Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Calling the Girls!

Bonita is looking to organise a girl's night out in March.

"As I am ploughing a lonely running furrow having just started on the road to recovery after my op, I thought I might get the girls together, for a night of gossip and drink!!" Says Bonita.

Surely there won't be any gossip? Not with a room full of .... nope, best not go there.

Anyway, Girls, if you fancy an evening out, Bonita is looking to organise a drink at The Chequers in Lamberhurst one evening in March. Email Bonita if you're interested.

If the evening goes well, the boys will be organising a night out in Albert's shed to discuss various techniques of grouting.


Sara said...

Hi Bonita

I would love to come out for the evening and have a good natter.
This marathon training has started to seem like a slog now almost at the half way stage. The weather is not helping at all.
Spring is almost here so we will drink to that.

Anonymous said...

isotonic sports drinks only for the marathon runners.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Bonita and all,

Yes me too but I need plenty of warning please as my business is busiest during the evenings and weekends as that is when I can get hold of my customers and team outside of their JOBS.

Don't forget the social side with the whole Wadhurst Runners though - drinks at the Bull on Friday - 7:30pm onwards? And of course replies to the social stuff I put out would be nice too?

Thanks and see you soon