Monday, 12 March 2007

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

The Waddies were out in force yesterday for the Hastings Half Marathon. The race was run in unseasonably warm weather but whilst that caused problems for some of the runners, it didn't stop a huge 24-strong Wadhurst team from posting some superb times. To put this performance into perspective two years ago, the membership of the club barely topped 25!

Skipper Mike pain was the highest placed Wadhurst Runner finishing in 1.25.45 and claiming 118th place; two other Wadhurst Runners posted sub 1.30 times, Ed McKinney in 1.28.02 for 160th place and Mike Mackay in 1.29.50 for 212th place.

There were pbs for Mike Pain, Peter Burfoot, Rachel Clements and Sara Wrenn whilst Albert defied his geriatric status with a cracking 1.39.54. In the Mini Run, Liam Burke led the Robertsbridge Community College team in his Wadhurst Runners vest clocking 8.57 for the 2.5K course.

Check back here later for more news and more photos from the race. In the meantime, the provisional results are available here

Provisional results:

Mike Pain 1.25.45
Ed McKinney 1.28.02
Mike Mackay 1.29.50
Peter Burfoot 1.35.08
Albert Kemp 1.39.54
Eddie Wattenbach 1.44.07
Linda Hayes 1.44.10
Cathy Hall 1.48.01
Rachel Clements 1.48.06
Helen Neary 1.49.19
Tony Dymond 1.52.52
"Bonita Backhouse" 1.53.54
Shane Last 1.54.08
David Jones 1.55.32
Cathy Burke 1.58.21
Martin Burke 1.59.02
Nyree Thomson 2.00.09
Sam Craven 2.00.09
Kathie Gates 2.05.27
Melinda Mackay 2.06.33
Tony Gates 2.07.25
Charlie Petkovic 2.15.16
Sara Wrenn 2.28.57
Tony Sorrell 3.00.16

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