Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Fumbling in the dark!

A few Waddies made the journey to Luxembourg last weekend to take part in the Night Run. This spectacular event takes place in and around the city of Luxembourg and particpants have a choice of a full, half or mini (4.4K) marathon.

The race begins in the country's National Indoor Arena and the finish is inside the stadium with competitors greeted by a cacophony of noice, lights, music, lasers - more disco than road race! Check here for a taste of the finish atmosphere (be patient, you'll eventually see a Waddie finishing!}

Nyree, Sam and Cathy all finished in a shade over 2 hours on what was a very hot and humid night.


Nyree Thomson 2.02.58
Sam Craven 2.02.58
Cathy Burke 2.04.07

Some photos of the event.

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