Thursday, 3 May 2007

New date for your diary

The club is holding a midsummers day run at the Royal Oak, in Peasmarsh on Thursday June 21st. A 5 mile-ish handicap run (the handicap is your randomly-drawn partner!)around the lanes of the village.

Prizes will be on offer and the 7.00 pm run will be followed by food and drink. If you could put the date in your diary now and let Cathy know if you're able to make it.

Thanks to Lyn for this snap of the great Waddies turnout at Hastings last Sunday.

Not sure what is growing out of Eddie and Shane's heads - but it's certainly an impressive size!


Sara said...

I would love to book this in my diary. What date is it?

Michael said...

Er, did you miss the key bit in the post Sara 'in Peasmarsh on Thursday June 21st' !!!

See you soon, Mike

Sara said...

A little bit confusing for you Mike. Meant to delete this comment after Martin added the date. Oops!

Peter Burfoot said...

Sorry, I arrived too late for the photo........but if you go to Hastings Runners website, there are more photos and Number No 40 is a photo of just me! What's more something had obviously amused me (it may have been the sight of Martin's cheeks)!

Anonymous said...

Check out photo number 90 as well to see Andy ... or is it Shane ... has anyone actually seen Andy and Shane at the same time ... ?

Em x