Monday, 14 May 2007

Home and Away

The Waddies celebrated their top 5 appearance in the newly-released Sussex GP table with some sparkling performances yesterday at the Hailsham Town 10 Mile race. Peter Burfoot, Eddie Wattenbach and Albert Kemp all recording top 100 positions. Once again it was a great turnout with 11 Waddies lining up on the start line.

(Above) Part of the Hailsham turnout - with a possible explanation for that fast time from Tim.

Full results from Hailsham:

74. Peter Burfoot 1.14.48
85. Eddie Wattenbach 1.16.01
88. Albert Kemp 1.16.59
107. Shane Last 1.20.11
121. Cathy Hall 1.22.35
124. Rachel Davies 1.23.07
129. David Jones 1.24.10
140. Tim Clements 1.26.25
150. Jo White 1.28.50
154. Tony Gates 1.29.44
182. Charlotte Petkovic 1.42.47

A little further away, three of the Waddies made the journey to Montreuil-sur-Mer in Northern France to take part in the Ramparts 10K. Two of them managed to clinch prizes with Cathy Burke 2nd Lady Vet 3 and son Liam clinching 1st place in the Junior event - his trophy a consolation for having to kiss the Race Organiser's cheeks!

Also taking part was a new member Barry Gilbert who managed a sub 50 minute time. Full results will be shown here just as soon as they can be translated!

This Sunday it's another Sussex GP weekend with the Horsham 10K(more details here). Elsewhere three or four Waddies are making the slightly longer trip to Luxembourg to take part in the ING Luxembourg Night Run.

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aiko said...

I'm so impressed to see your record! Someday, I'd like to run for a long course like you all. I continue to practice by checking your weblog;-)