Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sussex GP Update

The Sussex Grand Prix tables have now been updated - see right.

As we approach the last race of the season, the tables have changed dramatically as the effect of the 'eight races' rule starts to bite. The main beneficiary appears to be Horsham Joggers who have hit the top spot in both Men's categories and the overall table.

Mike Pain is top Wadhurst Man - 28th overall and 8th in Vet 1; Lyn Hayes is top Lady in 15th overall and 9th in her category. Other notable mentions go to Peter Burfoot who is 10th in Male Vet 3; David Jones, 10th in Male vet 4; ; Albert Kemp who is 2nd in Male vet 5. For the Ladies, Cathy Hall is 6th, Rachel Davies is 7th and Bonita backhouse is 9th in Lady Vet 1; Helen Neary is 3rd in Lady vet 5.

Don't forget that this Sunday sees the last race of the GP season with the Crowborough 10K. A couple of weeks later there's a 5 Mile Race at Ashburnham Place, near Battle - other than that it's downhill all the way to Christmas!


Half Share in the House said...

Lin Hayes is 3 rd in her category and 15th overall and my not notable position is 8th in my age group. Kathie Gates is also 8th in hers.

Albert said...

A brilliant performance from the Waddies who punch well over their weight, considering we are amongst the smallest of the SGP teams. Last year we finished 12th so it is a remarkable team effort to get us into 6th spot.

As Eddie would say "Come on you Waddies"

Albert Kemp