Monday, 2 April 2007

Round and round we go - it must be Worthing!

Well done to the Waddies yesterday for a great turnout at the annual mind-numbingly boring Worthing 20. The four laps of five miles each are usually a test of mental strength as well as physical endurance and yesterday was no exception. A bitterly cold start was accompanied by a strong wind that made the seafront leg of the circuit a bit of a battle.

But didn't we do well?

The race doubled up as the Sussex 20 Mile Championships and the Wadhurst Men (Mike Mackay, Albert and Eddie) finished 7th. Congratulations too to Mike Mackay who finished 52nd overall; and to Albert who was 1st male Vet 5 and 2nd in his age group in the Sussex Champs. Once again though it was a good all round performance from the Waddies which augurs well for the Sussex GP.

Results from Worthing:

52. Mike Mackay 2.18.16
134. Albert Kemp 2.34.50
250. Eddie Wattenbach 2.47.44
252. Rachel Davies 2.47.54
307. Shane Last 2.53.35
323. Cathy Hall 2.55.16
396. Cathy Burke 3.05.18
433. Martin Burke 3.10.44
511. Kathie Gates 3.22.17
545. Tony Gates 3.31.39
609. Sara Wrenn 3.57.20

Well done to all and, from the Web Ed. thanks to all those Waddies and other assorted ragbag runners who ate all my fruit pastilles. Stealing from an 11 year old boy is shameful - and whilst I don't mind sharing I do mind if it means I go without!

And, as for that important post-race recovery - why not take a leaf out of Sara's book! This is her yesterday afternoon. Couple of things - what a waste of peas and there should be a dress code - Waddies wearing odd socks? whatever next!

So, that's probably the last of the long runs before the Spring Marathons and good luck to all taking part in the London Marathon on April 22nd. Good luck too to Peter Burfoot (Rotterdam) and to Tony and Kathie Gates (Paris) who go elsewhere for their marathon thrills(!).

It's taper time now and a chance to get those wonderfully honed athletic bodies in tip-top shape. Training though continues as normal on Tuesdays and Sundays. For those who need a race fix, there are a couple of races taking place in the area over the next few weeks:

Good Friday April 6th Folkestone 10
Easter Monday April 9th Lewes 10K and fun runs
April 15th Arundel Park 10K

Check back here later for photos from Worthing - we're just getting the permission to show them!!


Anonymous said...


So what happenned to the whole bag of fattening sugar coated sweets that Liam gave to you at the finish? You have been found out but I wil not tell anyone, so your secret is safe.

Plodder K

Martin said...

Yes - at the finish. Not half way round the chuffing when I needed them most.

Could you believe that your own flesh and blood would hand out vital supplies to complete strangers rather than his own father?

Michael said...

Well he didn't give me any sweets when I past him each lap - were they only given out to the more glamorous team members? If so he is learning well

Albert said...

With the amount of glamour currently in the waddies club, we will need an extra bag or two of sweets, these days. No chocolate otherwise Sara will scoff the lot.