Friday, 4 July 2008

4th June Worthing 10K

Congratulations to all the Waddies who made the long journey to Worthing last Wednesday evening! In cool and dry conditions a number of the participating Waddies got pbs - some by a significant margin. So, well done to all.

The outward leg was particularly fast but a westerly breeze greeted the runners as they turned round the cone near the pier to return along the seafront, making the final leg a bit harder.

The results were:-

114 Eddie Wattenbach 41.57
130 Peter Burfoot 42.29
138 Linda Hayes 42.44
169 Shane Last 43.51
213 Cathy Hall 45.25
230 Albert Kemp 46.07
232 Anthony Gates 46.01
464 Bonita Backhouse 53:11
541 Helen Smith 56.59
579 Maya Bishop 59.23
614 Janet Drake 1.05.32
618 Sara Wrenn 1.06.24
629 Sally Toll 1.18.25

After the race many of the Waddies celebrated in traditional style with a fish and chip supper.

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