Saturday, 13 June 2009

17th December 2008 Hastings Marathon

Congratulations to all those Waddies who took part in the weekend’s Hastings Marathon 2008!

There were some fantastic achievements. But everybody who completed this race today was a winner over the course and conditions. It was a gruelling race run in near-freezing conditions and seemed designed to ensure that this would be a race nobody would forget - nor would anybody want to forget it as the sense of achievement was so high.

Some Waddies who took part have been plagued with injury worries and others have been ill. Many had their training programmes interrupted. Some did not have training programmes at all (allegedly, at least). This was a race which sapped all the juice from the muscles and runners ran the last few miles along the seafront moaning and groaning with the effort and pain.

Here are the results:

Michael Mackay 49th 3:08:35 - a Good for Age place at last!
Mark Waring 80th 3:14:27 pb by around 30 minutes
Helen Goddard 126th 3:21:30 First marathon. 7th Lady overall. 4th Lady 18-39
Eddie Wattenbach 200th 3:29:13 nursing hamstring injury
Lynn Hayes 239th 3:33:31 First Marathon. 6th Lady 45-49
Peter Burfoot 335th 3:45:08
Albert Kemp 392nd 3:50:13 4th Men 60-64 recovering from illness
Tony Gates 1094th 5:12:52
Bonita Backhouse 1096th 5:13:06
Kathie Gates 1116th 5:20:29
Sara Wrenn 1159th 5:46:33
Martin Burke 1169th 6:05:23 Recovering from Himalayan Mountain Sickness

..and not forgetting our 2nd claim runner, Derek Harrison running in period costume: 188th 3:27:40 9th Men 50 - 54.

The Wadhurst Men's team consisting of Michael, Mark, Eddie and Peter clinched a staggering 8th place out 57 teams. Well done!

Last but by no means least as they had the coldest job of all, thank you to the club members and friends who supported our runners on this arduous race.

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