Saturday, 13 June 2009

17th May 2009 - having a lark

Larkfield 10k

On a rather cool, blustery and showery day, 3 Waddies ventured today to Larkfield near Maidstone for the annual Larkfield 10k.

There was another course change this year, for the better - the very steep narrow path just before the finish which various members will recall was the hallmark of last year's race wasn't included. Instead the finish, though still shortly after quite a long medium-gradient hill, was immediately preceded by a fast downhill sprint on grass at the back of the Leisure Centre.

The starter was obligingly announcing various forthcoming fixtures over his megaphone so we asked him to do a plug for the Bewl 15, which he did ,and then we were off. After a short tour of an industrial estate the course entered Leybourne Lakes Country Park just as the rain started and followed the eastern shore through to Snodland, where there was a slight incline over a road bridge before returning to the country park, but not before a spiral road footbridge had been negotiated. By this time the shower had passed and the runners faced the force of the headwind as they wound their way along the stony path on the western southern and eastern shores of the lake before exiting the park. By this time, it had started raining again, more heavily this time. The police manned the roundabouts giving priority to the runners and causing traffic mayhem and at the 9km marker the runners started the climb towards the finish. Cakes and fruit were sheltered from the heavy rain by a small gazebo and most runners got drenched. There were 412 finishers.

The general opinion was that it was enjoyable race but somewhere the time slipped away.

The results:

33 40:08 PAIN, Michael Wadhurst Runners Male Vet 40 95
91 43:59 BURFOOT, Peter Wadhurst Runners Male Vet 50 461
209 49:07 PAIN, Andy Wadhurst Runners Male Vet 40 96

Well done!

Oxford Town and Gown 10k

Meanwhile, Oxford saw the 28th running of the Oxford Town and Gown 10k. This is actually a large fund-raising event for Muscular Dystrophy and attracts serious runners and fun runners alike. As in Larkfield there was rain, but in Oxford it was at the start. With his local knowledge, Waddie David Burfoot went straight to the start line, avoiding a long queue of most of the 2649 other runners stretching back to the Parks.

David's best-laid training plan had been thwarted by an infection in his leg and he was on his second week of antibiotics - but at least he was well rested. He decided on a 42 minute target...but had left his watch in Ticehurst (he thinks) so how do you do the timing? Easy, says David, you just programme 10 x 4 min 12 sec tracks into your i-River and all you have to do then is listen and watch out for the km markers! The result appears below!

Pos Bib Time Name Club Gender Gender Class Class Chip Chip
Pos Pos Time Pos
185 2638 00:42:02 DAVID BURFOOT WADHURST RUNNERS Male 175 M 117 00:42:00 193

Well done David!

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