Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Chairman in print

Chairman Albert has been letting off steam in the running press. See his letter from Runners World about the Worthing 20.


aiko said...

I agree with phrase "Running is not just for the young". Marathon brought me lots of friends of various ages. There are lots of runners who began running from 40's and continue to run 60's or 70's in Japan as well. In the last weekend race, the eldest runner was 90's... I will translate this article into Japanese to cheer my friends up.

Albert said...

Aiko is growing to be a friend of Wadhurst Runners. We would therefore like Aiko to accept being an Honorary International Member representing runners in Japan.

Congratulations and "Keep on Running", Aiko.

Albert Kemp

aiko said...

Thank you so much Chairman Albert!! It's my great pleasure to be able to be accepted as Honorary International Member representing runner in Japan! Someday I hope that I can run with you all;-)

Honorary International Member representing runner from Japan

Albert Kemp - Chairman said...

Dear Aiko
We are grateful for your acceptance as an Honorary member. One day your travels will get you to England. If so we will be delighted for you to join us for a run. We will arrange travel from London.If you have Google Earth, you will see where we are based at the School known as Uplands Community School which is just 1 kilometer from Bewl Water (a large reservior) 60 kms South East of London.

aiko said...

Dear Chairman Albert,
I notify you when I visit England!! I am really happy and looking forward to running with you all;-) I downloaded Google earth immideately and searched the school. Wadhurst has lots of green! To run in beautiful scenery must be lovely...!