Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Waddies take on Europe

Some of the Waddies have been missing from local races over the last couple of weeks - but they've still been wearing the club vest with pride. The Waddies have been flying the flag in races in France and Luxembourg and doing rather well too!

Two weeks ago, Waddies were trophy hunting at the Ramparts 10K in Montreuil-sur-Mer, in Northern France. This is a popular run in and around this lovely walled city and encouraged by mentor/coach and general non-running man-in-charge, Martin, the Waddies were inspired with Liam Burke winning the Junior race. His performance - an improvement on last year's 2nd place - was only tempered by his having to kiss the Mayor on both cheeks when he collected his trophy! Cathy Burke was 2nd Lady Vet 3 and new member Barry Gilbert also did extremely well.

(Below) Cathy finishing strongly in Montreuil-sur-Mer

Liam with trophy - smiling now.

But he had a different look on his face when faced with having to kiss a French man!

New member Barry Gilbert can be spotted in this picture of the start of the race. Bizarrely, Barry is located some 20 ft higher than the rest of the field and apparently moving in the opposite direction! Was that pre-race beer a mistake? Or was it just a cunning plan to launch himself at the field with a flying start?

The three Waddies in France.

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Albert said...

Well done to Liam for yet another excellent result and to Barry for his second run out for the club. Cathy is as dependable as ever.

Albert Kemp