Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Happy Birthdays all round

A dozen or so Waddies took a bit of rehydration on board last night as London Marathon preparations took a back seat to birthday celebrations.

Janet was celebrating A Very Significant Birthday and was spotted trying to liquidise a sausage and a piece of pizza; Lin took the whole ageing thing in her stride; and Sarah carried out a thorough test of the Guinness. At the mention of age though, the boys (Tim and Mike P), clutching thier half pints of milk stout, simply looked down at the floor, mumbled something about 'still being able to do it though' and shuffled their feet towards the buffet table.

Never mind chaps they do say that life begins at ... err ... 40, 50, 55?

Janet looks delighted at the food parcel presented to her for her birthday. Gain weight now - ask me how!

You see, that's the problem with flashback. maybe if we'd asked Tim to wear a hat ....

Sara keeps an eye on Lin's drink - looking for dregs?

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Anonymous said...

The balloon states 50. Is that Janet's age or is it Sara's chest size?

Plodder K