Monday, 11 June 2007

North Downs Run

Three brave Waddies braved heat and one of the toughest courses around when they took part in the North Downs Run on Sunday. The 30K course follows footpaths over and around the North Downs and features some tough inclines, slippy downhills - a genuine multi=terrain event.

Albert was first Waddie home, just in front of Peter Burfoot who suffered a nasty fall on loose chippings around the 24K mark.

Peter writes:

".... running down a very steep path of loose flints and dirt in the Shorne Country Park just before 24k you hear a holler from behind and you just have time to glance an ape-like apparition speeding past in the air complete with a jungle hat? I just had time to ask "Why are you going so fast" (It was double the speed of anybody on 2 legs) when I found myself sliding on my side elbow and thumb lacerating all those areas with searing pain from my elbow and thumb. As I came to a haly the cramp which I had been fighting in my right calf for 4 k seized both calves and I couldn't get up. Luckily 2 runners were at hand and pulled me up to clear the path. The must have thought I was quite mad when I told them not to touch my broken finger (the 1 with the black nail). But in fact it is broken and has been since 28th May! Luckily I didn't land on it nor did they pull me up by it.

I had delayed shock later in the afternoon (whether from the sight of the ape or the fall, I will never know) but have now rcleaned up. The elbow is very sore, but 4 hourly paracetamol is taking care of the pain."

And as for Albert "The North Downs was the most enjoyable race I have run in years. I ended up giving my all when Mr PB came into my sight, unexpectedly, and I then went for it and finished without fatiguing myself. I had to nurse both calves as after Peter fell a small dog ran straight to me at 24 kms and I pulled both calves."

Not sure how Albert had time to pull both calves, but we're told that the owner won't take the matter any further.

Results from the NDR:

Albert Kemp 2.53.14
Peter Burfoot 2.58.31
Cathy Burke 3.45.32

The Waddies pot hunters were also out in force, with Liam Burke winning the 2.5K Fun Run and collecting a box of hereoes - which were consumed whilst waiting for the 30K competitors to finish.

Next race for most Waddies will be the the Heathfield Midsummer 10K on June 24th, although there is a 5 Mile event at Hassocks on the 23rd.

Don't forget too that Midsummer Hash on the 21st.

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