Tuesday, 29 May 2007

More news than you can shake a stick at!

Busy times in the WebEd's shed means the news has been piling up over the last two weeks - so here goes with a big catch up!

First of all, a reminder that the new Wadhurst Runners website is now up and running - have a look here - don't forget that the old www.wadhurstrunners.com site has now sadly departed - to be replaced by the much more vibrant www.wadhurstrunners.co.uk. We have advised as many people as we can about the new address - our friends at Google will, eventually, catch up with the change but you can do your bit by changing any references you see to .com over to .co.uk.

You'll also see that we've updated the list of forthcoming races, list of social dates and added the latest GP League Tables to the Blog.

On the subject of forthcoming events - don't forget that we have some important dates coming soon. This Thursday the girls are getting together for a Milk Stout and Cherry B at the Chequers in Lamberhurst. In three weeks time, we've got a Midsummer's Club Run followed by a prize giving, barbecue and some entertainment - all taking place at the Royal Oak in Peasmarsh. The event gets under way at 7.00 pm and non-runners are welcome - as are non club members. We need to have an idea of numbers for catering purposes - so please let Cathy Burke know if you can make it.

The next race on the calendar is this Wednesday with the first of the Bexhill 5K Series - underway at 7.00 pm on Bexhill Seafront. This Sunday is the Seaford Half Marathon and then next Wednesday it's the next in the Grand Prix Series, with the Worthing 10K under way at 7.30 pm. This is a popular race, usually followed by a healthy portion of fish and chips - click here for entry details

Finally, we've got the results from another great turnout for Waddies at the Horsham 10K below - plus a selection of photos from waddies that have been running in European events.

Don't forget to keep the news and piccies coming in!

Fumbling in the dark!

A few Waddies made the journey to Luxembourg last weekend to take part in the Night Run. This spectacular event takes place in and around the city of Luxembourg and particpants have a choice of a full, half or mini (4.4K) marathon.

The race begins in the country's National Indoor Arena and the finish is inside the stadium with competitors greeted by a cacophony of noice, lights, music, lasers - more disco than road race! Check here for a taste of the finish atmosphere (be patient, you'll eventually see a Waddie finishing!}

Nyree, Sam and Cathy all finished in a shade over 2 hours on what was a very hot and humid night.


Nyree Thomson 2.02.58
Sam Craven 2.02.58
Cathy Burke 2.04.07

Some photos of the event.

Waddies take on Europe

Some of the Waddies have been missing from local races over the last couple of weeks - but they've still been wearing the club vest with pride. The Waddies have been flying the flag in races in France and Luxembourg and doing rather well too!

Two weeks ago, Waddies were trophy hunting at the Ramparts 10K in Montreuil-sur-Mer, in Northern France. This is a popular run in and around this lovely walled city and encouraged by mentor/coach and general non-running man-in-charge, Martin, the Waddies were inspired with Liam Burke winning the Junior race. His performance - an improvement on last year's 2nd place - was only tempered by his having to kiss the Mayor on both cheeks when he collected his trophy! Cathy Burke was 2nd Lady Vet 3 and new member Barry Gilbert also did extremely well.

(Below) Cathy finishing strongly in Montreuil-sur-Mer

Liam with trophy - smiling now.

But he had a different look on his face when faced with having to kiss a French man!

New member Barry Gilbert can be spotted in this picture of the start of the race. Bizarrely, Barry is located some 20 ft higher than the rest of the field and apparently moving in the opposite direction! Was that pre-race beer a mistake? Or was it just a cunning plan to launch himself at the field with a flying start?

The three Waddies in France.

Horsham 10K - results and a trek for Ed and Bonita

Ed and Bonita managed to make the Horsham 10K - but only just! Bonita writes:

The Bon and Ed commitment to the Grand Prix races this year got off to a less than stunning start at the Horsham 10K. Unfortunately, due to nightmare traffic issues on the A21, a detour via East Grinstead, a very slow German car (we shot him down twice!) and the need to ask directions etc etc we were late!

This meant that I did a lonesome lap of the field before heading out of the gate to trip over someone's dog! I then untangled myself whilst desperately asking the marshal whether I should go left or right and running to catch up with the rest of the field. Even though I started 8 minutes or so late I still managed to catch someone just after the 1K mark, but only because they were already walking!! The impromptu toilet stop in the fields also didn't help in the catching up stakes! However, I did manage to give Janet a shock as I panted up behind her!!

Ed was even later starting as he had to put James in his running buggy and do the catch up lap at the end (that's why he was wandering around the field looking lost!). Despite this, Ed still managed to overtake me pushing James at 6 km and made a storming finish announced over the tannoy and in which James just beat him over the line!!

Albert, we promise to try and leave earlier next time!"

Here are the Waddies that managed to make it to the race by the published time!

Results from the event:

Peter Burfoot 43.40
Linda Hayes 45.57
Albert Kemp 46.25
Shane Last 48.22
Helen Neary 50.50
David Jones 51.09
Tony Gates 53.48
Kathie Gates 54.12
Bonita Backhouse 57.40
Ed McKinney 59.03
Janet Drake 1.09.13

Monday, 14 May 2007

Home and Away

The Waddies celebrated their top 5 appearance in the newly-released Sussex GP table with some sparkling performances yesterday at the Hailsham Town 10 Mile race. Peter Burfoot, Eddie Wattenbach and Albert Kemp all recording top 100 positions. Once again it was a great turnout with 11 Waddies lining up on the start line.

(Above) Part of the Hailsham turnout - with a possible explanation for that fast time from Tim.

Full results from Hailsham:

74. Peter Burfoot 1.14.48
85. Eddie Wattenbach 1.16.01
88. Albert Kemp 1.16.59
107. Shane Last 1.20.11
121. Cathy Hall 1.22.35
124. Rachel Davies 1.23.07
129. David Jones 1.24.10
140. Tim Clements 1.26.25
150. Jo White 1.28.50
154. Tony Gates 1.29.44
182. Charlotte Petkovic 1.42.47

A little further away, three of the Waddies made the journey to Montreuil-sur-Mer in Northern France to take part in the Ramparts 10K. Two of them managed to clinch prizes with Cathy Burke 2nd Lady Vet 3 and son Liam clinching 1st place in the Junior event - his trophy a consolation for having to kiss the Race Organiser's cheeks!

Also taking part was a new member Barry Gilbert who managed a sub 50 minute time. Full results will be shown here just as soon as they can be translated!

This Sunday it's another Sussex GP weekend with the Horsham 10K(more details here). Elsewhere three or four Waddies are making the slightly longer trip to Luxembourg to take part in the ING Luxembourg Night Run.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Over the border

A number of Waddies crossed the border into Kent over the Bank Holiday weekend and, as far as we are aware all made it back home to civilisation safely!

On Sunday, Albert and Peter took part in a pleasant training run from Harietsham to help raise funds for the Heart of Kent Hospice. The run was eight and a half miles over the North Downs although rumour has it that Albert did slightly more than that, courtesy of his well known pathfinding skills!

The Peasmarsh Chapter of the Club missed the event thanks to the aftershock from the Kent earthquake.

They overslept!

On Monday a few Waddies made the short journey to Hildenborough to take part in the Sports Association races. Results:

Junior Race (4K)

39th Liam Burke 22.11

5 Mile Race

61st Cathy Burke 41.29

10 Mile Race

31st Peter Burfoot 1.12.09
n/k Martin Burke 1.32.00

This weekend a quartet of Waddies will be in France taking part in the Ramparts 10K in Montreuil-sur-Mer. Others will be in the far more salubrious surroundings of Hailsham for the Hailsham Town Ten Grand Prix race - events details here.

Next week it's another Grand prix event with the Horsham 10K

If you're out and about running or racing don't forget your camera!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

New date for your diary

The club is holding a midsummers day run at the Royal Oak, in Peasmarsh on Thursday June 21st. A 5 mile-ish handicap run (the handicap is your randomly-drawn partner!)around the lanes of the village.

Prizes will be on offer and the 7.00 pm run will be followed by food and drink. If you could put the date in your diary now and let Cathy know if you're able to make it.

Thanks to Lyn for this snap of the great Waddies turnout at Hastings last Sunday.

Not sure what is growing out of Eddie and Shane's heads - but it's certainly an impressive size!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Chairman in print

Chairman Albert has been letting off steam in the running press. See his letter from Runners World about the Worthing 20.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Awards Dinner photos

A great night out on Saturday in Lamberhurst with the club formally recognising the achievements of those who have performed above and beyond during 2006.

Here's some memories from a great night out.

Albert with his Standards Trophy

Helen with her second trophy of the evening!

Rachel with her huge Marathon Trophy (see the Boys trophy below)

Mike Pain with the Boys Marathon Trophy

Cathy with the trophy for her Club Championship win, combining the best 10K, 10 Mile and Half Marathon times. Eyes forward Mr Chairman

Helen Neary with the Ladies Handicap Trophy

Mike Mackay receives his trophy for Mens Vet Club Champion

Kathie Gates with her Senior Ladies trophy

David Burfoot was the Senior Men's champion but it was past his bedtime so he sent his mum to pick up the gong!

Helen and Albert getting pash

Mike Pain with his award for being very quick indeed

What an array of sporting talent and athletic excellence! The 2007 Marathon Team including those who took part in the London, Rotterdam and Paris Marathons

That creme brulee (you had to be there!)

Tucking in

Rabit, rabbit, rabbit

More hot air

A bloke with a stone head pictured with a bust of some Roman bloke

Albert sings the national Anthem to an appreciative audience

Sussex by the Sea

A great turnout of Waddies on Sunday at the Hastings 5 - an important race in the Sussex GP series. Ignoring cobwebs from the previous evening's Awards Dinner, there were some great performances including a lifetime's best for Albert. Anybody else get a pb?

Results from Sunday:

36 Michael Mackay 31.38
87 Peter Burfoot 34.31
108 Eddie Wattenbach 35.38
119 Linda Hayes 36.09
123 Albert Kemp 36.24
154 Sam Craven 38.40
166 Nyree Thomson 39.08
181 Melinda Mackay 39.57
186 Helen Neary 40.11
187 David Jones 40.11
190 Andy Pain 41.18
200 Cathy Burke 41.26
217 Tony Gates 42.26
224 Cathy Gates 42.53
257 Charlotte Petkovic 45.36
295 Liz Mander 48.46
325 Tony Sorrell 55.17

Next up in the GP series is the Hailsham 10 on Sunday May 13th.

No big race this weekend although a number of Waddies are going to Harrietsham on Sunday morning to support the Heart of Kent Hospice Bluebell Walk. Although a sponsored walk a number of people are using the event as atraining run - if you want to take part, meet at the Harrietsham Community Centre at 8.15 on Sunday morning.