Monday, 5 March 2007

All off to Hastings?

This Sunday sees one of the biggest dates in the Sussex racing calendar with the running of the Hastings Half marathon. The seaside half marathon is regularly voted the country's top half marathon and well over 4,000 entries have already been received - so a record turnout could be on the cards.

There should be a strong turnout of Waddies on Sunday but if you haven't yet got your entry in, don't worry as the organisers are also still accepting entries on the day. Mind you, if you are thinking of leaving it until the last minute, you'd be advised to make sure you're in Hastings well before the 10.30 start time - the race HQ and surrounding areas are extremely congested and parking can be a problem.

Next up in the Sussex GP series, and ideal for London Marathon preparation, is the Worthing 20 on Sunday April 1st. If that's a touch too lomg, why not take a look at the Paddock Wood Half which takes place on the same day? It's a flat course and ideal for a pb.

No Waddies in action locally at the weekend (unless you know any different?) but Cathy and Martin were part of a group who travelled to Bruges for the annual Ostend to Bruges 10 Mile Race. Cathy was definitely in pot hunting mode as she came home first lady in the 6K - and was rewarded with her pot. Complete with plant!

Martin finished the 10 Mile Race in 1.26.47.

Have a good week.

Photos below show Martin huffing and puffing his way just 1K from home; and the second photo shows what happens if you trust your camera to a local who’s watched the entire race from the comfort of the bar!!


Anonymous said...

Hastings 1/2 Marathon

Hi Gang. Final arrangements are:
1. We meet at Uplands at 8.30 for car sharing.
2. 2 spare places available as rachel D and Bonita are not able to run. I am holding Rachels race number, so first come first served
3. I would appreciate help handing out Bewl 15 leaflets on the day.


Martin and cathy said...

We'll be there with leaflets Anonbert.