Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Horsham 10K - results and a trek for Ed and Bonita

Ed and Bonita managed to make the Horsham 10K - but only just! Bonita writes:

The Bon and Ed commitment to the Grand Prix races this year got off to a less than stunning start at the Horsham 10K. Unfortunately, due to nightmare traffic issues on the A21, a detour via East Grinstead, a very slow German car (we shot him down twice!) and the need to ask directions etc etc we were late!

This meant that I did a lonesome lap of the field before heading out of the gate to trip over someone's dog! I then untangled myself whilst desperately asking the marshal whether I should go left or right and running to catch up with the rest of the field. Even though I started 8 minutes or so late I still managed to catch someone just after the 1K mark, but only because they were already walking!! The impromptu toilet stop in the fields also didn't help in the catching up stakes! However, I did manage to give Janet a shock as I panted up behind her!!

Ed was even later starting as he had to put James in his running buggy and do the catch up lap at the end (that's why he was wandering around the field looking lost!). Despite this, Ed still managed to overtake me pushing James at 6 km and made a storming finish announced over the tannoy and in which James just beat him over the line!!

Albert, we promise to try and leave earlier next time!"

Here are the Waddies that managed to make it to the race by the published time!

Results from the event:

Peter Burfoot 43.40
Linda Hayes 45.57
Albert Kemp 46.25
Shane Last 48.22
Helen Neary 50.50
David Jones 51.09
Tony Gates 53.48
Kathie Gates 54.12
Bonita Backhouse 57.40
Ed McKinney 59.03
Janet Drake 1.09.13

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