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15th April 2009 - Easter results and news

Congratulations to the Waddie Men's Team in securing 16th Team place out of 36 at the 26th Folkestone 10 mile race on Good Friday. The men's team consisted of Mike Pain, Michael Mackay, Peter Burfoot and Andy Pain. Andy achieved a pb.

Although there were insufficient Ladies to make up a team, the sole Waddie Lady finisher, Siobhan Burke, put in a magnificent performance. Well done Siobhan!

Our commiserations go to Melinda Mackay, who was unable to finish, having pulled out of the race.

The race was run in good dry calm conditions though it was rather warm. runners were spared the driving hail squalls, heatwave, and seas breaking over the course of the last 3 years!

This is a good final build up race for the London Marathon and many runners are in peak form, so the competition can be stiff. The race starts on the Green at Hythe and it is a fast flat course, mainly along the seafront to Folkestone and back. Runners were well supported by the Pain, Mackay and Burke families. Regrettably, this year, there were no supporting children's races. The results:-

42 1:05:36 PAIN, Michael Wadhurst Runners M44 72.10% 364 42
60 1:07:38 MACKAY, Michael Wadhurst Runners M46 70.97% 455 60
136 1:13:44 BURFOOT, Peter Wadhurst Runners M56 70.61% 109 136
271 1:23:01 PAIN, Andy Wadhurst Runners M40 55.35% 363 271

377 1:30:48 BURKE, Siobhan Wadhurst Runners F18 54.39% 266 377

Hastings 5 Mile Race

Remember that this coming Sunday sees the resumption of the SGP series with the Hastings 5 mile race, again with many London Marathon entrants in peak condition. Let's try and beat our record entry which was at the Hastings Half Marathon for this seafront event! Support preferably with Digital Camera at the ready for team and individual photos is welcomed.

London Marathon

While on the subject of the London Marathon, remember that General Ballot entries for the 2010 edition open at 9.00am on Monday 27th April. You need to be among the first 120,000 applicants to have a chance of obtaining a place in the General Ballot. Only those members who have been rejected in the General Ballot are eligible to be included in the ballot for any Club Places providing they also satisfy the Club's other criteria for inclusion. If you do not manage to participate in the General Ballot, because you are not among the first 120,000 entrants and you do not receive a rejection letter, you cannot be included in the ballot for Club places, even if you satisfy the Club's other criteria.

Best of luck to those members with places in the London Marathon 2009 which takes place on 26th April. They would welcome any support you can give. Some are looking for sponsorship for charitable causes.


If anyone is interested in me trying to secure visits by the Flying Coaches operated by Sussex Athletics, please let me know by 8.00pm on Thursday 23rd April as I have a Sussex Athletics Committee Meeting the following day when I should be able to make enquiries of Elspeth Turner who makes the arrangements. If there is sufficient support, I will investigate the possibility of securing the services of Flying Coaches on one or more Tuesday evening or Sunday morning in the summer months. If they are not available at these times I will find out when they are available.

Bewl 15 Ballot

Please remember that the deadline for putting yourself forward for the Bewl 15 ballot expires on Friday 24th April. Please ensure I have your name if you want to be included as success in this ballot is the only opportunity club members will get to run the Bewl 15 2009, providing they can supply a non-member to carry out their marshalling duties. All club members can expect to be assigned marshalling duties even if they were not members or had no duties last year.

The ballot is open to members of all abilities. the ballot will be drawn at the Awards Dinner on 2nd May.

So far the names we have are:


Lynn Hayes
Kathie Gates
Helen Goddard


Peter Burfoot
Ciaran Osborn
Russell Carr
Eddie Wattenbach
Mark Casse
Mark Waring
Mike Pain
Mat Seabrook.

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