Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Exclusive video of Albert's secret training session

WebEd has been globetrotting - but the Blog will be updated with final news from 2007, plus details of all the SGP events in 2008 within the next day or so.

In the meantime, members may be interested to see this secret footage taken of our Chairman during one of his weekly aerobic sessions.

His secret is out!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Crowborough results

Well done to all those who braved the elements on Sunday to run the last SGP race of the season.

Here are the results:

31 41.24 Mike Pain
42 42.44 Michael Mackay
67 45.12 Tim Clements
76 46.07 Peter Burfoot
78 46.11 Myles White
105 48.01 Shane Last
156 51.05 Albert Kemp
206 54.18 Andy Pain
217 54.47 Cathy Hall
238 56.45 Fergus Randolph
273 59.29 Tony Gates
280 1.01.02 Clare Roche
281 1.01.13 Kathy Gates
292 1.01.27 Rachel Davies
363 1.18.01 Sara Wrenn

That's the last of the Sussex GP meetings for the year - but there are still a couiple of local races if you're that keen!

This Sunday it's the Mince Pie 10 at Seaford and then, on Saturday 22nd, at Ashburnham Place, near Battle, it's the Christmas Pudding Dash. The year is brought ot an end with our Christmas Handicap on Sunday 23rd.

Finally, remember it's Party Time on Friday (for all but WedEd who suffers for his art and will be working - but don't worry about me. You just go off and enjoy yourselves. I'll be OK. Working. On my own. At Christmas. Whilst everybody else is enjoying themselves.)

Bah humbug!!