Monday, 19 March 2007

A couple of reminders

No races at the weekend - as far as we know - so those in London mode would have enjoyed or endured a long run. For those following an established training schedule, you'll probably have just one more biggy to come and that's the Worthing 20 on April 1st. If you have yet to submit your entry then this link takes you straight to the Worthing website. Remember that the race is part of the Sussex Grand Prix series and there are valuable GP points at stake.

There are no races in Sussex this weekend although a couple of Waddies will be flying the flag in the Brentwood Half Marathon on Sunday. For masochists there is also the Sevenoaks 10K in Knole Park.

A couple of reminders about other events this week. Don't forget tomorrow night after the usual training run there's a special post-run rehydration session in the Greyhound to celebrate a few birthdays - including A Very Significant One for Janet (30?).

On Saturday night, Martin and Cathy are holding a Quiz Night in Beckley Village Centre to raise some money for their London Marathon charities. The evening begins at 8 and for your fiver a head there's wine and nibbles thrown in!

And the final reminder - as you look out of your windows in anticipation of the expected snow, icy winds, hailstone and God knows what else is due to be thrown at us, was it just a week ago since these piccies were taken in Hastings??

Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Typical, I turn my back and these layabouts get themselves an ice cream and coke. Where are mine guys, I am still waiting

Plodder K

Ron said...

If you'd got a flippin' move on and finished before the sun had died you might have made it to your ice cream before it melted.