Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Paddock Wood results

Three Waddies were in Paddock Wood on Sunday for the half marathon. Unfortunately the race clashed with the Worthing 20 or there would have been a few more Waddies taking part. Congratulations to Peter for yet another pb - and well done too to Linda and Kevin who both posted sub 1.45's.

Peter Burfoot 1.34.46
Linda Hayes 1.42.38
Kevin Parkinson 1.44.19

Bit of goss from last night's training run. Apparently Albert and Bonita were running together and the conversation went something like this:

Bonita: (talking generally about running after her leg op) "Yeah, I'm feeling quite good about my running. I'm still only 7 weeks out from both ops though."
Albert: "That’s funny I thought girls had it in their faces not their legs."
Bonita: (silence and thought). "Albert I said 'both ops' not botox!"


Come on Albert - it's supposed to be the legs that go first not the hearing!

1 comment:

Albert said...

The trouble is its Bonita's posh accent, rather than the Rochdale twang. I thought I heard "bow tox". Never mind. The time I "mistakenly" found myself in the ladies toilet in a London Exhibition Hallis more worrying.