Wednesday, 16 April 2008

London Marathon

Congratulations to all those who took part in the London Marathon at the weekend - and represented the club so well.

Once again, it was a fantastic event in pretty good weather conditions.

Here are the official results:

Michael Pain 3:10:33
Myles White 3:20:05
Eddie Wattenback 321:46
Peter Burfoot 3:22:53
Cathy Hall 3:31:08
Bonita Backhouse 4:41:47
Clare Roche 4:46:52
Kathie Gates 4:58:05
Catherine Offord 5:15:07

Those who took part would like to thank all those Waddies who came to support their endeavour - as we know, that encouragement really does make a difference, your cheers really made a difference.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Marathon performances

Three Waddies made the journey to Paris this weekend to take part in the Marathon.

The French managed their usual shambolic attempt at organising a major sporting event with a chaotic start, poor support around the course and, once again, a bewildering array of non participants allowed to wander freely along the course and amongst runners.

WebEd was feeling particularly agreed because one dog walker (yep!) wandered across my running line with dog lead extended a good 10 yards ... and bang went £300 worth of Garmin caught up in the balsted lead! That incident cost me at least an hour on my time!

Shane had a cracking run despite a nasty injury incurred a couple of weeks ago - and he managed a pb. And congratulations to Albert who managed to get up in time to make the start!

Results from Paris:

Albert Kemp 3.39.01
Shane Last 3.43.06
Martin Burke 5.07.20

Still the weather made for a pleasant run

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The importance of eating well

Those who know WebEd will be aware of the importance I place on diet and eating correctly. I've been asked many times whether or not I follow a special or a published diet.

Well, after much persuasion, I decided it was time to reveal my inspiration.

It's Delia!

Here's one of my favourite recipes from the great lady.

But talking of diet, I was slightly embarassed to see the picture below scandalously reproduced and distributed amongst certain Waddies over the weekend. For the avoidance of doubt I think I should explain what was happening on the photo. My daughter was proud - as indeed we all were in the WebEd household - to receive the Baden Powell award for Guiding. (Indeed she was the first young lady in the village to receive the award for more than 12 years). Unfortunately the choice of location for the prize giving was right in front of the sausage roll and pork pie supper prepared for proud parents and friends.

You might just detect something occuring in the background for which I can only say I'm truly sorry!!