest Challenge Marathon - which in addition to being a 27 mile gruelling test of stamina is but one day in the five day 100 Mile Himalaya Stage Race - one of the world's toughest events.

Cathy and Martin Burke have just returned from the event and as Cathy writes:-

"An absolutely amazing experience but really, really tough. Others there said it was harder than Ironman and the Racing the Planet which they had taken part in. So I'm quite chuffed to have finished the race in under 35 hours."

Martin took part in some of the event and managed to produce a pb fopr 17 miles in completeing the final stage of the race!

Rumour has it that our friend Ron also took part and his report will shortly be appearing at .

A full report when both have had the opportunity to recover and catch up will appear on a blog near here.

.....And closer to home there were 2 events in Sussex:-

At the Bexhill Half Marathon Club Chairman Albert Kemp was denied 1st place in Male V 60 age group by being duped into believing that his rival for the place, Mick Staines of Pitsea RC was beaten.

Albert came in 26 seconds behind Mick to clinch 106th place and 2nd place MV60 with a time of 1:45:36. The wind was so strong that Albert was "nearly blown over" which, being translated, means blown sideways.

Well done Albert!

...Meanwhile, a handful of Waddies made the journey to Preston Park, Brighton for the annual Preston Park Races. These races are run in separate sections for boys, girls, men and women of various age groupings run separately over different distances at different times. There is very much a club atmosphere something approaching that of an athletics meeting.

It was dry, at least for the men's race, but a fierce wind greeted runners in parts of the course. The results were:-

Women (3.8k)

19th Linda Hayes 15:34
49th Kathie Gates 19:36

Men (7.3k)

21st Ciaran Osborn 25:54
88th Peter Burfoot 31:20
97th Anthony Gates 33:46

Well done, all of you!

....And midweek, Albert Kemp and Barry Gilbert ran in the 56th annual Henlow 10 Mile Road Race, held in ideal cool calm and sunny conditions. The course takes runners on an A to B route from the Old Warden Aerodrome back to RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire. It follows mainly minor roads and takes in a few challenging hills on the way. A total of 223 runners completed the course comprising of mainly RAF personnel, MOD employees and local civilian clubs including Stopsley Striders, Bedford Harriers and Fairland Valley Spartans. It was also pleasing to note that RAF Aldergrove from Northern Ireland and RAF Kinloss had travelled down from Scotland to compete.

The results were

107th 77:13 Albert Kemp
187th 92:05 Barry Gilbert

Well done the pair of you. Jolly Good Show, What?

For those Waddies not competing in the Hastings Marathon, now is the time to be getting out your diaries! A total of 14 Waddies have entered the event which is being run for the first time since 1908 on 14th December 2008. It promises to be a very special event and the Waddies runnning it need you. Your role will be to support the Waddies on the course. The race starts from Hastings Town Hall at 9.30 am. After a loop round the Town Centre the course climbs up passed Willliam Parker School to the Ridge, westwards to Battle and Catsfield, then down to Ninfield and Sidley before descending into Bexhill and along the seafront to Hastings. Supporters are encouraged to wear period dress for 1908. Further details are avialable on the Hastings Marathon website:


The Barn's Green Half Marathon took place today in excellent conditions, cool, still and dry, though it was rather wet underfoot in a short grass and woodchip section. There were 1283 finishers this year, well up on last year.

The course reverted to its pre 2007 route so the start was back in its normal downhill position and there was a section of track followed by grass and then woodchips between about 4.5 and 5.5 miles. Times generally seemed a bit slower than last year's, though Chairman Albert was flying again after Cardiff and was well up the time sheets, helping the Wadhurst Male Team into 24th place out of 41.

The results were:

83rd 1:28:48 Mark Waring
206th 1:36:41 Peter Burfoot
263th 1:39:30 Lynn Hayes
346th 1:42:33 Albert Kemp
677th 1:54:27 Tony Gates


A small group of Waddies competed in races in three different countries over the weekend:

In Holland, congratulations to Charlotte Petkovic who travelled with the Nice Work party to take part in her first marathon in Amsterdam. Her time was 5:11:46 (Chip) and 5:20:16 (gun). Well done Charlotte -an excellent result.

Cathy Burke also ran in the Amsterdam Half Marathon in 1:59:48 (Chip) and 2:08:26(gun).

In Wales, Chairman Albert Kemp ran with his freshly operated hand in the Cardiff Half Marathon. He was 10th male V60 with times of 1:42:51 (chip) and 1:43:53 (gun).

Well done Albert!

And back in Blighty, David Jones and Peter Burfoot competed in the hilly Maidstone Half Marathon in good and cool conditions.

David Jones was 243rd with 1:45:11.
Peter Burfoot was 135th with 1:37:37.


Congratulations once again to Ed McKinney on amazing feat of endurance: this time his 47th place in the Beachy Head Marathon which took place yesterday. Ed romped home ahead of any Crowborough opposition in 3hrs 48 minutes. He was joined shortly afterwards by his wife Bonita Backhouse who finished in 730th place with a time of 5:34. Well done the pair of you!

Congratulations also to Wadhurst Runner Derek Harrison on his Beachy Head result wearing his Tunbridge Wells Harriers vest.

Also, well done to David Burfoot for representing St Catherines College with a minimum of training in the 200m at the Oxford University Cuppas, on Saturday, the results of which have yet to be confirmed.


Peter Burfoot reports ...

"The Lewes Downland 10 mile off road race was run on 5th October in atrocious conditions - stinging driving rain, mist, and winds strong enough to stop the runners in their tracks at one point. There was water everywhere running in rivers or collected in ankle-depth puddles, sometimes mixed with mud of similar depth.

Albert announced afterwards that the conditions underfoot were better than usual. He said the the water prevented the mud from being gooey and sticking to your trainers. After everybody else had wrung out their soaked kit and changed into dry clothes at Race HQ, Albert, still drenched, stood shivering and also announced that he was going back for more - he had to run a further 8 miles that morning.

I couldn't possibly comment on past conditions as I hadn't run the race before....nor, apparently, did I this year, since, after waiting a full week for the results I haven't been included - the result of an epic 6.5 mile battle with Shane will never make it into the history books.

The organisers announcement reads:

"Regretably due to the bad weather on the day places and times were lost. Please let us know if you are missing."

Congratulations to all those Waddies who braved the conditions. The published results (after including my own time) are:-

8th 1:06:20 Ciaran Osborn
34th 1:13:21 Mark Waring
51st 1:16:09 Helen Goddard
67th 1:18:15 Eddie Wattenbach
78th 1:20:27 Peter Burfoot
79th 1:20:53 Shane Last
117th 1:26:52 Lynn Hayes
137th 1:30:14 Tony Gates
146th 1:32:24 Albert Kemp
149th 1:32:53 David Jones
208th 1:57:50 Kathie Gates
210th 2:01:52 Sara Wrenn
214th 2:04:47 Janet Drake

If you or your time are still missing, please contact Lewes AC so they can organise a search."

Chichester 10K

In contrasting warm, still and sunny conditions the Chichester 10k AAA Championship Race was run on 12th October, with the winner from Belgrave Harriers clocking a time of 29:38. A clutch of Waddies travelled to the farther reaches of West Sussex for the occasion, and an occasion it was with plenty of support about in the built-up areas and an announcer seemingly imported from the BBC of the World War II era.

Congratulations to all the Waddies who took part and commiserations to Mat Seabrook who arrived just as the race was about to start so didn't have time to attach his "new look" credit card type chip, and so didn't get a time or mention in the results either. Here are the results:-

260th 42:09 Peter Burfoot
307th 43:29 Shane Last
515th 47:37 Tony Gates
650th 50:31 Helen Neary
739th 52:02 Barry Gilbert
53:?? Mat Seabrook
975th 57:57 Kathie Gates

Cross Country News

Crowborough Runners are not expecting to field a team next week for the opening cross country race at Whitbread Hollow Eastbourne on acount of their James Welbury's birthday celebrations. Wadhurst Runners joins up with Crowborough Runners for the Cross Country Season in the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League.

Details of next week's race can be found on the Sussex Races website.

The next SGP race is the Barn's Green Half Marathon on 2nd November.


As far as is known, Waddies race action at the weekend centred on or near to the south coast, with the Bexhill 10k, the Folkestone Half Marathon and the Firle 20k Trail Run taking place.

Bexhill 10k

60th 48:24 Albert Kemp

Folkestone Half Marathon

439th 2:14:18 Charlotte Petkovic

Firle 20k Trail Run

23rd 1:40:04 Peter Burfoot

The Firle race started in the cool of a sunny windless morning at 9:30 am and the running conditions were ideal for attempting the assault on the scarp face of the South Downs (provided by that time you had not ground to a halt, or a walk) and running up and down along the ridge once you reached the top.

This Sunday sees the running of the Lewes Downland Off-road 10 mile race which is part of the Sussex Grand Prix Series.

Details can be found on the Sussex Races Website:


Entries have now opened for the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon 2009, which will be held on 22nd February. This was a tremendous race this year in glorious sunshine and the course has definite pb potential.

The race is very expensive for a Half Marathon although runners who are members of clubs in the Sussex Grand Prix series can secure an additional discount on the entry fee by quoting an Unique SGP Number.

The number for Wadhurst Runners members which you will need to write on your entry form is W920.


Wadhurst Runners took part in two races over the weekend, the Hove Prom 10k and the Beckley 10k, achieving some good times and a few pbs. A special mention to Liam Burke who won his race in style, a great result.


Hove Prom 10k

81st 41.47 Eddie Wattenbach
109th 44.03 Lyn Hayes
170th 48.08 Tony Gates
191th 49.05 Dave Jones
202nd 51.26 Helen Neary
240th 57.02 Kathy Gates

Beckley 10k

8th 42.20 Mike Pain
15th 44.47 Shane Last
105th 1.01.53 Siobhan Burke
113th 1.07.22 Sara Wrenn
125th 1.19.20 Sally Toll

Beckley Childrens Race

1st 5.05 Liam Burke

Also last weekend the Pain family took on the Somme Half Marathon. This is a lovely part of France and well worth a visit. The race ran along country lanes and past a few WW1 Memorials. The race was far from flat, but this didn't stop Andy from running an excellent pb.

Somme Half

31st 1.32.33 Mike Pain
205th 1.57.47 Andy Pain


Waddies were in action once again over the weekend - on Friday evening and Sunday.

The final race in the Rye Summer Classic Series took place on Friday evening and the 5k race was run in ideal conditions, resulting in some pbs. The results are as follows:-

30th 20:06 Peter Burfoot
42nd 20:59 Lynn Hayes
65th 23:00 Albert Kemp
73rd 24:15 Nyree Thomson
121st 31:31 Sara Wrenn
128th 36:16 Sally Toll

The Hellingly 10k race was run on a beautiful late summer day yesterday, with a light easterly breeze. The results were:

45th 42:07 Helen Goddard
54th 43:16 Eddie Wattenbach
65th 44:28 Peter Burfoot
89th 46:16 Cathy Hall
111th 48:03 Albert Kemp
113th 48:10 David Jones
134th 49:50 Tony Gates
159th 52:56 Helen Neary
187th 55:58 Matthew Seabrook
210th 58:51 Kathie Gates
235th 1:05:47 Janet Drake

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to those who won prizes.

The next SGP race is on 21st September at Hove. Entry Details are on the Sussex Races website. On the same day, and a little closer to home, it is the 4th running of the Beckley 10K on the same day.


With the Sussex Grand Prix results after 9 races putting Wadhurst Runners 2nd overall in the standings, there is renewed interest in the SGP races.

Yesterday saw the running of the Newick Will Page 10k race, 3rd only to Crowborough in the severity of its undulations.

The uncharacteristically cool damp and dreary weather conditions were ideal for running though some runners noticed a headwind on the main road section between 3.5 and 4.5 kms.

Nine Waddies made the journey and the team was led in by Helen Goddard in a fantastic time of 41:41.

The results were:-

42nd 0:41:41 GODDARD, Helen
52nd 0:42:59 WATTENBACH, Eddie
68th 0:45:00 BURFOOT, Peter
100th 0:48:19 JONES, David
102nd 0:48:27 KEMP, Albert
103rd 0:48:33 CLEMENTS, Tim
128th 0:49:13 GATES, Anthony
200th 1:01:58 GATES, Kathie
204th 1:02:47 DRAKE, Janet

Photos are available at:

The next SGP race is the Hellingly 10k on 14th September and entry details can be found at:

Last, but not least, all are welcome to participate in the 3rd Annual Weald Ridge 10 km run which is due to take place at Weald Ridge, High Street, Ticehurst, Wadhurst East Sussex, TN5 7HT this Sunday 31st August 2008 at 10.00 hrs.

This is a circular run of just over 10k which includes part of the Bewl 15 course. Cakes have traditionally been served on the terrace after the run and the weather forecast is looking the moment


Congratulations to all those who took part in the Rye 5k on last night. Thanks to Martin & Cathy, from Nice Work, who staged another excellent event in the Rye Series.

Here are the results:

22 0:19:43 PAIN, Michael
30 0:20:12 LAST, Shane
38 0:20:34 BURFOOT, Peter
45 0:21:05 HAYES, Lynn
65 0:22:48 PAIN, Andrew
66 0:22:50 KEMP, Albert
94 0:27:03 BURKE, Siobhan
112 0:29:32 DRAKE, Janet
125 0:35:57 TOLL, Sally


Peter Burfoot reports ....

"I hope you are are enjoying your summer break.

I was the sole Waddie taking part in the Henfield Half Marathon yesterday. This is a useful pre-season warm-up for the Autumn Half Marathon race season.

The Henfield course changed this year and made this a rather gruelling course. The times of most runners were adversely affected and according to the RW forum the length was about a quarter of a mile over distance.

The race is off-road apart from a half mile stretch of country lane and is very mixed terrain. The course is centred on a disused railway line and the banks of the river Adur, which run north-South to the west of Henfield. The old railway provides a smooth running surface and the riverbank is generally firm, grassy and uneven and peppered with stiles. A section running around some fields had been cut out at the start but was replaced with more riverbank with tussocks of grass and nettles on either side and a section of narrow rutted and muddy bridleway (complete with horse and rider).

The general concensus is that it was a tough challenging race. The 2 water stations were considered too few and it does heat up in the valley along the river, though some of the railway sections are shaded. There are some small undulations to keep runners on their toes, but no hills as such.

I enjoyed this hard race and was happy with my time and 3rd V4 position. I was 5 places down the sheet from last year, but I was then 2/3rds of the way into my training for the Berlin Marathon and in peak form for the distance.

My 2008 official result was:

61st Peter Burfoot 1:46:23

Remember that on Friday at Rye Harbour is the 2nd race in the Rye Classic Series, a 5k which starts from the Sailing Club at 7pm.

Also, the Will Page Newick 10k Sussex Grand Prix race takes place this Sunday. Details and an entry form are on at:

We are hoping for a record Waddie attendance at the event which has a village fete atmosphere.



Hastings AC Relays

Very many congratulations to the Ladies Vets Team consisting of:

Lynn Hayes
Cathy Hall
Diane Osborn
Helen Goddard

... for scooping the Ladies Vet First Prize at the Hastings Relays this week. The event consisted of each runner doing the 1.2 Mile circuit once as a relay and then all four members of the team running the 5th leg together.

Well done to the four of you.

....And the men's Open Team didn't do too badly either, though their precise position will not be known until the results are published. Our thanks go to Darren from Hastings for standing in for Chairman Albert Kemp who was indisposed.

The remaining members of the Mens Team were:

Eddie Wattenbach
David Burfoot
Peter Burfoot