Sunday, 8 April 2007

Juniors bring home the bacon

Four Waddies made the journey into Kent on Good Friday to take part in the Folkestone 10. This traditional race is not always blessed with good weather but this year's event was held in beautiful warm sunshine and helped to create an atmosphere more reminiscent of a Village Fete.

Whilst the grown-ups all made their more modest targets it was the youngsters who brought home the titles with Hayley Mackay - daughter of Mike and Melinda - winning the girls race in 5 mins 40 sister Amy was 7th. Liam, son of Martin and Cathy was 1st in the 9-11 Boys in a time of 5 mins 20 secs.

The race was marred by what looks to have been the death of a runner - not taking part in the event - on the sea front course. Front runner in the race Sam Rigby stopped to provide assistance despite being in the top 5 in the race - demonstrating yet again just how selfless the running community is.


44. Mike Mackay 1.04.33
91. Peter Burfoot 1.10.00
350. Cathy Burke 1.29.05
354. Martin Burke 1.29.27

Cathy and Martin were both undergoing pre-London gentle pacing and Martin was trying desperately to finish in exactly 1.29.59 - but was cajoled and harried over the line too quickly by enthusiastic and well-meaning spectators who thought he was struggling to finish!!

Easter Monday sees a 10K race in Lewes for those who fancy a run to get rid of those Easter Egg calories; next week it's the Paris and Rotterdam Marathons - so good luck to Kathie and Tony (Paris) and Peter and Mike Pain (Rotterdam). Don't forget the camera!

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Albert said...

Congratulations to Hayley, Liam and Amy for such a stunning result. These are the best results the Waddies have ever had. Well done to the three of you.

You are a credit to the club.

Albert Kemp
Wadhurst Runners