Saturday, 13 June 2009

7th June - Summer's here

Track Session

The track session took place in cooler conditions last Thursday. There was a preponderance of ladies - the men clearly had other things on their minds. Well done to the ladies, Helen Goddard, Hannah, Katrina, Claire, Miriam and Sara for turning up. As for the men, it was just Albert and Peter last week.

Roger was away but had planned the session before he went. We had to do 3 sets of 400m and 800m, interspersed with a 400m recovery lap. Afterwards a few of us did the usual timed 400m. The results were:-

Peter 75.40 secs
Albert 89.77 secs
Miriam 110.16 secs.

Next Thursday's will be a little bit of a tester for those who have done the Worthing 10k the day before!

Race Results

It seems to have been a quiet weekend for the Waddies, though there have been some races quite close by, notably the Harvel 5 yesterday and the Seaford Half Marathon and Beckenham 10k road race, today.

A quick skim through the results shows that Wadhurst was not well represented.

Harvel 5

The Burkes went off to the Harvel 5. Here is Martin's result:-

527 0:49:56 BURKE, Martin Wadhurst Runners Male Veteran 50+ 09:59.0 370 527

Peter reports from the Seaford Half Marathon

As the race started at 9.00am I had to get up early when it was pouring with rain. I took road and trail shoes but was wearing my trail shoes in the car. By the time I arrived at Seaford there was glorious sunshine and the sea was deep blue with a fresh breeze. Most runners (including the eventual winner) were wearing road shoes. I didn't like the thought of one of the long inclines being slippery (which it was one year) or the 4 mile stretch along the Cuckmere being muddy, but I needn't have worried as the ground was hard and mainly dry. This is not the quickest half marathon around with 1000ft of ascents and descents and numerous stiles and kissing gates, but seems to be growing in popularity with 514 finishers this year. Mats Gedin won the race in 1:26:26. I was the sole Waddie (as far as I can see) and my result was:-

Position: 86 01:52:33 54 PETER BURFOOT

Future Races

Not raced before? Well, now is your chance! We've got the Heathfield 10k c SGP race on 28th June and there are plenty others. Have a look on Runners World or the Sussex Races Website for whatever takes your fancy. Wednesday evening sees the next SGP race, the Worthing 10k. This is a fast race and good times can be achieved.

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