Monday, 23 April 2007

Heat, more heat and even more heat!!

A big well done to all those Waddies who braved the heat of London yesterday. There were some spectacular performances and without taking away anything from those who took part - we must say well done to Ed and Mike who posted great times. Mike - don't worry about missing the Good for Age time by two minutes at least you beat the two Bakewell Tarts that bounded past WebEd on the Embankment! Albert had a superb run (amazingly he's a bit mizzy about being four minutes down on last year - Albert you were 41st in your age group!! We could do with some thoughts, piccies and news on pbs - the only pb we're aware of at the moment is Shane who ran a great race to finish under his 4 hour target time.

To those of you who are a touch disappointed about your time, consider the following:

The First Aid authorities treated more than 5,000 competitors - that's almost 15% of the field.
Almost 100 people were taken to hospital and there has been one reported fatality
The organisers report that times for runners were up to 20% slower due to the heat
Official temperatures were 21 degrees. However, readings taken along the route showed temperatures of up to 32 degrees!!
Haile Gebrselassie couldn't hack the event and dropped out after 19 miles

Now do you feel better??

Here's the results:

Ed McKinney 3.13.44
Mike Mackay 3.16.53
Albert Kemp 3.36.17
Rachel Davies 3.56.42
Eddie Wattenbach 3.57.23
Shane Last 3.59.26
Helen Neary 4.07.55
Cathy Hall 4.28.16
David Jones 4.31.54
Jo White 4.53.55
Cathy Burke 4.54.39
Martin Burke 4.58.46
Sara Wrenn 5.56.03

Well done to the lot of you. First photos are below, but we'd love to have some more.

Oh - and its back to reality this weekend. The Sussex Grand Prix returns with the Hastings 5 Mile - the race takes place around 12 hours after the Awards Dinner finishes. Who's up for it?

Albert prepares for his Chairman's motivational speech at the start

And the response from the members was unanimous

A picture of a load of rubbish just before the start. With a skip in the background.

Five Waddies - but six chins!

Piece of cake

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