Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Horsham, Larkfield ... and Montreuil!

A good clutch of Waddies and Waddettes ventured over to Horsham on 11th May for the Horsham 10k Sussex Grand Prix Race. If its not one thing with Horsham, its another. In 2006 the race was run in a deluge, the bridleway section was pretty well fooded and Melinda fell and hurt her ankle. In 2008 there was a haetwave and the major problem seemed to be thirst. There were water stations at 1km, 5 km and at the Finish, but the Runners World Ratings contributors were saying there should have been more. Most 10ks of course only have one water station at midway with more at the finish.

Ciaran led the team home and prizes were won by Lyn Hayes (1stW45 and Helen Neary (1st W55). Eddie Wattenbach scored a notable 10k pb and for a few it was a debut race. The results:

Place Time Name

8 36:48 Ciaran Osborn
77 43:22 Eddie Wattenbach
80 43:41 Peter Burfoot
118 46:12 Lyn Hayes
166 48:19 Albert Kemp
175 48:40 Tim Clements
202 50:10 Cathy Hall
209 50:22 John Billingham
213 50:26 Tony Gates
238 52:00 Fergus Randolph
251 53:08 Helen Neary
297 55:55 Bonita Backhouse
303 56:16 David Jones
346 59:28 Kathy Gates
405 1:05:54 Helen Smith
416 1:11:22 Sara Wrenn

On 18th May Martin led a Team of Burkes to the annual Ramparts Race in Montreuil sur Mer, close to Le Touquet. Liam and Siobhan excelled, both collecting trophies for their efforts. In torrential rain this multi terrain course provided a real challenge with grass, tarmac, trail, cobbles, hills, a tunnel and some very steep climbs up the ramparts of this pretty French town. Liam successfully defended his crown in his children's age group and collected another trophy as well as a traditional from Monsieur Mayor; Siobhan, competing in her first 10K won the Junior Ladies trophy. Oscar Smith swept the board in his age group in the Mini Race whilst his mum, Helen, scored a pb. The results of the 10K were:

1.02.59 Helen Smith
1.03.00 Siobhan Burke
1.04.21 Martin Burke

Meanwhile, Cathy Burke flew the Hastings AC flag at Larkfield in 56:06, where she was joined by some Waddies and a sole Waddette in the Larkfield 10k. This was an interesting race of contrasts centred on the Leybourne Lakes, but starting and finishing in an industrial estate. It was cool and sunny with a moderate northerly breeze, predominately flat with some inclines at the start and finish, road bridges to climb in the centre section and footpath sections around the Lakes. The sting in the tail was in the last 400m when a narrow tarmac path raered up a steep bank so all the runners were still trying to get their breath back before sprinting to the line.

The results were:

95 44:40 Peter Burfoot
181 50:03 Tony Gates
220 52:34 David Jones
253 55:37 Kathie Gates

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

May Day Running

Waddies were taking part in races near and far over the weekend. WebEd and Cathy made the long trip down to Luxembourg to take part in the Night Run on saturday evening. This event is now starting to make its mark on the European marathon circuit - and a record field of 8,000 took part in three events - a full marathon, a half marathon and a mini marathon of 7K.

Those that have taken part rate this event as a close second to London for atmosphere and crowd support - and Saturday's race was up to its usal standard. If you really want to do an overseas race with plenty of buzz and excitement, you should take a look at this one.

Cathy Burke was the sole finisher, completing the course as a training run in 2.29.46. WebEd was the first Waddie, first brit - and, indeed, the first competitor back in the magnificent national arena. His calf pinged after 800 metres but his walk of honour over the finishing line after around 5 minut4es did generate one round of applause.

On Sunday, the Club President assisted by the Vice Captain led a small party of Waddies plus a prospective new member and Tom Tielemans a Dutch work experience student on the 6 mile Bluebell Run. This was very muddy in places and a bridge was found to have been washed away, so the runners had to ford a stream. Later a bridge which has previously been down for a number of years was found to have been replaced, though this did not have to be crossed. Towards the end of the run which was uneventful, but very enjoyable, the group came across another band of Waddies coming in the other direction just out of Wadhurst Park and gazing at a map on a stand.

This band had set off from Uplands earlier on the 11 mile Bluebell Run under the leadership of the Chairman, well-known for his navigation skills, who reports:

"The 11 mile Bluebell run ended up as a solid 13 miler; give or take a spit or two except we were so dehydrated.

At Chittenhurst we realised a puppy was following us and David Jones decided to take the little critter back to its owner. We then tried to negotiate a swap of David for the puppy but the owner would not budge. At this stage we all tried to delicately negotiate the mud; except Fergie decided to blast the way through, with predictable results. We were OK up to the point in the woods where we passed another glorious bluebell floral display; just before the mud and a right hander I recognised up to this point but we failed to find the wobbly bridge.

Before the Merrieweathers House we decided, after a team discussion to head for what we thought would be the Wadhurst direction to get back to Wadhurst Park but could not find a rear access so we returned to the Merrieweathers route. This wasted 1 mile.

We then continued and I recognised the next focal point; a collection of run down farm buildings at the end of the muddiest section of all but after passing the next batch of expensive looking buildings we lost the correct track and ended up asking directions on the only souls seen in the entire latter section. Eventually we tipped up, grossly muddy apart from David who had a speck on the bottom of his shoes, at the Eastern side of Lake Street, so we knew the rest of the way home. It took us 2:30hours and were all very dehydrated as we did not carry water, stupidly. We did enjoy the run and had a good laugh and we cannot wait for next year to repeat the exercise."

......Meanwhile on the Cuckoo Trail, Tony and Kathie Gates were enjoying a 20 mile training run.

On Monday, Peter Burfoot and Tom Tielemans travelled to Whitstable where Tom did a sterling task handing out Bewl Flyers to the runners and Peter ran the 2008 Bailey's Nissan Whitstable 10k which is a Kent Grand Prix Bronze Graded event.

It was sunny and warm with an easterly breeze which cooled the runners as they headed into the wind on the outward leg to Hampton and followed them back along the seafront to Whitstable resulting in some overheating.

Peter finished the event in 41:20 - 1st Male V55 with a pb.

.....Meanwhile in Maidstone, Tony and Kathie Gates completed a 10 mile training run.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hastings 5

The Waddies continue to punch above their weight and already showing promise in the new season being 4th overall, out of 20 teams. The men are 4th overall, the vet men 2nd, ladies 3rd and vet ladies 5th. Early days yet with a long season in front of them.

Waddies turned out in force for the Hastings 5 mile road race last Sunday. This is the 4th Sussex Grand Prix race out of 18. The conditions were ideal with rain and wind holding off so that the short flat run along the Promenade was enjoyed by most.

The ladies, which included Lyn Hayes, Melinda Mackay and Helen Neary, held their own with a fine 5th place and showed the way for the men’s team, comprising Ciaran Osborn, Mike Pain and Michael Mackay, who were 6th. The top performers were Osborn in 14th place, Hayes being 1st lady vet 2 and Peter Burfoot who was 3rd male vet 4. Other notable places were Neary 4th lady vet 5 and Albert Kemp 5th male vet5.

Personal bests fell like confetti with 11 of the 23 finishers gaining their PB’s. These were Eddie Wattenbach, Peter Burfoot, Lin Hayes, Tim Clements, Tony Gates, Andy Pain, Barry Gilbert, Randolph Ferguson, Siobhan Burke, Janet Drake, Sara Wrenn and Sally Toll.

The results were:

014 Ciaran Osborn 28.54
033 Mike Pain 30.45
060 Michael Mackay 32.24
075 Peter Burfoot 33.13
096 Eddie Wattenbach 34.15
105 Lyn Hayes 34.40
152 Albert Kemp 37.36
158 Tim Clements 37.50
176 Tony Gates 39.03
181 Andy Pain 39.19
185 Barry Gilbert 39.35
190 Fergus Randolph 39.52
199 Melinda Mackay 40.17
206 Helen Neary 40.37
221 Bonita Backhouse 41.13
259 Martin Burke 43.15
274 David Jones 43.38
316 Liz Mander 47.10
346 Charlie Petkovic 51.04
348 Janet Drake 51.38
355 Siobhan Burke 52.12
357 Sara Wrenn 52.14
386 Sally Toll 1.03.08

The next Sussex Grand Prix race is the Horsham 10k on May 11th, though some Waddies will be running over the Bank Holiday weekend. a couple make the long journey to Luxembourg to take part in the ING Night Run - a marathon and half marathon run through this pretty country.

Finally, Wadhurst Runners hope to capitalize on their modest success and are looking for runners of all abilities to help bolster the team. New runners are given help and assistance with their training, where needed. The club is also very keen to have a regular training run for those with children on Mondays at 09.30, during term times so that young mum’s in particular can have the opportunity to run and socialize as a group .

Any local runners should contact Albert on 01580 200024 or email

Awards Dinner News

Last week saw the club celebrate its 10th Annual Awards Dinner, held this year at the Queen’s Head in Hawkhurst.

The Chairman briefly outlined the progress made by the club during the year. 2007 saw another period of growth and success on the road and he complimented members for their efforts in ensuring even more achievements for the club including:

Tony Gate’s 100% record in the Sussex Grand Prix - taking part in all 18 SGP races.

The club finished 6th overall (2006 12th) with the ladies 4th, men 6th, vet ladies 5th and vet men 6th. In total the club won 7 SGP Awards and we had 9 men in the top 100 plus 11 ladies. Both men and ladies had 9 runners completing all 8 scoring races.

The President proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman for all his hard work and said the club has reached new heights under his leadership.

The Club Awards were:

1. Club Champion - Kevin Parkinson Cup for Senior Men – Tim Clements.
2. Club Champion - Di Scott Cup for Senior Lady – Charlotte (Charlie) Petkovic
3. Road Runner Champion – Senior Men – Tim Clements.
4. Road Runner Champion - Senior Lady – Kathie Gates
5. Tony Sorrell Cup for Vet Men - Mike Pain.
6. Sara Wrenn Cup for Senior Lady – Lyn Hayes
7. Albert Kemp Marathon Cup - Men - Ed McKinney
8. Albert Kemp Marathon Cup - Ladies - Rachel Davies
9. Roger Smith Standards Cup - 1st Peter Burfoot 29 points; 2nd Albert Kemp 28 points; 3rd Helen Neary 17 points
10. Handicap Champion - Men - David Burfoot; Ladies - Lyn Hayes
11. Juniors’ Champion - Male - Liam Burke; Female – 1st Hannah Bates; 2nd Hayley Mackay; 3rd Amy Mackay

Tribute was paid to the Founding Members of the club when the Waddies were first formed in July, 1999. The survivors are: Robin Heale, Roger Smith, Albert Kemp, Sara Wrenn, Kevin Parkinson, Tony Sorrell, Malcolm Dixon and Glynnis Tucker; of which the sole runners are currently Albert and Sara.

The Alternative Awards then followed and are the Antidote to all known Award Ceremonies:

Foot in Mouth (1) – The Builders Bum Award:
Nominations – Shane last, David Jones and Gary Hall

Winner – David Jones for his immortal words (bear in mind David is a builder) “Look at that white car in front”. David it was a white van – you can tell by the lack of windows!

Most Improved Runner 2007 – Ladies:

Nominations – Janet Drake, Lyn Hayes, Cathy Hall, Kathie Gates and Shane Last.

Winner – Cathy Hall for a remarkable improvement in her training and races

Most Improved Runner – Male:

Nominations – Peter Burfoot, Shane Last, Eddie Wattenbach and Tim Clements

Winner – Shane Last

Golden Anorak Award (a much coveted and eagerly awaited award):

Nominations – Peter Burfoot and Barry Gilbert.

Winner Peter Burfoot who has retained his title

Most Races in 2007 – Nominations Albert Kemp, Peter Burfoot, Cathy Burke and Barry Gilbert

Winner Barry Gilbert with 50+ races to his credit.

Dedication Award – Ladies for trying hard even though they are back packers:

Nominations – Kathie Gates, Sara Wrenn, Janet Drake, Helen Smith and Maya Bishop

Winner Kathie Gates who ran in 15 SGP races

Dedication Award – Men

Nominations – Tony Gates, Tony Sorrell, David Jones and Albert Kemp

Winner – Tony Gates for running all 18 SGP races and ending with a smile

Baring All Award sponsored by Sara Wrenn:

Sara reported when being introduced the member who had his back to her. Whilst taking down his track suit trousers he also removed his shorts. Sara did not know where to put her face but what worries me is that he was pleased to see her.

Winner Barry Gilbert

The SW Cup –The Long Goodbye

Sadly we say good bye to one of our Founder Members. Tony Sorrell has always completed his races nearer the back of the field but has run with enthusiasm and consistency. We wish him well in his retirement to Bexhill

Second Claim Cup – Retained for the second time by Ian Coates

Special Chairman’s Award for Dedication to the Club – Sara Wrenn, a Founding Member, has energetically, efficiently and worked hard for the Waddies without complaint or reward and for many years has undertaken the busy tasks of Club Secretary, Bewl Entries Secretary, Chief Marshall, entry distribution and even found time to attend the recent Exhibition to promote the Club. The accolade is well deserved.

Bus Fare Cup – The most highly sought after cup of all annually presented by the Chairman to the runner who has beaten him in a race but was subsequently slaughtered by him at a later race. The cup symbolically represents the cost of a bus fare home by the unlucky recipient:

Nominations – Eddie Wattenbach – too often to recall all revenge races; Lyn (must stop for a P) at Sussex Beacon and Hastings; Shane Last – it was boring with the frequency of defeats and Peter Burfoot for Seaford (I was ill) ½ Marathon

Winner – To the runner for being slaughtered during the North Downs’ 30 kms Downs Race by allowing the Chairman to sprint past at the 20 kms mark and for the audacity of throwing himself down the muddy wooded slope like United’s Ronaldo. I give you Peter Burfoot.